Chapter 1-10 : More Experiments (part 2)


After buying various things at the market, I returned to my room in the inn.

I took out the items I bought and lined them on the bed.

This time I bought some herbs, food ingredients, and fruits. I bought extras for each type of item so that I could appraise them after using my Synthesis Skill.

「Alright. First, I think I’m gonna synthesize this apple-like fruit and this tangerine-like fruit… Synthesis!」(Kako)

I held both fruits with my hands and activated my Synthesis Skill.

They both merged into a fruit that looked like a pear.

I then immediately appraised it.

〈Sinnar Fruit : Juicy fruit with a pleasant crunchy texture.〉

It was hard to understand from just the description, so I peeled off its skin and ate it.

「Hmm… It’s a pear…」(Kako)

Not only did it look like a pear, but it tasted exactly like a pear. However, the people in this world seemed to call it sinnar fruit.

After that, I appraised the apple-like fruit and tangerine-like fruit.

〈Purua Fruit : Sweet fruit with a crunchy texture. It helps you heal when you are sick. You can find them almost everywhere in the world.〉

〈Gileon Fruit : Sour fruit with a lot of water. It’s highly nutritious and good for the body.〉

I took note of the synthesis result and the description of the fruits.

After that, I ate the purua fruit and the gileon fruit.

「Hmm… Yup. Just as I thought. This purua fruit is basically an apple, and this gileon fruit is basically a mandarin orange.」(Kako)

These fruits looked and tasted the same as the pears, apples, and mandarin oranges in my previous world. They just had different names.

I wonder if the other fruits were also like this.

Nevertheless, I don’t understand why I got a pear after combining an apple and a mandarin orange…

Is there a rule that decides it? I thought I already understood my Synthesis Skill, but it seems like I still don’t understand it at all…

However, there’s one thing I noticed…

「This pear… I mean, this sinnar fruit… I don’t think I’ve seen one at the market. Could it be… This fruit is rare…? If sinnar fruits are rare and can be sold at a high price, then continuing to produce them might be a good idea! I can sell them and make a lot of money!」(Kako)

With that in mind, I put away the fruits and continued the experiment.

「Alright. Next are the herbs.」(Kako)

I purchased three kinds of herbal grasses: Kisun grass, which is effective against skin diseases, ifula grass, which is effective in healing burns, and kusimsida grass, which can be used as a laxative.

When I was at the market, I noticed there were not many people selling herbs. It was probably because had already sold most of their herbs to pharmacists and alchemists.

After all, normally people don’t buy herbs because they can’t make medicines or potions.

It seems that the herbs that were sold at the market were leftovers.

Because of that, the quality of the herbs I bought was not very good. However, it doesn’t matter.

My purpose this time is not producing high-quality products after all. I just want to use my Synthesis Skill on various items and make a list of those items.

There are millions of items in this world and millions of items I can make with my Synthesis Skill. There’s no way I can remember all of them.

That’s why I think it’s important to make a list.

In case I need items with specific effects, I can search them on the list and produce them with my Synthesis Skill.

Another reason why I’m doing experiments is to increase the number of items I can appraise.

I only can appraise items that I use my Synthesis Skill on, so I need to synthesize various items with my Skill.

If I can appraise various items, I can avoid scams. After all, there are items whose quality can only be known by appraising them.

I will also be able to distinguish poisonous plants or foods that I don’t know.

Therefore, it’s very important to do experiments like this.

「Alright. First, I’m gonna synthesize kisun grass and ifura grass… Synthesis!」(Kako)

After combining the two grasses, I got a suspicious-looking purple grass.

「Uwahh… It looks poisonous but I should appraise it to make sure.」(Kako)

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a poisonous grass, but I appraise it anyway to add it to the list.

〈Udokumo Grass : You will die if you eat it. You can dry it into powder and mix it with food or drink to poison someone. Anyone who eats it will experience chills throughout their body, vomit blood, and die. It can be detoxified with dokuge grass.〉

「Uhee… It’s more dangerous than I thought!」(Kako)

People would have a suspicion of me if they saw me carrying this grass.

「Ugh… I don’t want to carry it, but I might poison someone if I carelessly threw it away, so… I think I will combine it with another grass and hopefully it will turn into something other than poisonous grass.」(Kako)

While still holding the udokumo grass, I grabbed kusimsida grass with my other hand and used my Synthesis Skill.

「Udokumo grass + kusimsida grass… Synthesis!」(Kako)

After combining the two, I got a blue grass.

It doesn’t look as suspicious as udokumo grass which has a purple color, but I can’t be sure until I appraise it.

「Alright… Let’s see what we got this time…」(Kako)

I appraise it and I gotー

〈Isca Grass : A highly poisonous grass that can slowly kill humans. It takes time to kill, but the person who eats it will feel pleasure as if they are in heaven for a while before it finally kills them. It can be detoxified with iharkuge grass…(read more)〉

「It’s getting worse! What is this dangerous weed!? It’s like the combination of narcotics and poison!」(Kako)

This is bad… I feel like I will make another poisonous grass if I combine it with another grass…

「Hold on… There is “read more”. I think I should read it until the end before deciding that it’s a dangerous grass.」(Kako)

This is probably the first time I’ve seen “read more” in the item description.

I touched the “read more” text on the floating half-translucent screen in front of me, and then an additional description appeared.

〈…It can be combined with a high potion to make Lost Potion which is one of the ancient potions that can no longer be made in the current era. It requires ancient magic technology to make.〉

「Whoaa… Lost Potion, huh…? So, with this dangerous grass I can make a potion that doesn’t exist in this era? That’s awesome!」(Kako)

I just learned that my Synthesis Skill could produce items that no longer exist, and it made me feel incredible because it means that I can sell products that are impossible for other merchants to obtain.

But… I wonder if it will be a violation of the Antimonopoly Act…

No… I don’t think there’s such a law in this world.

Anyway, I need a high potion before I can make a Lost Potion.

「I wonder if I can find a high potion at the market…」(Kako)

While wondering, I put all the items on the bed into my magic bag, left the inn, and went back to the market to look for a high potion.



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