Chapter 1-9 : Magic Bag


「Alright, it’s time for the experiment!」(Kako)

After buying the necessary items for the experiment in the market, Nyat and I returned to our room in the inn.

「What are you going to do exactly-nya?」(Nyat)

「Fufu, you’ll see~」(Kako)

I grinned at Nyat and put the old magic bag on the bed.

「This is the magic bag I bought from the old man. I’m gonna do an experiment with it.」(Kako)

「Aa-ahh, what a waste of money-nya. If I were you, would have bought meat instead-nya.」(Nyat)

Seems like there’s nothing more important than meat for this big cat…

「That old man sold me a bit cheaper than the actual market price, so I won’t say that was a waste of money.」(Kako)

「No, no. You lost your money the moment you bought that trash-nya.」(Nyat)

「It’s not trash! Just watch me and you’ll understand.」(Kako)

「If you say so-nya.」(Nyat)

While Nyat was looking at me with doubtful eyes as if saying, “What the heck is she gonna do?”, I took out other necessary items from my sling bag and put them on the bed next to the old magic bag.

「These are sturdy, high-quality cloths that I bought at the market. Do you have a guess what I’m gonna do with them?」(Kako)

There are ten folded sturdy pieces of cloths on the bed. They are like the fabric of jeans that won’t break easily.

「Uhh… Are you trying to fix that old magic bag with your Skill-nya?」(Nyat)


「I don’t know how exactly your Skill works, but you should forget about it. You can’t fix magic bags without ancient magic technology-nya. Even if you repair the bag, the magic function to store things itself won’t be fixed-nya. It will still break after a few uses. After all, the most important thing is the magic applied to the bag, not the bag itself-nya. Many people tried to fix their old magic bags but none of them succeeded-nya.」(Nyat)

Of course, I know that repairing the bag won’t work, otherwise, that old man would have fixed it and sold it at a higher price.

However, my Synthesis Skill is not a skill to repair things, but to increase the quality of certain items by combining them with other items of the same type, so there’s a chance I can make it work.

「Well, you can just watch and let’s see if I will fail or not.」(Kako)

I held the old magic bag and a piece of sturdy cloth with both hands and then used my Synthesis Skill.


「N, Nya nyaa…!!」(Nyat)

Nyat looked surprised when the magic bag and the cloth in my hands emitted light and combined together.

When the light was gone, I could no longer see the cloth. All that remained in my hands was the old magic bag, but it looked just a little bit better than before.

I immediately appraised the magic bag and what I got wasー

〈Worn-out Magic Bag : It’s in a bad condition. It will break soon.〉

As expected. It can’t be fixed by only refining it once.

This magic bag is badly damaged and is probably more than a hundred years old after all.

「So that’s what your Skill looks like-nya. Interesting-nya…」(Nyat)

Nyat widened his eyes as he watched me use my Synthesis Skill.

「Right~? But I’m not done yet. This process will take multiple times. Alright, next one~! Synthesis!」(Kako)

While holding the magic bag in my hand, I took another sturdy cloth, used my Synthesis Skill again, and appraised the result.

〈Old Magic Bag : It’s old and a bit damaged. It will break if it’s handled too roughly.〉

「I knew it! The quality is getting better! Nyat, I think I can repair it!」(Kako)


「As I expected. Even though it can’t be repaired manually by patching the holes and stuff, it can be repaired by improving its quality! You don’t need ancient magic technology to repair it. All you need is Synthesis Skill! See? It looks better than before, right?」(Kako)

I showed the magic bag in my hand to Nyat.

「It does… Unbelievable-nya… How exactly does your Skill work-nya?」(Nyat)

「To put it simply, it can improve the quality of items or produce unique items by combining two or more items. If the items are of the same type, it will improve the quality, and if the items are of different types, it will produce a different item. Because this magic bag is made of cloth, then I can improve its quality by combining it with a better quality cloth.」(Kako)

「I see-nya… What an amazing Skill-nya!」(Nyat)

「You think so? Hehe~ Alright. Now I will synthesize this magic bag with the rest of these sturdy fabrics and see what I’ll get. ーSynthesis! ーSynthesis! ーSynthesis!!」(Kako)

I kept synthesizing the magic bag with all the remaining cloths and then appraised the result.

〈Super High-quality Magic Bag : It’s in very good condition. It’s old but it’s like new. It’s made of very durable fabric, so it won’t break even if you handle it roughly.〉

As I expected!

I just turned an old, worn-out magic bag into a good magic bag that was as good as new!

「I did it! Nyat, look! It looks as good as new, doesn’t it!?」(Kako)


「I bought the old magic bag for eighteen silver coins, and ten sturdy fabrics for eighty silver coins, which means I just got a brand-new-like magic bag for less than one gold coin! What a bargain!」(Kako)

「Awesome-nya! I’m sorry for saying you bought trash-nya!」(Nyat)

「Ahaha! It’s okay! My Synthesis Skill is amazing, isn’t it!?」(Kako)

「Yeah. It is an amazing Skill-nya…」(Nyat)

Instead of being surprised, Nyat frowned and made a complicated expression for some reason.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」(Kako)

「Your Skill is so amazing that it makes me worried-nya. I’ve told you this many times, but please don’t use it in public or in front of someone you don’t know-nya.」(Nyat)

「I know, I know. I will only use it when no one else is around.」(Kako)

Nyat has warned me about that many times, and I replied to him by telling him not to worry every time, but he furrowed his eyebrows and let out a sigh as if he didn’t trust me at all.

「Hahh… I guess my job to protect you will become more and more difficult-nya…」(Nyat)

What’s with that reaction? Isn’t that a bit too rude?

「Look on the bright side. Now that I have a magic bag, I can store a lot of meat inside, so you can eat delicious food anytime while we are traveling!」(Kako)

「Aa! You’re right-nya! Kako, I knew you were not an ordinary person-nya! Buying that old magic bag was a great idea-nya!」(Nyat)

「Aaahaha! You can praise me more!」(Kako)

「Kakoー No, Lady Kako, you’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met-nya!」(Nyat)

Khu khu khu…!

This cat is easy to manipulate when it comes to meat.

Now I know how to handle him very well~



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