Chapter 1-12 : Making Lost Potion (part 2)


Hold on… “It will lose its effect if you store it for a long time”?


So… it should be used immediately?

「Seriously…? Ughh… I know that potions will expire someday, but it seems that Lost Potions have a shorter usable period than other potions…」(Kako)

I wasn’t expecting this…

Since it can’t be stored for a long time, then it can’t be used as a first aid kit item in case of an emergency. It might expire before it’s even needed after all.

「Aa-ahh… I was thinking of keeping it as a valuable asset that I can sell or use depending on my needs in the future, but…」(Kako)

Well, I can understand. Medical herbs have a level of freshness that gradually decreases over time, so it’s only natural that potions that are made from herbs won’t last forever.

Moreover, the potion preservation method of this world is much inferior to the advanced food and medicines preservation technology in my previous world that can keep the freshness of food and medicines for a long time.

「Anyway, this ‘gold mine’ would be wasted if I didn’t sell it quickly. But… I wonder if anyone will buy this expensive potion…」(Kako)

Now the problem is to whom and how I sell it…

Lost Potions are super-rare potions that can no longer be made by anyone. If people find out that I have one, I would likely be bombarded with questions about how I made it.

In the worst-case scenario, I might end up being kidnapped just as Nyat said.


I folded my arms and started thinking, trying to find a way to turn this potion into money.

Since it has a short expiration date, I can’t just sell it to anyone. My target is a rich person who lost their body parts. Also, that person has to be someone who can be trusted, or else I would just end up putting myself in danger.

The chances that someone who fits the criteria will show up are extremely slim, I think…

In the first place, how do I find them?

Should I look around for someone who lost their arms or legs and ask if they want to be healed?



As I racked my brain harder, my stomach suddenly growled.

It reminds me that I haven’t eaten lunch yet.

「I’m hungry…」(Kako)

I don’t think I will be able to come up with a good idea when my stomach is empty, so I guess I will have lunch now.

I will think about how to sell this potion after getting some nutrition!

Having made that decision, I put the Lost Potion into my magic bag and headed to the dining room on the first floor.




「Eh? The stove is broken!?」(Kako)

I went down from my room with an empty stomach and great enthusiasm, expecting that I could fill my stomach with good food, but what awaited me was the unfortunate news that the stove was broken and the kitchen staff couldn’t cook anything for lunch.

「Yeah, I’m sorry. Seems like it’s because we’ve been using the stove too much lately. I’m about to ask a craftsman to fix it now.」(landlady)

The landlady bowed her head, apologizing.

「I see…」(Kako)

I was planning on eating a big meal ‘cause I’m very hungry, but thinking that I can’t eat food in this dining hall right now makes me even more hungry.

「I think it will be fixed before dinner, but you have to eat outside for lunch.」(landlady)

「I see. It can’t be helped…」(Kako)

I told Nyat that I would stay in the inn for the rest of the day, but… I think I’m gonna be alright.

I’m not a child after all! I don’t need that big cat to protect me twenty-four hours.

Besides, I’m going outside just for lunch. I don’t think I will run into trouble.

「Well then, I’m going to eat somewhere else but I will have dinner here later.」(Kako)


After telling the landlady that, I walked toward the exit.

「Hmm… I wonder where I should eat. I don’t know any restaurant with good food in this town. But, wait a minute… I think I should just buy something from a food stall nearby and then go back to my room. Alright, let’s do it.」(Kako)

When I stretched my hand toward the door, trying to open it, the door suddenly opened and someone went inside.




I felt something extremely hard hit my head all of a sudden, and then I lost consciousness.




「…ss!! …ss…!!」(??)

My vision was covered in black and I felt somewhat sluggish for some reason.

If I remember correctly, I was about to go outside to find something to eat but I bumped into something hard and lost consciousness by the entrance of the inn…

「…ss!! …Miss…!! Miss, are you alright!?」(??)


I heard someone calling me.

「…Who is that…?」(Kako)

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a beautiful woman looking at me worriedly.

「Thank god you’re awake! Are you alright? You’re not hurt, are you?」(woman)

「Ugh… My head hurts a little, but I’m fine.」(Kako)

「I’m terribly sorry for my carelessness! I didn’t mean to hurt you!」(woman)

The woman bowed her head and apologized.

Now that I look at her closely, I notice that she is wearing metal armor which I think is called platemail.

However, it’s not the clunky-looking full-body platemail that usually appears in history books, but it looks more like fantasy-like platemail for females that protects the chest and the surrounding areas with metal parts.

Her armor looks fancy. I wonder if she is a princess knight or something like that.

Anyway, I think that I lost consciousness after my head hit that metal armor.

Aa-ahh… I’m so weak…

My second life would have been much better if the goddess gave me a tougher and nicer body before she sent me into this world…



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