Chapter 95 : The Truth Is Uglier Than The Lie (part 2)


「Cecil… Why…?」(Rozelia)

The one who protected Aspis from Rozelia’s flame was Cecil.

「Why… you ask? Now I have nothing worth fighting for… I have nothing to lose anymore because I don’t have anything important to me. I have nothing! She gives me the opportunity to carry out the heroic mission to resurrect Zodia-sama! That’s my wish! That’s what I’ve been yearning for!」(Cecil)

「No! Don’t say you have nothing! You still have me! Your friendship with me!」(Rozelia)

Huh. Said the one who took advantage of that “friendship” to brainwash her own best friend.

If I were Cecil, I would have run out of patience.

I was impressed that Cecil could keep her cool to be honest.

「Say, Cecil… we’re still best friends, right…?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia said with a slightly flirtatious voice.

「…Roze, if you still call yourself my best friend, can you support my decision for the last time?」(Cecil)

「…No! I don’t wanna lose you! Cecil, please!」(Rozelia)

Tears started flowing from Rozelia’s eyes.

While acting like a kid whose toy was stolen by someone, Rozelia kept trying to persuade Cecil.

「That woman is a scammer! I can tell that, trust me! The goal she was talking about is definitely a lie!」(Rozelia)

「No. You can’t lie in front of the sacred ball.」(Cecil)

「She is the owner, so she might be able to lie! No, she definitely can lie! No doubt about it!」(Rozelia)

「No, you don’t know anything about Zodia-sama’s three sacred treasures. I’ve heard from my father that the sacred ball, Atropos, doesn’t allow everyone under its power to tell lies, even the owner themself. Isn’t that right, Aspis?」(Cecil)

「Exactly. Everything I’ve said so far is true.」(Aspis)

I see. So that’s why Cecil easily turned to trust Aspis.

Unlike Rozelia who exposed her ugly nature, Aspis said only the words Cecil wanted to hear, moreover, those words were all the truth.

However, Aspis is hiding something. I know that because I caught a glimpse of her evil grinning face when Cecil decided to come with her.

My instinct convinces me that this woman is our enemy!

『We have been listening silently for a while now, but is she crazy!? Is she seriously going to resurrect Zodia!?』
『If Zodia was resurrected, no one would be saved, instead, everything would be over…』(bears)

The gods of blunt weapons in my hammers suddenly said that as if they encouraged me that my intuition was right.

Well, these bears were originally parts of the Evil God, Dortos, so there was the possibility that they were saying that because they simply hated Zodia…

「Hanna Falsett, how about you? Will you respect and support your friend’s decision?」(Aspis)

「Huh!? I’m not Cecil’s friend!」(Hanna)

I didn’t know what Aspis was aiming for, but I decided to fight her for now.

I can just ask her later when I win!

Thus, the battle continued.

I stepped back and swung my hammer horizontally, hitting the air.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Thousand Nails】!」(Hanna)

An enormous amount of invisible nails were created and flew toward Aspis.

This is my favorite long ranged attack with a wide AoE. It will be hard to dodge!

However, Aspis wasn’t just standing, doing nothing.

「ーーSword Skill :【Thousand Blades】」(Aspis)

Just like what I did earlier, Aspis swung her sword, cutting the air, and then countless blades were created around her.

The blades then flew and collided with my nails, completely deflecting my attack.

She is really strong. As expected from a person who can defeat Cecil so easily.

But my attack is still not over!

I dashed, closing the gap between me and Aspis, and swung my hammer vertically toward her.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Heavy Smash】!」(Hanna)

「Your attacks are simple and easy to read.」(Aspis)

Aspis quickly blocked my hammer with her sword without breaking a sweat.

This is really strange… I still don’t understand how she can easily block my most powerful attack with her skinny arms, but it doesn’t matter.

All I have to do is to defeat her!

「Easy to read, huh? It’s too early to say that!」(Hanna)

I raised my leg and kicked the head of my hammer with my heel to put on more weight.

「【Dual Heavy Smash】!」(Hanna)


As I put more power on my foot, pushing down my hammer against Aspis’ sword, the ground beneath Aspis’ feet started to crack.

If the sword she was using was an ordinary sword, it would have been broken, but unfortunately, it was the sacred sword. It wasn’t even cracked or bent.


However, Aspis finally showed her struggling face.

It looked like her arms holding her sword had finally received some damage.

「As expected from the Blunt Weapon Princess. I’m sorry for saying your attacks are simple. I never thought you would use your foot like that.」(Aspis)

「So? Are you giving up now? I haven’t even use 100% of my power, you know?」(Hanna)

「Is that so? Then I’ll make you regret not using your full strength from the beginning.」(Aspis)

While saying that, Aspis raised the sacred mirror that had turned into a shield on her left hand, and showed it to me.

I was confused for a second and accidentally looked at my face that was reflected in the mirror.

According to Rozelia’s ghost story, we would see our dying face in that mirror, but what I saw was my usual face.

「Jeez, you scared me for… a… second….. Eh….?」(Hanna)

Suddenly, my vision was shaking and I couldn’t keep my balance. I could tell my strength was leaving my body little by little.

「What is… happening….? My body feels… so weak…..」(Hanna)

「The sacred mirror, Clotho. Anyone who looks into their faces in this mirror will be forced to see the flashback of their lives and won’t be able to move for a moment.」(Aspis)

「H, Huh…? I thought… you would see… your dying face there…. Ugh…」(Hanna)

「Well, you’re not wrong. You can see your dying face in this mirror after I stab you with my sword while you’re defenseless.」(Aspis)

Dammit! This is bad! I can no longer even tell where Aspis’ voice came from.

I could no longer feel the ground beneath my feet either. I couldn’t tell which was the top, bottom, left and right. My vision swayed even more and became more and more unclear.

I don’t know how long it takes until I’m forced to see the flashback of my life, but I’m sure as soon as I start seeing it, Aspis will stab me with her sword.

I haven’t even met Laney yet, I can’t die here!

I should at least do something to protect myself before I start seeing the flashback!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Wall】!」(Hanna)

Even though I can no longer see the surroundings clearly, I still have my hammer in my hands and my steel shoes on my feet, so I should be able to use my blunt weapon skills!

While thinking so, I desperately moved my numb hands and feet, trying to hit the ground as many times as possible.

「【Earth Wall】!【Earth Wall】!【Earth Wall】!【Earth Wall】!【Earth Wall】ー!」(Hanna)

I have no idea if it’s gonna work because I can’t feel nor see anything.

I have no choice but to believe in my own power and the power of blunt weapons!

While I was hitting the ground, suddenly a small amount of light shone in my field of vision that was surrounded by darkness.

The light gradually became brighter, and then a face of a beautiful elf appeared in front of me.

That elf… was Laney…

There’s no way I can forget her beautiful face, so there’s no doubt that it was Laney, the woman who raised me like her own child.

She was singing a lullaby in front of me, trying to put a baby in her arms to sleep.

A baby…? Don’t tell me…

I looked closely at the baby, and I found that it was me.

Is this the flashback of my life…?

At that moment, I was starting to see the memories of my life, even the ones that I had forgotten…



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