Chapter 1-15 : Let’s Buy Some Equipment! (part 1)


Now that the transaction is over, I look at the four leather punches filled with gold coins on the table.

There are eight hundred and fifty gold coins in those pouches. That’s a loooot of money.

According to the receptionist lady in the Merchant Guild, you can stay in a good inn for one month with one gold coin. That means you can stay in a good inn for about seventy-one years with this money!

Well, of course I won’t spend all the money to pay for the accommodation cost.

「Kako, before you go, I want you to have this.」(Maitena)

Maitena-san took the dagger attached to her waist and handed it to me along with the sheath.

「A dagger? …Whoa, it’s very light!」(Kako)

It was much lighter than I thought. It felt like I was holding a dagger made of paper or something.

「This dagger has been enhanced with lightening magic so it’s as light as paper, but of course, it’s still as hard as steel. Even a small girl like you will be able to use it without any problem.」(Maitena)

That’s awesome. I would never find a knife as light as this dagger in my previous world.

Hold on… Did she just say, “small”?

「I wanted to use it as collateral at first, but you can have it. You don’t have to return it even after we pay off our debt to you.」(Maitena)

「Eh? Are you sure?」(Kako)

「Yeah. I hope it will be useful for you.」(Maitena)

「Oi, Maitena, are you really sure you want to give it to her? Isn’t that dagger precious to you?」(Izack)

Izack-san asked Maitena-san when he saw her handing the dagger to me. It seems that this dagger is a special thing for Maitena-san.

「I don’t mind. I’m no longer a knight and I’ve decided not to rely on that thing anymore. I think it will be better if it can be useful to our benefactor.」(Maitena)

「I see. Well, I won’t stop you. It’s yours anyway.」(Izack)

It seems that this dagger has something to do with Maitena-san’s previous job as a knight. I think it’s not just a tool to cut things, but also proof that she was a knight.

「Maitena-san, I can’t accept it if it’s important to you…」(Kako)

「No, please accept it. I think it’s the perfect time to say goodbye to that thing. You can use it or sell it. Do whatever you want with it.」(Maitena)

「Uhh… Alright then. Thank you.」(Kako)

「Fufu. I should be the one thanking you. If you ever get into trouble in this town, you can go to the Adventurer Guild and tell the receptionist that you need help from the Steel of Wings party. We will come to help you as fast as we can.」(Maitena)

「Got it. Oh, right, about the potion…」(Kako)

「Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that we got it from you. Right, guys?」(Maitena)

「Of course. The people in the guild will question me once they see me back with a healed right arm, but I promise you I won’t tell them about you.」(Izack)

「Don’t worry. Our lips are sealed.」(Martz)

「Kako-chan, you can trust us~!」(Palfi)

「Thank you, guys!」(Kako)

I’m really glad that I sold the Lost Potion to the right people.

「Well then, I think it’s time for me to go home.」(Kako)

「Once again, thank you, Kako. See you later.」(Maitena)

「Bye bye~!」(Palfi)

I put the leather pouches with gold coins in my magic bag, waved my hand at the four, and left the inn with Nyat.

「Ahh~ I’m glad that the potion I made out of curiosity came in handy~」(Kako)

「Yare yare-nya… I still can’t believe you made a potion worth a thousand gold coins-nya… Next time, I want you to think carefully before you act-nya.」(Nyat)

「Ahaha… I know, I know.」(Kako)

But thanks to my curiosity, I was able to make tons of money and get an awesome dagger as a bonus.

Maitena-san said that the dagger had been enhanced with magic. It’s probably something that can’t be found easily at the market.

I took out the dagger from my bag, unsheathed it, and looked at it closely.

「Hmm… It looks sturdy despite its lightweight, but it doesn’t look that sharp… Oh, right! Perhaps I can increase its sharpness if I combine it with other daggers. I’ve never used my Synthesis ability on weapons, so this might be a good opportunity to try it! Maybe I can make a super sharp dagger that can cut anything! A super light and super sharp dagger. That would be pretty amazing! Alright, Nyat, let’s go buy some daggers!」(Kako)

「Here we go again… I just told you to think carefully before you act-nya!」(Nyat)




「Hm? Isn’t this the shop we visited the other day?」(Kako)

I told Nyat to take me to a shop that sells weapons, and he took me to the adventurer shop called Keema.

Yup. It was the shop where I bought potions the other day.

「Well, there are some shops selling weapons in this town, but I think this is the best one-nya. As a merchant, you should be able to tell the quality of the goods a shop sells-nya.」(Nyat)

「Hehe… You’re right.」(Kako)

As expected from the genius cat, Nyat-sama!

I should learn a lot from him!

「Ohh, the young lady and the catto from the other day. Welcome~!」(clerk)

As soon as we entered the shop, we were greeted by the clerk onii-san who sold me potions.

「How can I help you today?」(clerk)

「I came to buy some weapons!」(Kako)


For some reason, the clerk turned his gaze to Nyat.

Does he think that Nyat will be the one to use the weapons?

「It’s not for me-nya. It’s for her-nya.」(Nyat)

「Eh!? But weapons are not toys for children!」(clerk)

「Hey! I told you I’m not a child! Geez…」(Kako)

This man…

「A, Ahaha… You told me that the other day. I’m sorry… But still, do you even need a weapon? Holding a weapon can be dangerous if you’re not trained.」(clerk)


「We understand, but we’re going to travel, so she will need a weapon and some equipment.」(Nyat)

「Y, Yeah, that’s right!」(Kako)

「Ah, I see.」(clerk)

Good job, Nyat! I knew I could rely on you!

「Before you buy a weapon, Kako, I think you better buy armor first-nya.」(Nyat)

「Uhh… Do I need armor?」(Kako)

「You better have some protective gears-nya. It’s for your own safety-nya.」(Nyat)

Well, he may be right.

I was nearly killed by a monster in the forest the day I came to this world.

Back then, I was lucky that Nyat came to rescue me just in time, but if I have armor and a weapon, I might be able to protect myself if something similar happens again in the future.

「Alright then. Onii-san, I’ll buy armor first.」(Kako)

「Understood. I will take you to the armor section. Please follow me.」(clerk)

The clerk nodded and led us to a corner of the shop where many different types of armor were displayed.



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  1. Haha yeah no, they will find out, not from party, but they can more or less guess, a person who recently arrived, with lost potion which can expire quickly, give a lot of high quality herb to merchant guild, already standout for magic bag

    Or they might not…

  2. I think she will have some trouble buying equipment in bulk from regular blacksmith shops. Though she may be able to do so under the guise of merchant buying in bulk to resell. But without frequent travel it will be exposed pretty quickly. Also depending on communication between cities and guilds it may also be hard to fake her travel records.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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