Chapter 1-2 : The Potential Of The Skill (part 2)


I wonder why I could only appraise Sark Grass…

I don’t understand. I’m so puzzled by this strange situation.

I didn’t choose Appraise skill but I can use it.

I can use it but I can only appraise Sark Grass.

Now I have two useless skills; Synthesis and Appraise…

This is so weird…

…Hold on… Synthesis…?

The reason why I can only appraise Sark Grass… Could it be…

Does it have something to do with my Synthesis skill?

「Now that I think about it, I only used Synthesis skill on Sark Grass so far… I think I should do it on other grasses to find the answer.」(Kako)

I picked two blades of grass with the same shape. I think these two are the same type of grass.

「Give me the information about this grass.」(Kako)

…Nothing happened. As I expected.

Now let’s try to use my Synthesis skill on them.

I held them in my hand and activated my Synthesis skill.


The two blades of grass in my hands shone for a moment and then merged into one.

「Alright. Now give me the information about this grass.」(Kako)

Soon after, a floating screen with the information about the grass appeared.

〈Better Uto Grass : High-Quality Uto Grass. Has a very strong aroma. Useful for cooking meat. Can be used to remove the animal scent from meat. Can also be used as an aromatic herb.〉

「Whoaa!! I knew it!」(Kako)

As I expected! I’m only able to see the information about the items I once used my Synthesis skill on.

This is a big discovery!

Alright. I should try to appraise other Uto Grasses as well and see the difference.

I picked another Uto Grass and appraised it.

「Give me the information about this grass.」(Kako)

〈Normal Uto Grass : Has a strong aroma. Useful for cooking meat. Can be used to remove the animal scent from meat. Can also be used as an aromatic herb.〉

「As I expected. I didn’t use my Synthesis skill on this Uto Grass but I can see its information. This is surprisingly a useful ability!」(Kako)

It requires a little bit of effort, but not only can I use Synthesis skill, but I can also use an ability similar to Appraisal skill!

「This is getting more and more interesting! I should learn more about this skill!」(Kako)

Since it’s called Synthesis skill, it’s used to synthesize or combine two or more objects. That’s what I learned about this skill so far.

First, I synthesized Sark Grass with Sark Grass, and it became Better Sark Grass. The same thing happened when I synthesized Uto Grass.

From this, I learned that if I synthesize the same type of items, I will get the same product but with a better quality.

「Now, I wonder what will happen if I synthesized two completely different items…」(Kako)

I picked a random grass and took a small nut that was lying on the ground near me. I had never seen this type of grass and nut before in my previous life.

「One is grass and the other one is some kind of nut. Alright, let’s do this!」(Kako)

I held the two items with both hands and activated Synthesis skill.


The grass and the nut combined into a small plant that looked like a mixture of the two.

「Whoaa… What a weird-looking plant. Give me the information about this plant.」(Kako)

〈Conju plant : Edible bulb. It tastes good if it’s baked.〉

「Hee~ It’s very interesting!」(Kako)

I was so excited when I learned that I would get a completely different thing from synthesizing two completely different items.

「Now, I should be able to appraise the grass and the nut.」(Kako)

I picked another blade of grass and another nut of the same type from the ground.

「Give me the information about this grass and this nut.」(Kako)

〈Potan Grass : Can be used to make potan tea if dried.〉

〈Maruma Nuts: It’s bitter and not suitable for consumption without processing it first.〉

So this nut is called Maruma Nuts and it’s not for consumption, huh?

That means I can make edible items from synthesizing non-edible materials? That’s awesome!

「This ability is so cool! I can make food in case of emergency!」(Kako)

Synthesis skill is different from Alchemy skill. I thought it was a useless skill at first, but it turned out to be an amazing skill.

「I don’t know if I can make potions with this skill but it’s still useful the way it is. Alright, let’s keep synthesizing random items and appraise them!」(Kako)




I continued gathering plants, nuts, and grasses that I had never seen before and randomly combined them.

I kept getting new information about everything in this forest as I used my Synthesis skill.

It didn’t take long until this forest became a treasure trove of useful items for me.

「Uhh… I think synthesized too many items…」(Kako)

I created a small mountain of items in front of me before I realized it.

I can’t carry them all since the bag that the goddess gave me is too small to hold all these items, so I had no choice but to sort them.

「I guess I can’t take this one with me… This one is not that useful, so I’ll leave it here… This one is too big…ーー」(Kako)

It would have been nice if I had a magic bag that could store an infinite amount of items, but unfortunately, the bag I got was just a normal bag.

I kept sorting the items, leaving the useless ones and taking the useful and compact ones, especially the medical herbs.

While I was doing that, suddenly I came up with a good idea.

「Oh, right! If I synthesize the same type of items, it will become one item with a better quality, right? Perhaps I would be able to make potions from these herbs if I improve their quality to a certain level.」(Kako)

With that in mind, I gathered the herbs from the pile of items and started doing another experiment.

First, I took two Sukuri Herbs and synthesized them.

As a result, I gotー

〈Better Sukuri Herb : A high-quality medical herb. An effective wound medicine. Can be used as an ingredient for making healing potions.〉

「There it is! Now I can just synthesize all the herbs I found to improve their quality and sell them as high-quality medical herbs at a high price or use them as ingredients to make potions!」(Kako)

In RPGs, the quality of the materials affects the quality of the finished items.

I’m sure this law doesn’t change in this world.

I kept synthesizing Sukuri Herbs I found until I could fit them in my bag, and as a result, I got a huge amount ofー

〈Best Quality Sukuri Herb : Top-quality medical herb. A perfect medicine that can heal any wound almost instantly. Can be used as an ingredient for making high-grade healing potions.〉

「Wonderful! Alright, let’s do the same thing to the other items as well!」(Kako)

I started synthesizing the same type of items and kept improving their quality.

Before I knew it, most of the items in the pile turned into the items with the best quality.

As a result, I could barely hold them all in my bag.

「Khu khu~ Now I feel like a professional collector who always collects best quality items!」(Kako)

After packing all the items in my bag, I stood up and stretched my body.

「Unnnghh~! Now that I found a way to make money in this world, it’s time to go to town!」(Kako)

I took my first step full of excitement.

I couldn’t wait to see the town.

However, before I took the second step, I stopped.

「Waaaait a minute….. Which way is the nearest town again?」(Kako)

I was so excited with my Synthesis skill that I totally forgot that I was lost in this forest to begin with.



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