Chapter 1-10 : More Experiments (part 1)


The next day, I went to the merchant guild to withdraw some money because I spent quite a lot to buy an old magic bag and some durable cloths to fix it yesterday.

「Hey, look.」
「Ah, is that the girl?」
「Yeah, I think she is…」(people)

Uhh… Is it just me or the people here are looking at me…?

The moment I entered the guild, I felt gazes from every direction.

When I glanced at the surrounding people, they panickedly averted their gazes.

I’m definitely attracting people’s attention, but… I wonder why…

Have I done something that could attract people’s attention?


Ah, I think it’s because I got more than a hundred gold coins from selling herbs the other day.

I see, so it has become a hot topic and I got a lot of attention because of that.

「Is that the…」
「Yeah. She’s the rumored little girl.」(people)

I can hear you! How dare you call me ‘little’!

I turned my eyes in the direction where I heard that conversation, but I couldn’t tell which one called me ‘little’.

As usual, there were a lot of people in this building after all.

Aa-ahh, I wish Nyat was with me. He would be able to find the culprit easily with his good hearing.

While thinking about that, I let out a sigh and joined the line.

There were a few reception desks here but I chose the one where the receptionist lady who helped me the other day was working.

After about ten minutes of waiting, I finally got my turn.

「Next person please~… Ah, Miss Kako Mayama, was it?」(receptionist lady)

For some reason, the receptionist lady looked somewhat surprised as soon as she saw my face.

「H, Hi there~」(Kako)

「Miss Kako Mayama, I heard from people that you got scammed yesterday. Is that true?」(receptionist lady)


「I heard that you were scammed into buying a broken magic bag.」(receptionist lady)

「A, ahh… yeah, but don’t worry. I’m fine.」(Kako)

I see, so that’s the reason why I’m drawing people’s attention today.

「Are you sure? You lost a lot of money didn’t you?」(receptionist lady)

「Not really. I bought it for eighteen silver coins.」(Kako)

「It’s still a lot of money, you know? Why did you buy a worn-out magic bag in the first place? It will break before you know it.」(receptionist lady)

The receptionist lady looked so worried about me. It makes me happy, but honestly, I don’t want her to be worried.

「It’s alright, really. Look.」(Kako)

I showed her the good-looking sling bag I was carrying.

It was actually the magic bag I fixed yesterday. I turned it into a sling bag for convenience.

「This is the magic bag I bought yesterday.」(Kako)

「Eh? No way…」(receptionist lady)

She looked confused when she saw the magic bag that she thought to be worn-out and old was actually in very good condition.

「You’re not… kidding, are you…?」(receptionist lady)

「Fufu. Of course, not. It looked like a worn-out magic bag when I bought it yesterday. But now, as you can see. It looks like a brand new magic bag.」(Kako)

「I… don’t understand…」(receptionist lady)

She tilted her head, looking confused.

「Well, the magic bag that ‘looked’ worn-out was actually in good condition.」(Kako)

「I… still don’t understand…」(receptionist lady)

「I mean, the worn-out-looking cloth of the magic bag was actually just its outer layer. When I turned it inside out, the inner layer was actually made of good-quality cloth. I don’t know where that old pedder found it, but he didn’t seem to realize that it was actually a well-conditioned magic bag in the first place.」(Kako)


Not only the receptionist lady, but the other people in the building who were eavesdropping on our conversation were surprised.

「If that’s true, then the old peddler who sold it to you was an absolute fool…」(receptionist lady)

「Ahaha… It’s his fault for not examining it thoroughly before selling it to me. Just because it looked worn-out it didn’t mean that it was a broken magic bag, right?」(Kako)

Of course, this is all a lie.

There’s no way I could say that I fixed it with my Synthesis Skill.

After I repaired it last night, Nyat told me to come up with a lie in case someone else was curious about my magic bag.

He said, “You bought a worn-out magic bag yesterday. People might get suspicious of you if you carry a brand-new-like magic bag, so you better come up with a lie to cover up your Synthesis Skill-nya.”

I didn’t think the reason I made would be able to convince people at first, but surprisingly, they seemed to believe what I said.

That’s a relief.

Since that old peddler was caught committing fraud in the market, I don’t think he is still there today. He should have left this town.

He tried to scam me, but thanks to him, I now have a magic bag.

「Look. There’s plenty of space inside.」(Kako)

Saying that, I took out a long baguette bread from the magic bag.

The bread clearly looked much longer than the bag.

「Whoaa… So that fancy sling bag is really a magic bag… Incredible!」(receptionist lady)

The receptionist lady constantly blinked in disbelief for a moment.

「That means the scammer sold the magic bag he thought to be worn-out to that girl without realizing it was actually a good quality magic bag. What a fool…」(man 1)

「The material used doesn’t look bad either. I think it’s worth more than fifty gold coins.」(man 2)

「That girl is really lucky to be able to buy a fifty gold coins worth magic bag for just eighteen silver coins.」(man 3)

「Well, it’s thanks to the scammer’s stupidity for not checking its condition completely.」(man 4)

「I bet that scammer is not a merchant. If I were him, I would check that magic bag’s condition the moment I found it.」(man 5)

I could hear the people lining behind me talking about how lucky I was and about how foolish the old peddler was.

I kinda feel sorry for the old peddler, but… I don’t think I should be since he tried to scam me.

The good thing is that people stopped thinking that I was a foolish young merchant who got scammed by an old man.

That could tarnish my reputation after all.

「Ahem! …So, Miss Kako Mayama, how could I help you today?」(receptionist lady)

「Oh, right. I came to withdraw some money.」(Kako)

「How much do you want to withdraw?」(receptionist lady)

「Umm… Ten gold coins and two hundred silver coins, please.」(Kako)

「Understood. Please wait a moment.」(receptionist lady)

The receptionist lady went to the back and returned while holding a tray with gold and silver coins on it.

As soon as she put the tray on the reception desk, I put the money into my magic bag.

There were more than two hundred coins inside, but I didn’t feel like the bag was getting any heavier.

There are a lot of things inside the bag but I feel like I’m carrying nothing. It feels strange…

「Umm… Miss Kako Mayama.」(receptionist lady)


「Uhh… I’m sorry. It’s nothing.」(receptionist lady)


She looks like she wants to ask me something…

Does she want me to sell more herbs? But… I don’t have anything to sell right now.

Well, I might come back to sell something in the future, but not today.

Today, I want to do more experiments!

「Is there anything else I can help you with?」(receptionist lady)

「Nope. Thank you, Onee-san.」(Kako)

「You’re welcome.」(receptionist lady)

I thanked the receptionist lady and left the guild.

Alright, now it’s time to go to the market and buy various things for the experiments!



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  1. Probably question on why did she agree on market price for herb when they despairing need
    Or favor if she can go out and gathering more?

    1. She didn’t know how high the market price was and at best had some idea of the normal price that was what they paid her and also with the high grade it could have proved dangerous to sell to the wrong people and she didn’t know who not to deal with.

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