Chapter 1-14 : Restored Wing (part 2)


Izack-san removed the lid of the bottle with his left-hand thumb and started drinking the potion.

「*Gulp gulp* Ugh… It tastes really bad… It’s even worse than high potions… Yuck!」(Izack)

It tastes that bad, huh?

I remember the normal potion I got from Maitena-san yesterday tasted disgusting, but Lost Potions seem to be a hundred times worse.

I should try as best as I can not to get hurt so I don’t have to drink potions…

「Izack, how are you feeling now?」(Maitena)

「Hmm… I don’t feel anything in particular.」(Izack)

Wait… Does it fail? But… I don’t think I made any mistakes…

I began to worry. I thought I messed up. Howeverー

「Ugh… My wound suddenly feels hot! Ughh… Gwaahhh!!」(Izack)

Suddenly, Izack started screaming in pain.

「Izack, are you alright!?」(Maitena)

The next moment, Izack-san’s wound emitted a light, and the light then began to grow and take the shape of an arm.



The light then slowly turned into flesh starting from the base of the arm to the tips of the fingers.

It happened quickly, only for about a few seconds, but it felt much longer than it actually was.

「Ohh… Ooohhh!!」(Maitena)

Maitena-san who saw what happened to Izack’s arm covered her mouth in disbelief, and her eyes became teary. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

「No way…」(Martz)

「What a miracle!」(Palfi)

Martz-san and Palfi-san were also stunned by what they just saw.

On the other hand, I felt relieved that the potion worked.

「It hurt so much for a second, but… Eeehhh!?」(Izack)

Izack-san finally came to his senses after the pain subsided. He opened his eyes wide when he saw his right arm.

「M, My arm is really healed!」(Izack)

He moved his fingers while observing his right hand closely with a surprised face.




Suddenly, Maitena-san jumped forward and hugged Izack-san. ーNo. It looked more like a tackle in the stomach than a hug…

Should I prepare a potion for his stomach too?

「Hey, be careー」(Izack)

「ーThank god…! I’m really glad for you…! Thank god…!」(Maitena)

Izack-san was about to scold Maitena-san, but he stopped when he saw her tears of joy.

He then put his hand that had just healed on her head and patted her.

「I’m sorry I made you worry…」(Izack)

Seeing the two hugging each other made me feel happy.

I’m glad that my Lost Potion worked. I wouldn’t have been able to see this beautiful scene if it failed.

「Izack! Ohh, Izack! I’m so glad!」(Maitena)

「Thank you, Maitena. I can finally go on another adventure with you.」(Izack)

「Un! I can’t wait for it!」(Maitena)



Umm… I’m happy for them, but…

I wonder how long I should stay in this “pink” lovey-dovey-couple space…

Meanwhile, Martz-san and Palfi-san were awkwardly watching over them and trying to read the atmosphere by staying silent.

However, when Maitena-san brought her face closer to Izack-san’sー


ーMartz-san purposely made a loud sound by blatantly pretending to clear his throat, stopping the two from kissing each other.

「Aa… Ahaha… I-I’m sorry…」(Maitena)

「Hahaha! I’m sorry. It’s so embarrassing…」(Izack)

「For God’s sake… You almost kiss each other in front of our guest!」(Martz)

「You should think about time and place when you want to do that!」(Palfi)

After scolding Maitena-san and Izack-san, Palfi-san turned to me and apologized for the two.

「Kako-chan, I’m sorry you have to see this silly lovey-dovey couple.」(Palfi)

「Ahaha… It’s alright.」(Kako)

I wonder why she apologized to me… Wait… She doesn’t think that I’m a child, does she?

「Anyway, Kako, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.」(Maitena)

「Kako ojou-chan, you have my sincerest gratitude. Thank you.」(Izack)

After apologizing, the two lowered their heads and thanked me.

After that, Martz-san looked at me and lowered his head as well.

「Kako-san, thank you, and… I’m sorry for doubting you.」(Martz)

「I also doubted you, I’m sorry, Kako-chan.」(Palfi)

Honestly, I’m not angry at all. If I were them, I would also doubt someone who suddenly showed up and offered a suspicious potion.

「It’s alright. I’m glad that Izack-san can get his arm back.」(Kako)

「Kako ojou-chan…」(Izack)

「Kako, you’re such an honest and kind girl. Anyway, let’s talk about the payment, shall we?」(Maitena)

Payment time! I’ve been waiting for this!

「Yesterday, I promised you I would give you two hundred and fifty gold coins from my savings. And… This is it.」(Maitena)

Saying that, Maitena-san took out a big leather pouch from her pocket and put it on the table.

「Izack, Martz, Palfi, have you guys prepared the money?」(Maitena)

When Maitena-san turned to the three and called out to them, the three replied to her with a nod.

「Of course. Since the potion worked, I have to pay for it. However, I don’t have much money right now. I can only pay a hundred gold coins for now. I’m sorry, Kako ojou-chan.」(Izack)

「No, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.」(Kako)

Izack-san opened the drawer next to his bed, took out a leather pouch, and handed it to Maitena-san.

「Hold on… A month before you lost your arm, you got a lot of money from the guild for clearing an important quest, didn’t you? Izack, don’t tell me… Did you lavishly spend your money on that hostess bar again!?」(Maitena)

「N, No, I didn’t! I spent it on potions and new equipment, I swear! I told you I stopped visiting that bar because I already have you!」(Izack)

「A, Ahh… You did tell me that… I see…」(Maitena)

Maitena-san’s face suddenly turned bright red.

She scratched her cheek with her index finger and looked away, but she seemed somewhat happy.

She then put the leather pouch on the table and glanced shyly at Izack-san.

Oh, please don’t flirt with each other again in front of me…

「I’ve prepared some money too. I planned to only pay two hundred gold coins, but, Kako-san, as an apology for doubting you, I will pay two hundred and fifty gold coins.」(Martz)

「I will pay two hundred and fifty gold coins too!」(Palfi)

After saying that, each of them placed a leather pouch filled with gold coins on the table as well.

「You guys… Thank you so much. I feel like I’m the happiest person in the world for having good friends like you.」(Izack)

「You’re welcome. You said a nice thing as if we pay for the potion for free, but you have to return our money later.」(Martz)

「That’s right!」(Palfi)


Izack-san was surprised. He seemed to take it seriously, but Martz-san and Palfi-san looked at each other and giggled.


「Hahaha! We’re just joking. You saved our lives that day. Consider it as our gratitude.」(Martz)

「Hihi~ Izack, just like you said, you’re lucky to have us as your friends~!」(Palfi)


I thought Martz-san was a super serious person, but he can be mischievous too. That’s kinda surprising.

「Fufu. Now it makes eight hundred and fifty gold coins. We still have to pay Kako a hundred and fifty gold coins.」(Maitena)

「Don’t worry, making that amount of money will be easy once I go back to work! It won’t take a year, I promise!」(Izack)

Saying that, Izack-san looked at me and raised a thumbs up. He looked very confident.

A hundred and fifty gold coins is a huge amount of money.

Judging from how confident he was, he definitely earns a lot of money from his job as a high-ranked adventurer.



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