Chapter 1-7 : Greeting The Neighbors Ⅱ (part 3)


「Ummhhh~~! Ahh~ It’s been a long time since I slept this well!」

-The next morning-
I woke up and stretched out, then relaxed for a minute.

Because I slept soundly for the first time in a long while, I felt quite refreshed.

Well, sleeping on the floor made me a little sore, but unlike during the trip, just being able to sleep comfortably is quite healing.

Ahh~ the sunlight coming in through the windows feels good~

「Still… this room looks… somewhat gloomy.」

This was the largest room on the second floor.
It was twice as large as the dormitory room where I’ve lived so far.

Moreover, since there was no furniture in this room, it felt really big.

It had two windows so it was bright in here, but still, for me, who was sleeping wrapped in a blanket in the corner of the room, looking at the entire room…
…it feels like… yeah… somewhat glooーーNo, no. If I already have furniture, I can arrange this room to be more cheerful.
Since I bought this house, I will make it comfortable for me to live in!

When I was in the orphanage, the room was a shared room, and when I was in the dormitory, I didn’t have time to arrange my room.

But now, I can arrange this house as I like!
Well, as long as my wallet allows me to do it though…


「Alright. Today is finally the time to check the workshop! Mufufufu~」

Yesterday, I held myself back from entering the room.

But today, I will finally enter the room, the workshop, my own workshop!

Having your own workshop is a wonderful thing for an alchemist.

Mufufufu, fufufu~

I unintentionally chuckled.

I quickly ate the remaining meal that Diral-san gave me for breakfast.
After that, I walked down the stairs to the first floor, and stood in front of the door to the workshop.

「Here we go!」

I opened the door, stepped inside and turned on the light.

「ーーHooooo~~~ From now on, in this workshop, I can do this… and do that… Kh, Khu fu, fu fu fu fuー」

I unintentionally made a voice like a villainess.

But it can’t be helped!
This workshop is amazing!

First of all, there’s an alchemy pot!

This is the most important tool in alchemy.
Without this, most alchemy techniques cannot be done.

I thought that the previous owner might have brought it with him, but thank you for leaving it here!
And this alchemy pot was really big… Big enough for me to fit inside.

By the way, there was an alchemy pot in the alchemy set that Master gave me, but it was only as big as an ordinary cooking pot.
So now you know how amazing this super big pot is, right?

Next is the glass furnace.

Its main use is to make bottles for potions.
You might be thinking, “so it’s just to make bottles, huh?”
Well, yes, but it’s quite important, you know?

Depending on the type of the potion you want to make, it’s necessary to adjust the glass used for the bottle.
Therefore, it would be quite troublesome if you want to purchase the bottle from another place.
Normally, you make it yourself.

There were still many other small tools and various materials in this room.
Compared to the other rooms, this workshop room was just too luxurious.
But…. it’s weird that only the workshop had a lot of things while the other rooms were empty.

It wasn’t as great as Master’s workshop, but it was just too luxurious for a novice alchemist who just graduated from school like me.
Thinking about the value of all the stuff in this workshop, I felt dizzy.

「This house was only 10,000 reas though…」

With that money, you can’t even buy one alchemy pot, obviously.

By only selling some of the remaining materials here,never mind the alchemy pot, you can easily exceed 10,000 reas.

「Buying this house with only that much money was a really really great deal actually… Maybe I was really lucky to have this house…?」

When I saw its appearance for the first time, I was very disappointed, but now I think I’m very lucky to have this house.

Maybe the previous owner was quite a high-ranking alchemist?

Ells-san said it was an old man, but I wonder what kind of person he was.

If he really was an alchemist, there’s no way he didn’t know the value of this workshop.

….. Wait, could it be… actually this house is a stigmatized property with a scary history…?

Even in the royal capital, a property could become insanely cheap if it became the scene of a terrible incident and was possessed by a vengeful ghost or something.

Then… this house is… No no no, wait waaait!
If that was really the case, then Ells-san’s attitude yesterday wouldn’t be as if nothing had happened in this house.

Moreover, the school was the mediator to sell this house.
So, it shouldn’t be a strange property with a strange story.

Well… I hope it’s not…

No, no! I’m sure it’s not!
Or else I can’t live here in peace!

「…..Let’s forget about this kinda thing for now. More importantly, the cleaning!」

I quickly clean the room starting from the alchemy pot, glass furnace and the other stuff.

After I finished cleaning, I looked around the workshop.
There was a bookshelf in the corner of the workshop.

「Ah, that’s right!」

That bookshelf made me remember something as if it said, “Hey Sarasa, why don’t you line up your Encyclopedia of Alchemy on me?”

Yes, Bookshelf-san, you’re right! Please wait a minute!

I immediately brought my backpack from my room on the second floor to the workshop, and then put all the encyclopedias on the bookshelf one by one.

I also neatly put the alchemy tools that Master gave me on the workshop table.
These tools were not cheap tools like those used at school, so they looked beautiful just by arranging them.

「Khu fu fu fu fu! This is exactly how an alchemist’s workshop should be! This is WON・DER・FUL~! 」

Hey, you there! Yes, you! The one who’s reading this and calling me a weirdo!
I’m not a weirdo!

Having your own store and workshop is one of the greatest goals for an alchemist!
So it can’t be helped if I’m this happy, okay!?

Actually, I’m so ecstatic right now that I want to laugh loudly instead of just “fufufu”, you know!?

「Fu fu fu~ I wonder what should I craft first~」

I walked around the workshop with light steps, picking up the tools one by one, and lined them up.

I really wanted to use them immediately.
It was like when you just bought new clothes, you wanted to immediately wear them, right?
Well, I rarely bought clothes though.

「Hmm… What should I make for the first time here? Making a simple potion is just… meh… Oh! That’s right! I know what I should make! It’s perfect for my current situation.」

I ran back to my room and brought the cloth I bought from the general store yesterday, then put it in the alchemy pot.

Actually, to make a thick futon, the cloth I bought was big, but it fit no problem in this big alchemy pot.
A normal alchemy pot surely couldn’t be used for this.

「Alright. Next is…」

I tried to remember the last time I made one.

I put water and some materials in the alchemy pot to make the chemical solution, then I put a fire to the magic furnace below the pot while stirring it.

Even though I said “fire”, it wasn’t that I actually ignited firewood in the furnace, but I just poured my magical power into the magic furnace to heat the pot.
But because the size of the alchemy pot was large, it consumed quite a lot of magical power.

「…..Maybe this is why big alchemy pots are not commonly used.」

Even I, who had a lot of magical power, was a little tired.

In this case, maybe about half of the alchemists in this world wouldn’t be able to use a pot this big, because you had to continuously pour your magical power into both the ‘big’ magic furnace and the ‘big’ alchemy pot.

After stirring for about 30 minutes, I stopped pouring magical power, and then lowered… the alchemy… pot… from above………. Wait… I have to lower this!?

「Gunununu…! Ughh… it’s too heavy…」

Well, it’s natural that the weight of a big metal pot filled with a lot of water would exceed several hundred kilograms.

Uhh… What should I do…?



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