Chapter 1-13 : The Encounter With A Female Knight (part 2)


「He… I mean, my friend who risked his life to save us. He’s alive, but… As an adventurer, he’s as good as dead…」(woman)

He’s as good as dead as an adventurer…?

「Umm, what do you mean?」(Kako)

「His dominant arm was eaten by a monster. I don’t think he can fight anymore…」(woman)

As she said that, the woman closed her eyes and trembled her shoulders.

「I’m… sorry to hear that…」(Kako)

I had no idea it was a very serious matter. I felt bad for asking about the circumstances so casually.

「No, it’s alright. It’s not something you should worry about. Besides, I felt a bit better after telling you about my friend. So… Thank you.」(woman)

「Y, You’re welcome…?」(Kako)

Ugh… I don’t think she should thank me for that…

I can tell that she really cares about her friend. I honestly feel sorry for her friend for losing his arm.

You won’t be able to make a decent living if you lose an arm, especially if you work as an adventurer.

You might still be able to fight if you’re a magician, but this woman’s friend seems to be a fighter who uses a weapon.

If he still had his arm, he might have been able to put back his arm and fix it with good quality high potion, but unfortunately, a monster ate it.

I feel sorry for him, but… It’s a bingo for me!

I never thought someone who needs a Lost Potion would appear this soon. This is my chance to sell my Lost Potion.

Her friend won’t be able to continue working as an adventurer with one hand, and finding another job will be difficult for him.

However, it’s not the end of the world for him because I have a Lost Potion that can grow his arm back!

The problem is whether the potential customer in front of me can pay for the potion or not. After all, it’s super expensive. The clerk in the adventurer shop said a Lost Potion worth at least a thousand gold coins.

I don’t know how much an adventurer earns from their job, but she said that she is a high-ranked adventurer, so I think she makes quite a lot of money.

Besides, she gave me a good quality potion which was quite expensive for free. That means that she makes a decent living.

Above all, she grieved over her friend’s misfortune as if it were her own. It seems that she is willing to do anything to cure her friend.

But… Even if she agreed to pay a thousand gold coins for the potion, there’s still a problem…

Can I trust her…?

I mean… She seems to be a good person, but… I don’t know much about her since this is the first time I’ve met her.

I crossed my arms and thought.


「What’s wrong? Is there something bothering your mind?」(woman)

The woman asked when I suddenly became silent.

I think I should be fine as long as I don’t tell her how I got the potion.

Anyway, I should ask her first.

「Umm… What if I tell you if there’s a way to heal your friend’s wound?」(Kako)

「Hm? …Ahaha. If he could get his arm back, that would be amazing, but it’s impossible.」(woman)

She replied to me with an awkward laugh and shook her head as if she had lost hope.

「I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold his sword again… Unfortunately, his adventure ended the moment he lost his arm…」(woman)

She looked really sad. I think it’s mostly because she won’t be able to go on an adventure with him again.

I wonder if she likes him… Or rather, she is already in a relationship with him…?

If so, then I have no reason not to sell the potion to her.

「Miss, there’s something I want to tell you. Would you listen to me seriously?」(Kako)

「Eh? A, Alright.」(woman)

Seeing my serious face, the woman nodded right away.

「First of all, I’m not a child. I’m an adult, and I’m a merchant.」(Kako)

「Ehh!? Is that so!? I’m sorry, I thought you were a…」(woman)

I knew she would be surprised… Ugh, it makes me a bit upset for some reason.

「It’s alright. Anyway, I happened to have an extremely effective potion. This potion is so valuable that I have to choose who to sell it to.」(Kako)

「Hold on. Do you really have to choose who you will sell it to? Potions are valuable in this town, so even if it’s expensive, I think many people are still willing to buy it.」(woman)

「U, Uhh… There’s a reason why I can’t sell it to just anyone, so…」(Kako)

「I see…」(woman)

「Anyway, I can guarantee you that this potion can heal your friend’s wound. Are you interested in buying it?」(Kako)


The woman looked at me with doubtful eyes.

She must be wary of fraud. I can understand. But don’t worry young lady, I’m not scamming you or anything.

「Alright, how about this? You can pay me after your friend gets his arm back. You don’t have to pay me if the potion doesn’t work.」(Kako)


She was doubtful at first, but then she opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「I can understand why you’re wary of fraud. It’s an expensive potion after all. So? What do you say?」(Kako)

「…How much is it?」(woman)

「A thousand gold coins.」(Kako)

「Whaー A thousand gold coins!!?」(woman)

She opened her eyes even wider.

It seems like the price shocked her so much.

「Yeah, I know it’s extremely expensive, but I think it’s a fair price. Think about it. Your friend will get his arm back with only a thousand gold coins.」(Kako)

「C, Certainly… It’s probably a fair price for that amazing potion… Hm? Hold on… I heard there was a potion that could grow a lost body part, but it can’t be made anymore in this era. It’s called a Lost Potion… Don’t tell me… The amazing potion you were talking about was a Lost Potion!?」(woman)



The woman said that out loud, so I spontaneously put my index finger on my lips and hushed. She then immediately covered her mouth with her hands.

I hope no one heard that.

I looked at the surroundings. Luckily, because the stove in the kitchen was broken, no one came to eat lunch here, so there were only me and the woman in the dining hall.

After confirming the situation, the woman moved her hands away from her mouth, brought her face closer to mine, and whispered.

「Do you really have a Lost Potion?」(woman)

I silently replied to her with a nod.

「I see… That’s why you said you can’t sell it to just anyone.」(woman)

「Yeah. I want to sell it to someone I trust.」(Kako)

「Does that mean that you trust me?」(woman)

「Well, you’re not a bad person, so… I can trust you, right?」(Kako)

「Fufu. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody.」(woman)

「Thank you.」(Kako)

I let out a sigh of relief. Looks like my decision to trust her wasn’t wrong.

「To be honest, I can’t pay you a thousand gold coins right away. I can only pay two hundred and fifty gold coins with my savings. I think I can get the other party members to pay some money as well. However, if we are still unable to pay in full, we promise we will pay it off in less than a year. I will give you something valuable as collateral. Well, of course, if you agree with this condition.」(woman)

「Alright. I don’t mind.」(Kako)

「Thank you! Oh, right. I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Maitena Kushaq.」(Maitena)

「I’m Kako Mayama. You can call me Kako.」(Kako)

「Alright. It’s nice to meet you, Kako!」(Maitena)

「Nice to meet you too, Maitena-san.」(Kako)

After introducing ourselves, we shook hands firmly.



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