Chapter 95 : The Truth Is Uglier Than The Lie (part 1)


「Roze… what are you talking about…? You have been trying to make me fall into despair…?」(Cecil)

「Ah? Eh…? Th, That’s… Ehh…?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia smiled awkwardly after she found out that she inadvertently exposed herself.

Even though Cecil was brainless, she couldn’t be fooled by such a cheap smile this time.

「You’re kidding, right…? Roze… I have always thought you were my best friend all this time, but… did you… betray me…?」(Cecil)

「N, No! There’s no way I betrayed you! I just tried to make you mine by taking advantage of your despair and weaknessー Hmmp!」(Rozelia)

Rozelia immediately closed her mouth with her hands after realizing what she said.

「Wha… Why do I…」(Rozelia)

She looked confused as if she didn’t mean to say that.

I see now. She wasn’t stupid, so I thought it was strange that she exposed herself like that.

It looked like she was trying to say something completely different.

The words she wanted to say were originally painted in lies, but what actually came out of her mouth just now was her real thoughts.

「Ro, Roze…」(Cecil)

「This is the power of the sacred ball, Atropos. People can only speak the truth in front of it.」(Aspis)

While saying that, Aspis took out a round crystal ball from her robe. No, it’s not actually a ball. It has a short handle, so it’s more like a wand.

The sacred ball on the tip of the wand had a mysterious blue color as if it was the sea that was condensed and solidified in the shape of a ball.

When I looked at it, I felt like it would reflect everything inside my mind.

「That means… Everything Roze said just now was her real thoughts…?」(Cecil)

「Ya, Yada yada☆ Cecil, what are you talking about? Of course they ‘are’ my real thoughts! There’s no way I would ‘not’ put you into despair for my own satisfaction! You are the ‘second’ person I care the most after all!」(Rozelia)

「…Second, huh? Who’s the first then? Yourself?」(Cecil)

「Of course ‘yes’! That’s why I want to ‘hurt’ you so that you have no choice but to rely on me and love me even more! Unlike your cruel father, I will forgive all your ugly sides and weaknesses because I’m your best friend!」(Rozelia)

Perhaps Rozelia was trying to make an excuse to defend herself. I could tell that she was serious from her expression.

However, Cecil’s face became paler and paler as she listened to Rozelia’s words.

Well, it’s natural. After all, the more Rozelia talked, the more she exposed her evil schemes.

The sacred ball, Atropos… I never thought an item, which was Rozelia’s weakness, existed.

Ahh, I wish I could get one to defend myself from her schemes…

「You… Aspis! If you give me that ball now, I might ‘not’ consider forgiving you!」(Rozelia)

It looked like Rozelia finally realized that no matter how good she was at talking, she wouldn’t be able to tell lies as long as she was under the power of the sacred ball.

She decided to give up on persuading Cecil, glared at Aspis and shouted at her with a thick, low angry voice.

She wanted to say, “I might consider forgiving you”, but unfortunately her real intention leaked out.

「I refuse. This sacred ball is more important than my life.」(Aspis)

「Hee~ More important than your life, huh? Then I just need to destroy both the ball and you! ーーHanna, it’s your time to shine! Go!」(Rozelia)

「Yosh!…….. Wait, why me!? Why don’t you fight her yourself!?」(Hanna)

The moment I thought that I had no part in this, Rozelia suddenly dumped all the trouble on me.

「Look. Even Cecil can’t win against her, so there’s no way I can win, right?」(Rozelia)

「Well, that may be true, but can’t you at least try?」(Hanna)

「Aw, come on! You just have to shatter that ball with your hammer. You’re good at that kind of thing, right? If we don’t hurry, that woman will take Cecil away!」(Rozelia)

Rozelia begged me with a desperate face.

