Chapter 1-6 : Going To The Merchant Guild (part 1)


As we approached the wall, I could see people lining up in front of the gate.

It seemed that we had to queue to enter the town, so Nyat and I stood up at the end of the line, joining the others.

I wanted to see the view of the town while waiting, but I couldn’t thanks to the large wall surrounding the town.

I looked up at the top of the wall and saw some soldiers standing by there. They were wearing armor and holding bows.

「What a big wall…」(Kako)

「The people in this town built this wall to protect themselves from monsters-nya. This town is quite big, but considering the size of this town, this wall is very well-built-nya. That means the security here is relatively good-nya.」(Nyat)

「How do you know that?」(Kako)

「I have good eyes-nya. Normally, the larger the town, the more difficult it is to build the wall-nya. Bad mayors tend to neglect the defense of their towns by making the wall too thin or too low. They also rarely repair their walls which sometimes causes the walls to be easily damaged when attacked by monsters-nya.」(Nyat)

「That would be a disaster…」(Kako)

「Exactly. However, judging from the well-built walls, it seems that this town has a good mayor who knows how important the defense of their town is-nya.」(Nyat)

Nyat seems to be very knowledgeable about this world. I have a feeling I will learn a lot from him.

「I see. It seems to be a good town to live in.」(Kako)

「Considering how safe it is from monster attacks, perhaps it’s a good town to live in-nya. However, in towns that have good defense like this, taxes can be quite high-nya. After all, they need money to maintain the wall and pay the soldiers-nya.」(Nyat)

「Make senses.」(Kako)

While listening to Nyat-sensei’s lecture, I kept going forward, following the line, and finally, our turn came.

「Welcome to Tranto Town.」(gatekeeper)

A strong-looking gatekeeper in armor greeted us.

So, this town is called Tranto Town, I see.

「You’re not the residents of this town, right? The entry tax is six silver coins for three days.」(gatekeeper)

Entry tax? Is it something like an entrance fee?

「Six silver coins for three day-nya? I think that’s too expensive-nya. I’ve been in a larger town with a larger wall, but it only cost me three silver coins for three days-nya.」(Nyat)

「Normally, we didn’t ask that much, but there have been a lot of monsters trying to attack this town recently. We need money to subdue the nearby monsters and increase the defense of this town.」(gatekeeper)

After Nyat complained about the price of the entry tax, the gatekeeper explained the situation with an apologetic face.

The man seems to be a good person since he explained the situation in detail.

I don’t mind paying the entry tax, but the problem is… I don’t have money at all…

「I’m sorry, Sir, but I…」(Kako)

「Kako, I will pay your entry tax. Don’t worry-nya.」(Nyat)

I was about to tell the gatekeeper that I didn’t have money, but then Nyat stepped forward and interrupted me.

「Eh? Are you sure?」(Kako)

「You don’t have money, do you-nya?」(Nyat)

「Well, I don’t. I promise I will pay you back after I sell my herbs!」(Kako)


In order to return Nyat’s money, I have to turn the herbs in my bag into money no matter what!

「So, you sell herbs? Ojou-chan, are you a merchant?」(gatekeeper)

The gatekeeper seemed to listen to our conversation.

He asked me if I was a merchant, but… I’m not sure what to answer. Should I lie and tell him that I’m a merchant…?

However, Nyat answered the gatekeeper’s question for me before I could make a decision.

「She is a merchant-nya. However, she and her parents were attacked by monsters on their way to another town to sell their goods. She successfully ran away from the monsters, but she lost her parents and all the goods-nya. She had been wandering alone before she met me-nya. 」(Nyat)

「N, Nyat!?」(Kako)

What is he talking about?

Well, I was indeed attacked by a monster, but…

Aa-ahh… I wanted him to tell me first before making up a fake story…

「Really!? Ojou-chan, I’m sorry for your loss… You’re still a child. It must have been very tough for you to lose your parents at such a young age…」(gatekeeper)

「Hold on, I’m not a child!」(Kako)

I may be short and flat-chested, but I’m an adult!

Do I really look like a child!?

「Ojou-chan, you remind me of my daughter. Every time monsters attack this town, my heart aches from imagining my daughter’s sad face when I die…」(gatekeeper)

The gatekeeper looked at me with gentle eyes as he said that.

Judging from how much he cared about his daughter, I could tell that he was a good father.

However, I wanted him to know that I’m not a child!

「Nevertheless, you are lucky to meet this catto. Cattos are kind to children. I’m sure he will be a good guardian to you.」(gatekeeper)

「Of course-nya!」(Nyat)

「I told you I’m not a child!」(Kako)

「Ahaha! You really remind me of my daughter. She’s still little but she always says, “I’m an adult! I’m not a child!” Haha!」(gatekeeper)

「Nyahaha! Children tend to say such thing, after all-nya!」(Nyat)

「I know, right?」(gatekeeper)

「I’m really not aー Oh, well…」(Kako)

I’m tired of explaining to these two that I’m not a child… Too tired…

「Ojou-chan, if you want to sell something in this town, you have to get permission from the merchant guild. You will find the building if you follow the main street. It has a picture of a coin on its signboard.」(gatekeeper)

「I see. Thank you very much!」(Kako)

「Be careful and stay close to this catto, okay?」(gatekeeper)

Saying that, the gatekeeper patted my head.

Ughh… He’s completely treating me like a child…

I wanted to correct him, telling him that I’m an adult one more time, but there were people waiting for their turn behind me.

I didn’t want them to wait any longer, so I decided to just nod at the gatekeeper and enter the town with Nyat.



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