Chapter 1-3 : Attack From The Darkness


「Uughh… I don’t know how much longer I have to keep going…」(Kako)

I’ve been heading straight through the forest for a few hours, hoping that I would find a way out of this forest and then go to the nearby town, but all I could see so far was tree, tree, tree, and more trees.

I’m holding a short spear I made with my Synthesis Skill in case I encountered monsters.

First, I gathered several sturdy tree branches and carved the ends of the branches to turn them into short spears. After that, I merged them into one with my Synthesis Skill.

As a result, what I got wasー

〈Top Quality Short Wooden Spear : A short spear made of sturdy wood that is as hard as iron. However, it doesn’t have much destructive power due to the creator’s lack of experience.〉

The description kinda pissed me off.

Well, I’m sorry that I’m an amateur! I’m still new to this world, you know! Besides, I’m not a weapon craftsman! Geez…

Still, it’s quite sturdy and I think it can be used as a weapon just fine.

「Uuugh~ I’m so tired…」(Kako)

Thanks to my Synthesis Skill and the Appraisal ability, I was able to secure some food, but I really need water.

For now, I could only eat fruits that contain quite a lot of water just to moisten my throat.

「I wanna drink water… wateeerr…!!」(Kako)

I’ve been looking for a river or a spring while walking, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find either.

But… I wonder if it’s safe to drink water from a river or a spring in this world…

There are so many plants and fruits I don’t know in this forest, so there might be germs that didn’t exist in my previous world living in the river water or something. Who knows?

「ーAwawawa!! …Phew… That was close.」(Kako)

I tripped over a tree root and almost fell to the ground.

This forest was quite dark since the sunlight barely passed through the leaves and branches of big trees in this dense forest, but I felt like it was darker than a while ago.

I looked up at the sky through the openings between tree branches and noticed that the blue sky had turned into orange.

Yup. The sun was about to set.

It seems that I’ve spent too much time in this forest.

「Oh, no! This is bad! This is sooo bad!!」(Kako)

Spending a night in the forest is dangerous even in my previous world because you might encounter wild boars or bears.But in this world, you might encounter monsters! That’s waaay worse than boars and bears.

It’s tenー a hundred times more dangerous than in my previous world!

Spending a night in this forest is definitely the same as suicide.

「UuUuu… At least I have to get out of this forest before dark!!」(Kako)

I am thirsty and tired, but I have to walk faster.

Yeah, I have to walk faster!

Faster! Faster! Faster!

I was trying so hard to get out of the forest as quickly as possible.

However… It was too late…

The sun had set and the darkness started covering my surroundings before I knew it. I could barely even see my feet now.

「Guess I have no choice but to spend the night here…」(Kako)

It would be dangerous to keep walking in darkness.

「I wonder if there’s a place I can use as a shelter around here like a big tree with a cavity in its trunk or something…」(Kako)

Because it was dark, I had no choice but to look for a big tree with a cavity by feeling the surrounding trees one by one with my hands.

However, before I could find one, I heard a growl from somewhere.



It definitely sounds like a growl of a living creature. No doubt about it.

The question is… What kind of living creature growls like that…?


I held my breath and looked around, but I couldn’t see anything in this pitch-black forest.

I don’t know what it is but I don’t think it’s a wild animal… It’s definitely one of the monsters living in this world…!

ーGrrrRrrrRrr! GrrRrr!

Uuuu… I’m so scared right now…

I crouched down and hid behind a nearby tree.


However, the growling is getting closer and closer.

Don’t tell me… It’s completely aware of my presence!?


I could now sense the presence of the monster right in front of me.

「Hiiiiiyyy!! Stay away! Stay away from me!!」(Kako)

I shouted and swung around the wooden spear in my hand to keep the monster away from me.

However, my opponent is a monster who can see in the darkness. It must be thinking that my struggle is futile.


Ignoring my spear, the monster approached me and tried to attack me.

Right after I felt a heavy impact run through my chest, my body was slammed onto the ground.


It hurts! My back hurts so much!

But I have to move! I have to keep struggling!

I could barely see, but somehow I could tell that the monster opened its mouth and tried to bite my neck.

I immediately held my short wooden spear with both hands to block its attack before its teeth reached my neck.



The monster then bit the wooden spear real strong, trying to break the spear.

However, it was a top quality wooden spear. That means it won’t break easily.

That’s the top-quality wooden spear for you!

No matter how hard the monster tried to break the wooden spear, it didn’t crack at all.

However, it didn’t mean that I won. The monster gave up on destroying the spear and pulled it instead, taking it away from me.


It then threw the spear away and tried to bite my neck again.

No way… Am I gonna die here…?

No. I don’t want to die! I’ve just arrived in this world! I haven’t even enjoyed my adventure in this world yet!


I doubted there was someone else in this forest, but I was so desperate at the moment.

I screamed for help, even though I knew no one would come.




Before the monster’s fangs reached my neck, a red light appeared out of nowhere and collided with the monster, sending the monster flying a few meters away from me.

「Wha…? I’m still alive…?」(Kako)

I glanced in the direction where the monster was blown away, and thanks to the red light, I could now see the monster’s appearance.

It was a wolf. A big wolf that was about twice the size of the wolves in my previous world.

Its eyes were shining with murderous intent. It was obviously not a normal animal because I could somehow feel malice from it.

I then moved my gaze toward the red light.

It was actually a lantern, and the one who was holding it wasー

「ーA big white cat…?」(Kako)


The giant wolf glared at the giant cat, and the giant cat glared back at the giant wolf.

However, the giant wolf then ran away into the darkness. Perhaps its wild instinct told it that the giant cat was stronger than it.

After confirming that the wolf had gone, the big cat holding a lantern turned to me and approached me.

「Phew… Don’t worry-nya. It’s now safe-nya.」(??)


Just when I thought I heard a cute voice, the big cat spoke to me.

「Are you okay-nya?」(??)


It seemed that the cute voice I heard was this cat’s.

「A big… talking cat…!?」(Kako)


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