Hahh… I really don’t feel like doing it, but… we have to fight Aspis anyway, so let’s just listen to her request…

「Cecil, I agree if you part with Rozelia, but I can’t recommend you to stay with Aspis here. What she’s doing is brainwashing you with that good-to-be-true proposal, you know?」(Hanna)

While holding my sledgehammer, I called out to Cecil.

Rather than wanting to help her, I’m just following my conscience.

I felt sympathy for Aspis at first because she was a victim of prejudice just like me, but after watching her actions and listening to her words, I couldn’t stop thinking that she might be a dangerous person who would do anything to achieve her goal.

「First of all, you haven’t even heard what her goal is, have you? Yet, you want to stay here with her and become her disciple? You will only be taken advantage of by her, you know?」(Hanna)

「…You may be right… All this time, Hanna, you’re always right and I’m always wrong after all… But…」(Cecil)

Cecil bit her lips, trying to not cry.

「But I don’t want to be weak… I hate my weak self… I hate losing to you… I hate being considered weak by others. I hate not being recognized by my father! I hate to be weak!!… I want to get stronger… even though I have to choose the wrong path…」(Cecil)

「Khh…! Wake up, you stupid, stubborn woman! Why don’t you realize that your way of thinking is your weakness itself!?」(Hanna)

「H, Huh…? Is thatー」(Cecil)

「ーBlunt Weapon Princess, you talked too much.」(Aspis)

When I tried to make Cecil realize her mistake, Aspis suddenly rushed at me.


I immediately raised my hammer and blocked the blade of the sacred sword in her hand before it could reach my body.


We then ended up pushing each other with our weapons.

She had slender arms, but she was surprisingly powerful. I’m confident with my power, but I couldn’t push her back.

「If you distrust us that much, I will tell you our goal then.」(Aspis)

With a stern look, Aspis said something unexpected.

She will reveal their goal here? Is she serious?

「…Our goal is to revive our god, Zodia-sama.」(Aspis)

「Huh…? Revive a god, you say? Are you kidding?」(Hanna)

「Of course I’m not kidding. If Zodia-sama is revived, people can live with peace in mind without being afraid of the evil god. Everyone will be saved. Isn’t it wonderful?」(Aspis)

It is said that the god of swords, Zodia, was killed by the evil god, Dortos, during the war of gods.

Her blood and flesh fell from the sky onto the ground, then gradually scattered and dwelled in swords around the world.

Actually, I could see her appearance. There were beautiful women in pure white dresses dwelling in Aspis and Cecil’s swords, and those apparitions were part of Zodia’s blood and flesh.

Of course, the one that Aspis wanted to revive wasn’t the woman in her sword, but the actual Zodia-sama herself.

I have no idea how she will do that though.

「Cecil, come with me and let’s revive Zodia-sama as the Sword Priestess. I don’t think there are other goals that are more heroic than this. Don’t you agree?」(Aspis)

「…If that’s really your goal, then I have no reason to decline.」(Cecil)

「Yada yada! Cecil, don’t listen to her! Die you sly woman!【Flame Blast】!」(Rozelia)

Unable to endure herself after seeing Cecil accept the offer, Rozelia unleashed fire magic at Aspisー no, to be exact, at Aspis and me, who were still pushing each other with our weapons.

「Sly woman, you say? Look who’s talking.」(Aspis)

「Hey! Can’t you see me here!?」(Hanna)

This is bad! I will get involved in the blast!

「ーーSword Skill :【Mana Slash】!」

However, when I was about to jump away, Rozelia’s flame split into two parts and exploded in the air thanks to the sword technique that cuts through the magical power.

The one who unleashed such a technique wasn’t Aspis, butー

「Cecil… Why…?」(Rozelia)



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  1. Cecil is one big chink of pride, jealosy and naive, I can already see that she will just go with Aspis, even though the one and only person here who don’t want to use Cecil is Hanna, or especially because it is Hanna. If Cecil will surprise me and side with Hanna for one hecking time, I will surely evaluate her much better, but chances that she will properly use her brain and not emotions are very small

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