Chapter 1-14 : Restored Wing (part 1)


The next day after negotiating with Maitena-san, Nyat and I went to the inn where the Wings of Steel party members were based.

The reason Nyat is coming with me is obviously to escort me. It’s a big trade worth a thousand gold coins after all.

I’m a bit nervous since this is my first time trading with someone, so Nyat’s presence really makes me feel secure.

「Whoaa… This inn is huuuge!」(Kako)

「It seems to be the biggest inn in this town-nya.」(Nyat)

The inn was obviously bigger than the other inns.

I entered and was greeted by an extravagant interior.

The furniture, the paintings, the floor, the ceiling. Everything looks expensive.

I wonder how much it costs to stay in this inn for one day.

As expected of a high-ranked adventurer party. They’re based in a huge and luxurious inn. ーNo. It’s more like a hotel than an inn.

「Kako, I’ve been waiting for you!」(Maitena)

While I was looking around, I saw Maitena-san waving at me while going down the stairs from the second floor.

「Good morning, Maitena-san. Ah, this isー」(Kako)

「ーI’m Nyat, her bodyguard. Nice to meet you-nya.」(Nyat)

「Nice to meet you too, Nyat-dono. My name is Maitena Kushaq. Please follow me. I’ll show you his room.」(Maitena)

Soon after Maitena-san introduced herself to Nyat, she led us upstairs to her friend’s room.

「Izack, we’re coming in.」(Maitena)

Maitena-san entered the room without knocking and beckoned at us, telling us to come in too.

There are several people inside the room. They seem to be the members of the Wings of Steel party.

「Welcome, little merchant.」(blonde man)

The first person who greeted me was a man with long blonde hair.

「H, Hello…」(Kako)

Although he is a man he has a pretty face. He looks like a super handsome model in fashion magazines.

He’s so good-looking that I don’t mind at all being called ‘little’ by him.

「Let me introduce him. His name is Martz. He’s an elf. He serves as the rearguard in our party. He supports us with spirit magic and his bow in fights.」(Maitena)

「I see.」(Kako)

Hm? Did she just say that he’s an elf?

Whoa, she’s right! He has pointy ears!

He’s so handsome that I didn’t notice it.

I’ve seen elves in this town, and they all had pretty faces too no matter whether they were males or females. I wonder if all elves are good-looking.

Right after Maitena-san introduced the blonde elf, the gentle-looking woman who was standing next to him stepped forward, looked closer at me, and smiled.

「I’ve heard about you from Maitena, but… Ara ara~ You’re so much cuter than I thought~」(gentle-looking woman)

「A, Ahaha… Thank you.」(Kako)

「This is Palfi. She is a cleric. She is stronger than she looks.」(Maitena)

「Hey, what do you mean by that!?」(Palfi)

The gentle-looking woman, Palfi, turned her face to Maitena and pouted.

She’s kinda cute, to be honest.

I can somehow understand what Maitena-san means. After all, I can feel a powerful presence coming from her, especially from around her chest.

「Oーi~ Would you introduce me too, please?」(man in the bed)

While I was looking at Palfi-san’s chest, I heard a man’s voice from behind the two.

When Martz-san and Palfi-san moved to the side, I could see a man sitting in the bed.

He’s not as handsome as Martz-san, but he has a fearless face and a well-trained body that give him the impression of being a healthy person.

However, he doesn’t have a right arm.

I see… This man must be the person Maitena-san told me about yesterday. He is the man who sacrificed his arm to save his friends.

「Alright, alright… Kako, as you might have noticed. I told you about him yesterday. He’s our leader, Izack.」(Maitena)

Maitena-san looked at him with a sad look in her eyes as she introduced him.


I heard from Maitena-san about him. She told me how he lost his arm, but now that I actually see the person himself, I feel even more sorry for him.

「Nice to meet you all. I’m Kako Mayama, and this is Nyat, my, umm, bodyguard.」(Kako)

「Nice to meet you-nya.」(Nyat)

「Nice to meet you, Kako Mayama-san, Nyat-san.」(Martz)

「It’s nice to meet you too, Kako Mayama-chan, Nyat-chan~!」(Palfi)

「Nice to meet you, Kako Mayama ojou-chan, Nyat-dono.」(Izack)

They called me with my full name and it felt so strange.

「Umm, you guys can call me Kako. Mayama is my family name.」(Kako)

「Eh? So it’s your family name? I see now.」(Maitena)

「Ahh~ So that’s why she has a catto-chan as a bodyguard.」(Palfi)

Hm? Does having Nyat to escort me have something to do with my family name?

「Anyway, Kako, do you bring the potion?」(Maitena)

「Of course.」(Kako)

I nodded at Maitena-san, took out the Lost Potion from my magic bag, and handed it to Izack-san.

「Izack, you have to drink it.」(Maitena)

「So, this is a Lost Potion, huh…? I’ve never seen a potion with a vibrant red color like this.」(Izack)

Izack-san observed it closely while holding it with his left hand.

From his expression, he seemed to doubt that it was a Lost Potion.

「I can’t believe I would see a Lost Potion in this era…」(Martz)

「Kako-chan, is that really a Lost Potion?」(Palfi)

Not just Izack-san. Martz-san and Palfi-san were also looking at the potion with doubtful eyes.

It seems like they still don’t completely believe that it’s a Lost Potion.

「I can understand that you guys can’t believe it, but this is without a doubt a Lost Potion.」(Kako)

「If that’s the case, why didn’t you sell it to someone who can buy it at a higher price like a rich nobleman or a rich merchant? I think they would pay more than a thousand gold coins.」(Martz)

Certainly, just like Martz-san said, I might be able to make more money if I sell it to rich people, but the problem is…

「This portion has a short expiration date, so I have to sell it as soon as possible. Looking for another buyer when I have already found a potential buyer, Maitena-san, would be a waste of time after all.」(Kako)

「Now that you mention it. Lost Potions don’t last for long. That’s true, but…」(Martz)

Martz-san seemed to still doubt me.

「I believe you’ve heard from Maitena-san that I won’t take even a single copper coin from you if the potion doesn’t work. Would you consider that to be proof of my credibility?」(Kako)

「That’s… Hmm…」(Martz)

Martz-san folded his arms and fell silent.

There’s no way he can suspect me of fraud if I say that I don’t need the money if the potion doesn’t work.

「Kako ojou-chan’s right. We don’t have to pay if it doesn’t work, so we won’t lose money. But, of course, I hope it works.」(Izack)

「You’re right… Alright. Kako-san, I trust you.」(Martz)

Realizing that Izack-san had no intention of stopping, Martz-san shrugged his shoulders as if he had given up then nodded at me.

「Alright, guys. I’m gonna drink it now!」(Izack)

Izack-san removed the lid of the bottle with his left-hand thumb and started drinking the potion.



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