Chapter 1-6 : Going To The Merchant Guild (part 3)


「It’s done.」(Kako)

「Alright, let me confirm…… Your name is Kako Mayama. The products you sell are… Hm!? medical herbs and aromatic herbs…? I see. Do you have experience in collecting herbs in the wild?」(female employee)

Hm? Is it just me or did this lady react strangely in a split second just now?

「Umm, Actually I’m still learning… These are the herbs I collected.」(Kako)

I thought it would be faster to have her see the herbs herself than to explain about them, so I took some herbs from my bag and put them on the reception table.

「A… Amazing! The quality of these herbs are greatー No, excellent!」(female employee)

She opened her eyes wide the moment she saw the herbs on the desk.

She had been looking at me with a friendly face, but after she saw the herbs, her friendly face turned into the face of a hunter.

「How can you instantly tell their quality?」(Kako)

「I’ve been working in this guild for a few years, you know? I’ve seen and appraised thousands of items, so I can tell the quality of certain items just by looking at them. We can buy your herbs if you want. It’s a lot quicker than selling them to other people by yourself. What do you think?」(female employee)

「R, Really!?」(Kako)

I never thought the guild would buy my herbs.

I’m lucky!

There’s no reason to say “No” here.

Besides, this reception lady is looking at me with a strong gaze as if saying, “Sell them to us! Sell them to us!”

Seems like the guild really wants high-quality herbs.

Well, it’s not a bad thing for me. Not at all.

「Alright. I’ll sell my herbs to you.」(Kako)

「That’s great! Aa… I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you that some people might pay higher for your herbs, but do you still want to sell them to us?」(female employee)

She looked like she really wanted the herbs, but she told me that I might get more money if I sold them to other people.

What an honest, nice lady. She really thinks about sellers.

「That may be true, but I still want to sell them to the guild. I don’t have money now, so it will be great if I can make money as soon as possible. Besides, the guild will resell them to people, right? If so, then people will know how good my herbs are without me needing to advertise them myself.」(Kako)

I think I will leave it at that for now.

The truth is that I don’t have the confidence to sell them to other people myself.

I’m still new in this town, so the other merchants or the customers might try to fool me.

To avoid such troubles, it would be so much better if I just sold my herbs to the guild.

Judging from the way this receptionist lady treating me, I can tell that this is a good, honest guild.

「I see. I think that’s a wise decision.」(female employee)

The lady nodded deeply at me and took the document away.

「I’ve checked the document. You need to pay the membership fee, but since you are going to sell your herbs to us, it will be deducted from the total sales.」(female employee)

「Alright, I leave it to you.」(Kako)

「Understood.」(female employee)

I’m glad I’ll be able to return Nyat’s money this early.

「Now, you can put the items you wish to sell on the desk. I have to appraise them first.」(female employee)

「Okay, hold on.」(Kako)

Hmm… If it’s in a game, I would like to save some for myself, but I’m not inside a game. The freshness of the herbs will drop and so will their quality, so…

I think I will sell all the herbs I have right now.

I opened my bag and put all the herbs on the desk.

「These are medical herbs, and these are aromatic herbs.」(Kako)

「W, Whoa… You sure have a lot of herbs, and they are all fresh and of high quality. Impressive.」(female employee)

「Hehe, I collected them in the forest before coming to this town.」(Kako)

「In the forest? But all the forests in this area don’t have high-quality herbs. There are only low-quality and normal ones. Where exactly did youー… No, I shouldn’t ask this question. But…… Ughh… I’m so curious…!」(female employee)

The receptionist onee-chan was muttering to herself while staring at the herbs on the desk.

「Umm… Will you buy all of them…?」(Kako)

「ーAh! P, Please wait a minute. I should appraise them first. You can sit on that bench while waiting.」(female employee)


The receptionist lady gently put the herbs on a tray and brought them to the back room.

When I was about to approach the bench by the wall across the reception desk, Nyat called out to me.

「Kako, I think it’s going to take a while, so I’m going to look for an inn in the meantime-nya.」(Nyat)

「Okay. I’ll be waiting for you here.」(Kako)

Nyat nodded and turned around, but after he took a few steps, he stopped and turned to me again.

「Kako, if a stranger asks you to follow them, you should refuse-nya. Don’t leave this building before I come to get you-nya.」(Nyat)

「Okay, okay… I got it.」(Kako)

「Do you really understand-nya? Just don’t follow anyone even if they give you candy-nya.」(Nyat)

「Huh!? Do you think I’m a child who can be lured by candy!? …Aa.」(Kako)

I spontaneously yelled at Nyat.

Hearing my yell, the people in the hall turned their gazes to me at the same time.

「Hm? You don’t like candy-nya?」(Nyat)

「It’s not what I mean!」(Kako)

「Anyway, don’t followー」(Nyat)

「ーI know, I know! Just go already, geez!」(Kako)

I pushed Nyat’s back, taking him to the exit by force, and sent him off before he embarrassed me even more.

While being stared at with warm gazes and gentle smiles by the people in the hall, I sat on the bench with my face all red.

Khh…!! Now everyone in this hall thinks that I’m a child! What a humiliation!

Damn Nyat! As a punishment, I will bury my face into his fluffy stomach and stroke it with my entire body until I am satisfied!


I took a deep breath to calm myself and looked around the hall.

Some other receptionists were talking with customers at the other reception desks. There were also customers of different races sitting on the benches just like me.

In my previous world, I usually fiddled with my smartphone while waiting like this.

Aa-ahh… I wish I had my smartphone or my Nintendo Switch right now…

The otherworldly atmosphere in this hall fascinated me, but waiting without doing anything like this was kind of boring.

I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting, but sleepiness starts to hit me.

I have no valuable items worth stealing right now, so I think it’s safe to take a nap for a couple of minutes here.

I leaned my back against the wall, relaxed my entire body, and closed my eyes.

「Yama… ko Mayama… Miss Kako Mayama… Miss Kako Mayama!!」(female employee)


A sudden loud voice from the receptionist lady snapped me out of my sleep.

I opened my eyes half-dazed and saw the close-up view of the receptionist lady’s pretty face.

Kyaa~! A beautiful Onee-chan brought her face so close to mine! What should I do~?

「Miss Kako Mayama, are you awake?」(female employee)

「Aa… Y, Yeah. I’m awake.」(Kako)

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. We finished appraising your herbs. Let’s get to the reception desk.」(female employee)

「Ah, alright.」(Kako)

Seems like it was over while I was dozing off.

I wiped the saliva on the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand and followed the receptionist lady to her desk.

She approached something that looked like a cash register machine on the edge of the desk, took out a large leather pouch, and put it on the table.

「Miss Kako Mayama, all the herbs you sell to us are the best quality herbs, and they’re worth a hundred and twenty gold coins! Congratulations!」(female employee)

「…A hundred…What…?」(Kako)



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