Chapter 1-11 : Buying Potions (part 1)


When I returned to the market, I found Nyat who went to buy some meat this morning, and then he joined me searching for potions.


「Ugh… This is a market, right? Why can’t I find any potions here…」(Kako)

「Seems like no one sells them-nya.」(Nyat)

We’ve been walking around the market for almost an hour, but we haven’t even found a single stall selling potions.

What on earth is going on?

Could it be that potions are extremely rare in this world?

No… If that’s the case, Nyat would have told me.

But… Why doesn’t anyone sell them in this market?

Ah, that’s right! That receptionist lady might know the reason. She may also know where I can find them.

「Nyat, I think we should go to the merchant guild. The receptionist onee-san there might be able to help us.」(Kako)


We left the market and headed to the merchant guild.

As soon as I entered the building, I immediately lined up at the usual reception desk.

「Ara? Miss Kako Mayama, it’s been a few hours. How can I help you this time?」(receptionist lady)

The receptionist lady looked a bit surprised.

I came to withdraw some money this morning, so she didn’t seem to expect to see my face again so soon.

「I have a question. Do you know where I can get potions?」(Kako)

「Potions? Umm, there’s an adventurer shop called ‘Keema’ on the first street to the right of the main street from here. You can buy them there.」(receptionist lady)

「Adventurer shop?」(Kako)

「Yup. You can also find other necessities for adventurers such as weapons, armor, bags, maps, and many more in that shop.」(receptionist lady)

I see… Adventurers in this town must often visit that shop.

That means potions are not expensive rare items that can’t be bought unless you’re rich.

「Thank you! So… potions are not rare, right? But why couldn’t I find them at the market?」(Kako)

「Ah, it’s because people only want to buy potions from trusted sellers. Potions can affect your body, so you don’t want to drink the ones from unknown people. That’s why no one sells potions at the market because no one will buy them anyway. The people in this town usually buy potions at shops that have been doing business in this town for a long time, and Keema Shop is one of them.」(receptionist lady)

「I see.」(Kako)

Come to think of it, I had never bought cheap medicines from suspicious sellers who sold their goods on the side of the road when I was still in Japan. I usually bought them from a pharmacy or a drugstore.

「Unless you are a skilled alchemist who can tell the quality of potions by just looking at them, you better not buy them from random people.」(receptionist lady)

「I can understand that, but what if you are a traveling alchemist? Selling your potions will be very difficult, right?」(Kako)

I was planning to make a living by selling potions and other stuff just like the main characters in Workshop Series, but I’m new in this town.

I wonder if I will be able to sell potions here…

「Alchemists or peddlers from other towns usually sell their potions to the shops with pharmacists or people who can appraise potions like Keema Shop.」(receptionist lady)

I see. So I will still be able to sell potions in the future. That’s great!

But first, I have to figure out how to make potions with my Synthesis Skill.

「You can trust that shop if you want to buy potions, but…」(receptionist lady)

The receptionist lady looked troubled for some reason.

A beautiful woman still looks beautiful even when she’s troubled, I see.

Kuuh! I’m jealous!

「There’s not much stock of potions in this town right now. Because of that, they have become more expensive recently.」(receptionist lady)

So there’s a shortage of potions, huh…?

That’s not good. I need potions for experimenting with my Synthesis Skill, so I will need a lot, but I don’t think I’ll be able to buy that many…

Anyway, I have to hurry, or they might sell out!

「Onee-san, thank you for the information!」(Kako)

「You’re welcome~ You can come back anytime.」(receptionist lady)

After thanking the receptionist lady, I left the merchant guild with Nyat.

「Alright, let’s go to that shop. Keema, was it?」(Kako)

「We need to go down the main street-nya. It will be a long detour-nya.」(Nyat)

「If that’s the case… Eii!」(Kako)

I jumped and wrapped my arms around Nyat’s neck from behind.

「Nya nya!?」(Nyat)

「I’ve been walking around since morning and it makes me tired, so give me a ride!」(Kako)

「Nyare nyare… Can’t be helped-nya.」(Nyat)

Nyat sighed and held my thighs up with his paws, piggybacking me.

「Let’s go, Nyat! Yeehaw!」(Kako)

「Hey, I’m not a horse-nya!」(Nyat)

「Ahaha! I’m sorry. You’re a cat, not a horse.」(Kako)

「I’m not a cat either-nya! I’m a catto-nya!」(Nyat)

「Yeah, yeah. Let’s hurry or the potions will sell out!」(Kako)

Nyat sighed again and then started walking.




「Whoa… So this is an adventurer shop, huh? As expected, it looks like the ones in MMORPGs…」(Kako)

The first thing I saw when I entered the store was a large number of weapons and armor lined on the wall.

There were a lot of people inside the store. They were wearing leather and steel armor and carrying weapons such as swords, axes, spears, and bows. They must be adventurers.

Oh right, there’s a difference between how people take care of their weapons in this world compared to the people in the anime or manga.

In this world, people not only sheath swords, but they also sheath axes and spears unlike in the anime or manga where people only sheath swords.

Now that I think about it, it’s dangerous to leave the blades out. It doesn’t matter if you have a sword, an axe, or a spear. The blade can hurt nearby people if you’re not careful, so you better sheath them.

These people look strong. Their presence is overpowering, making the atmosphere inside the store a bit heavy.

However, they looked tired somehow.

I heard that the adventurers and the soldiers in this town have been fighting against monster attacks.

That’s probably why this shop is busy.

I hope I still can get some potions here…



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