Chapter 1-11 : Buying Potions (part 2)


「Hm? A child?」
「Where did she come from?」
「Did she mistake this shop for a candy shop?」
「What a cute little lady~」(adventurers)

As I looked around the shop, I heard some adventurers whispering to each other.

I wonder what they are talking about… I heard the word “child”. Could it be… They are talking about me!?

Hey, I’m not a child!

Well, I don’t deny that I look young. Even when I was still in Japan, strangers sometimes mistaken me for a child, but I’m not that young! I’m pretty sure my age is not much different from the people here!

And, by the way, you! Yes, you, who said I’m cute! I appreciate it, but you didn’t need to say “little”!

「Hello, little miss~ Do you know that this is an adventurer shop? If you are looking for a candy shop, it’s a few blocks away from here.」(clerk)

Noticing my presence, a young man who seemed to be a clerk approached me.

「I’m not little miss! I’m an adult and I’m aware that this is an adventurer shop!」(Kako)

「Ah, did you come to play adventurer? Fufu. That’s cute, but you shouldn’t play here. There are heavy weapons and armor here. You might get hurt if you’re not careful.」(clerk)

I told him clearly that I wasn’t a child, but he didn’t seem to take it seriously…

「I’m not playing adventurer! I’m a merchant and I have business with this shop!」(Kako)

「A merchant!?」(clerk)

The clerk widened his eyes. He didn’t seem to believe it.

「Yeah, I came to buy some potions.」(Kako)

「Potions? Ah, I see. So you’re running an errand for your parents.」(clerk)


「Ah, so she’s a peddler’s daughter. I see」
「She must have been asked by her parents to buy potions here.」
「They were worried to let her go alone, so they asked a catto to go with her.」
「A fluffy catto and a cute girl. What an adorable combination~」(adventurers)

Aa-ahh… It’s getting even worse thanks to the clerk mistaking me for the daughter of a peddler…

They are now looking at me with warm eyes as if saying, “What a good girl.”

「Nyaaa nya nya nya nya!!」(Nyat)

「Hey, big cat over there! Don’t laugh!」(Kako)

「So, little miss, how many potions do your parents need?」(clerk)


At this point, I feel like it’s too troublesome to convince these people that I’m an adult…

I hate my small body…

Anyway, to make Lost Potions, I will need some high potions. I hope they still have some.

「I need some high potions.」(Kako)

「High potions? It’s rare for people other than adventurers to want them.」(clerk)

The clerk looked somewhat surprised.

「Is that so?」(Kako)

「High potions are normally used to heal critical wounds that might cause death. Monsters that attack people on the highway are not that strong. You can defeat them easily even though you’re not an adventurer. Therefore, peddlers normally don’t need high potions. Unless you are an adventurer who fights powerful monsters in the forests or caves, you don’t want to waste your money to buy high potions. They are much more expensive than normal potions after all.」(clerk)

「I see. By the way, how much is the price difference between normal and high potions?」(Kako)

「Umm, about a gold coin and ninety silver coins. A normal potion costs ten silver coins while a high potion costs two gold coins.」(clerk)

「T, Two gold coins each!?」(Kako)


A normal potion costs ten silver coins… A gold coin equals a hundred silver coins, so that means… High potions are twenty times more expensive than normal potions!?

「That’s… really expensive…」(Kako)

「Hahaha! Well, they are valuable items after all.」(clerk)

I never thought high potions would be such precious items.

I feel bad for using them so carelessly in MMORPGs…

「Actually, they used to be cheaper, but the price has gone up because of the shortage.」(clerk)

「I see…」(Kako)

I remember the receptionist lady in the merchant guild said the same thing.

I never thought it would be very expensive, but since I’ve come this far, I have no choice but to buy them.

I can just sell something again to the merchant guild to make money.

Since high potions are expensive, Lost Potions should be more expensive, right? I wonder how much they cost.

「Onii-san, do you know how much a Lost Potion costs?」(Kako)

「Lost Potion? I’m surprised that you know about that potion.」(cleck)

Lost Potions are rare because they can’t be made anymore without ancient magic technology, so it was only natural that the clerk was surprised.

「Lost Potions are extremely rare. I don’t think they exist in this era, but if they do, I think they cost about… a hundredー No, a thousand gold coins each at least.」(clerk)

「A thousand gold coins!?」(Kako)

That’s insane!

That’s eight times the money I got from selling all my herbs!

「Well, if they actually exist. Unfortunately, no one has seen one since hundreds of years ago. I heard the rumor about a great alchemist in the royal capital trying to recreate Lost Potions using different methods and materials, but it doesn’t seem to be going well.」(clerk)

The fact that even a great alchemist is having trouble to recreate it means that Lost Potions have a very high value after all.

「I see… Anyway, for now, I want to buy twenty normal potions and five high potions, please.」(Kako)

「Fi… Five high potions!? Umm, little miss, do you have the money…?」(clerk)

「Of course, I am.」(Kako)

I took out ten gold coins and two hundred silver coins from my magic bag and showed them to the clerk.

「W, whoa…」(clerk)

「Oi, oi. Her parents must be rich peddlers…」
「Or maybe they are acquaintances of a high-ranked adventurer or something.」(adventurers)

The adventurers who had been listening to us started having some strange misunderstandings again…

「Umm, little miss, it’s great that you have the money, but… We can’t sell that many at once to one person because of the shortage. I’m sorry…」(clerk)

The clerk apologetically bowed his head.

So I can’t buy that many, huh…? Well, I can understand.

「Then… How about two high potions and five normal potions?」(Kako)

「Hmm… Alright. Please wait a minute.」(clerk)

After thinking for a moment, the clerk nodded and went to the back room. He then returned with a small wooden box.

He opened the box and showed me the contents.

「These two are high potions, and the others are normal potions. Would you like me to deliver them to your inn room?」(clerk)

I feel like he’s now talking to me more politely. I think it’s because I showed him the money.

The package was too big for me to carry, so he asked me if I wanted him to deliver it to my room, but it was not necessary since I had a magic bag.

「No, it’s alright. I have a magic bag.」(Kako)

「I, I see…」(clerk)

I took the package and put it in my magic bag.

「Thank you.」(Kako)

「You’re welcome.」(clerk)

「Whoa… She even has a magic bag…」
「She might be a noble’s daughter disguised as a commoner.」
「You may be right. She has a bodyguard after all.」
「She also talks like an adult even though she’s still a young girl.」
「She must have been well educated since little.」(adventurers)

Ugh… Now I’m mistaken for a noble’s daughter…

Thinking that I should leave before it got worse, I turned around and left the shop immediately.

「Pffttt…!! Nyaaa nya nya nya nya!!」(Nyat)

「I told you not to laugh!」(Kako)

Nyat, who had been holding back laughter, burst into laughter as soon as we left the shop.

He’s annoying, but I’m glad he comes with me.

It would have been difficult for me to enter the shop without him after all.

I just went to buy some potions. I never thought I would stand out so much… What an exhausting day…



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