Chapter 1-2 : The Potential Of The Skill (part 1)


「U, Ugh…」(Kako)

Light flashed into my eyes as I regained my consciousness.


I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was sunlight leaking through the gaps of trees.

「…Am I… in the forest…?」(Kako)

After looking at the surroundings for a few seconds, I realized that I was in the middle of the forest.

I took a deep breath and tried to remember what had happened so far.

「I… died and met a goddess in a white, mysterious space… She… reincarnated me into her world as thanks for saving her pet…」(Kako)

That’s right. I remember now.

So… I am in a different world?

I noticed some plants that I had never seen before when I looked around. Some resemble plants that exist on Earth, but some others clearly don’t seem like plants from Earth.

「Hoo~… It seems that I really am in another world…!」(Kako)

Now that I feel it with my body, I’m certain that it’s not a prank from a TV program or something. I really did come to another world!

「Oh, right! Did she enlarge my breasts?」(Kako)

I quickly touched my own breasts to check, but unfortunatelyー

「Tsk. She didn’t… They are as small as when I was still alive in Japan…」(Kako)

I’m not sure if she didn’t hear me or ignored me at the very end.

Oh, well…. Hm?

When I touched my breasts, I noticed that my clothes had changed.

I was on my way home from school, so I was wearing my uniform, but now I’m wearing a light brown one-piece with red triangle patterns.

I’ve never seen this design before. Is it a normal outfit people wear in this world?

「Hm? A bag… Is it mine?」(Kako)

I found a bag right next to me. I opened it and found a knife and a piece of bread, and a leather water container.

If it was an MMORPG world, then all this stuff is supposed to be the beginner’s kit.

「Alright… What should I do now?」(Kako)

First of all, I think I should leave this forest and look for a human settlement, but before that, there’s something I want to do.

「Right. I better do some experiments with my Alchemy Skill before I do anything else.」(Kako)

I picked two blades of grass that grew nearby and held them with both hands.

「If I can turn grass into potions with alchemy, I’ll be able to make money and live in town!」(Kako)

The most important thing to do in any world is survive, and to do that I will need to find a way to make money.

「Umm… How do I use the Alchemy Skill? I wonder if I can make something like a floating screen appear in front of me just like in games… But how do I do that? Uhh… Let’s try… this.」(Kako)

I stretched my hand forward and imagined a game UI appearing in front of me, and thenー


A half-translucent floating screen appeared.

「Ohh! It really appears! Awesome! I feel like I’m inside a game now! Alright, let’s see how to use my Alchemy skill….. Hm?」(Kako)

【Synthesis : Lv1】

Synthesis…? Wait… What!?

If I’m not mistaken it was the skill listed before Alchemy in the list of abilities, right?

Why did she give me this ability? I chose Alchemy!

Hold on… Don’t tell me…

「I… wasn’t pointing at Alchemy, but at Synthesis!? No way!」(Kako)

So… I got the wrong skill just because the direction I was pointing at shifted a few millimeters off!?

「Oh, come on!!」(Kako)

My shout echoed through the forest.

Ughh… I should have mentioned that I wanted the Alchemy skill to be clear…

「What does synthesis mean!? What can I do with this skill!?…Hahh…」(Kako)

After I was done shouting, I let out a sigh…

「Anyway, I should read the description first… Let’s see… ”Creating a greater item by combining multiple items”…? Wait.. It sounds like alchemy!」(Kako)

After reading the description of the skill, I can see a dim light of hope now.

「Alright, let’s try it with these grasses and see what happens.」(Kako)

When I thought of combining the two blades of grass in my hands, they emitted light and then merged into one.

「Whoaa… It works! But, is this grass any different from the others?」(Kako)

After I asked that to myself, another floating screen appeared.

〈Better Sark Grass : A variant of weed. An amazing grass.〉

「An amazing grass? What does it even mean? Come on! No matter how amazing it is, it’s still just grass, right?」(Kako)

Feeling disappointed, I crumpled the grass and threw it away onto the ground.

「UuUuhh… I thought I’d be able to make useful items from grass and live an easy life… This skill’s useless!」(Kako)

What should I do now…?

Monsters exist in this world, right? It would be deadful I had to live in this world without any useful skills…

「No, no, no… I need to calm down…」(Kako)

That’s right. First of all, it was just grass, so it’s only natural that it turns into grass too.

The result might be the same even if I used Alchemy skill.

In order to make potions, perhaps I need herbs or something, not just normal grass.

Hmm… Hold on, it’s just grass, right? But why does it have a name?

Because I was curious, I picked up the grass I just threw away.

「How did I make the screen with item information appear again? Uhh… Anyway, let’s try… Give me the information about this grass!」(Kako)

Soon after I said that, a half-translucent screen appeared with the name of the grass and its information.

〈Better Sark Grass : A variant of weed. An amazing grass.〉

「I knew it. So, this grass is called Sark Grass.」(Kako)

I don’t know how, but I got the information about the grass in my hand.

Does it mean that I have an appraisal ability?

Now that I think about it, I remember there was an Appraisal skill on the ability list that the goddess showed me.

Is it possible to have two Skills from that list?

I think I should do some more tests just to be sure.

I let go of the Sark Grass in my hand and picked another grass that had a different shape from Sark Grass.

「Give me the information about this grass!」(Kako)

….Nothing happened.

I let go of that grass and picked another grass.

「Give me the information about this grass!」(Kako)

…Nothing happened.


I kept doing that on various types of grass around me, but the ones I could appraise were just Sark Grasses.

〈Sark Grass : A variant of weed. Has no particular value.〉

〈Rotten Sark Grass : A variant of weed. Has no particular value.〉

〈Withered Sark Grass : A variant of weed. Has no particular value.〉

I wonder why I could only appraise Sark Grass…

Does it have something to do with my Synthesis Skill…?



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