Chapter 1-13 : The Encounter With A Female Knight (part1)


「I’m really sorry. Please use this potion.」(woman)

While looking at me apologetically, the woman handed me a bottle of potion.

However, it seems like the color is much more vibrant compared to the potions I bought from the adventurer shop.

I appraised it and the description showed up in my sight.

〈High-quality Potion : It heals better than normal potions in general.〉

“High-quality potion”? So it’s different from high potion?

It says it heals better than normal potions in general, so it’s basically a normal potion with better quality, huh?

I see, so potions with a better quality have a more vibrant color.

I bought normal potions from the adventurer shop for ten silver coins each, so I think this one potion costs around fifteen silver coins.

That’s quite a lot of money. Does she seriously want to give it to me for free?

「No, I can’t take it. This town is running out of potions, right? Please don’t waste it on me. I’m fine.」(Kako)

It’s not that I’m badly injured. My forehead just swollen a bit. I would feel bad if I used such an expensive potion just to heal my minor injury.

However, when I tried to return the potion to the woman, she gently pushed my hand back, stubbornly refusing to accept the return.

「Please accept it. Consider it as my apology. Your head hit my armor so hard that you passed out. We don’t know if the shock damaged your brain or not, so you better drink it just in case.」(woman)

Ugh… She’s got a point…

It reminds me of the news about a girl who accidentally hit her head on a door that I saw on TV in my previous life. At first, there seemed to be nothing wrong with her head, but then she ended up losing her life because of a brain injury.

「Umm… Are you sure you want to give this potion to me? It’s quite expensive, right?」(Kako)

「Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. You better heal your injuries while you can… There are a lot of injured people who can’t be healed even with the highest tier potions…」(woman)

After saying that, the female knight’s expression darkened for some reason.

It makes me somewhat concerned about her.

「Umm… Could it be… You’re talking about your friend…?」(Kako)

「Ahh… N, No… Don’t worry about it.」(woman)

Seeing my worried face, she looked away.

Judging from her dark expression, I could tell that she was not fine at all.

It seems that her friend is badly injured and she’s worried about them.

I have a Lost Potion. If her friend’s injury was a severed arm or leg, perhaps I might be able to help her.

「If you don’t mind, could you tell me what happened to your friend?」(Kako)

「Uhh, I’m sorry. It’s an adult matter. It’s not something suitable to discuss with a child.」(woman)

A child, she says!? Kuuhh!! I’m treated like a child again!

She might not believe me even if I told her that I’m an adult.

In that case…

「Ouuch, ouch!! My head! It hurts!」(Kako)

I held my head and writhed, acting like I was in pain.

「A, Are you okay!? Does it still hurt!?」(woman)

「Oww!! I’m so curious that it hurts my head! Oww! I might die if you didn’t tell me about your friend!」(Kako)

「Eehh!? You’re kidding, right!? Alright, alright. I’ll tell you.」(woman)

Khu khu! She fell for it!

No one can resist when they see a child in pain! …Wait. I’m not a child!

「I will tell you but with one condition. You have to drink that potion.」(woman)


I accepted the condition and immediately drank the potion.


「*Gulp gulp* ーHoeekk!!」(Kako)

It’s bad! It tastes sooooo BAD!!

This is the first time I’ve ever drank a potion. I thought it would taste like an energy drink, but it was extremely bitter. It tasted like bitter grass or something.

The grassy taste spread in my mouth and the bitterness stuck in my throat after I drank it all down.

I think it’s much worse than the super bitter vegetable juice I once drank in my previous life.

「*Cough, cough!* Ughh… Look, I drank all of it… It tastes bad, but thank you for the potion…」(Kako)

I stuck out my tongue out of bitterness and returned the empty bottle to her.

「Was it too bitter for you? It tastes refreshing for me though. Wait here. I’ll get you a drink.」(woman)

After receiving the empty bottle, she gave me a bitter smile and went to get me a drink from a stall near the inn.

「Thank you. *Gulp gulp* Ahh~」(Kako)

Now this is what you call a refreshing drink! It tastes like orange juice and is much muuuch better than the potion.




After confirming that I had calmed down, the female knight began to tell me about her friend and herself.

「Before I tell you about my friend, let me tell you about myself. I’m an adventurer who belongs to a party called Wings of Steel.」(woman)

「Eh? You’re an adventurer? Judging from your armor, I thought you were a knight.」(Kako)

She looks like a female knight rather than an adventurer. After all, her armor looks a bit more “official” than the armor adventurers usually wear.

「Well, you’re right. I once belonged to the order of knights, but… A lot happened. I quit and became an adventurer. Then I was recruited by the Wings of Steel Party and became one of them.」(woman)

「I see. Why did you quit from the knights?」(Kako)

「Because I want to go around the world, and being an adventurer is a great job for that.」(woman)

Hmm… It’s like a certain story about a strong-willed female knight who decided to go on a journey in search of freedom.

「I might not look that strong, but all the members of Wings of Steel are high-ranked adventurers. We are strong enough to fight A-ranked monsters.」(woman)

「Whoa… That’s awesome!」(Kako)

I don’t know how strong A-ranked monsters are, but since the guild decided to consider them as A-ranked, I guess they’re very powerful and dangerous.

「Since you can fight A-ranked monsters, you and your party members must be remarkably skillful adventurers!」(Kako)

「We are, but…」(woman)

She looked so proud when she talked about her party, but then her face turned cloudy.

「Unfortunately, we ran into a huge mob of A-ranked monsters a few days ago. No matter how confident we were in our skills, we were powerless when we were surrounded by so many high-ranked monsters. Just when the monsters were about to wipe us out, one of our friends risked his life to distract their attention. Thanks to him, I and some other party members managed to survive.」(woman)

「I see… Umm… Did your friend…ー」(Kako)

「ーNo. He’s still alive. Luckily, a group of high-ranking monsters of a different species appeared and fought the monsters that attacked us. I think they were fighting each other over the territory. Thanks to that we were able to run away. But…」(woman)

She folded her hands and looked down.

Her expression became dark again.

「He… I mean, my friend who risked his life to save us. He’s alive, but… As an adventurer, he’s as good as dead…」(woman)



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