Chapter 94 : There’s An Ulterior Motive Behind Sweet Words (part 2)


This is bad! Cecil won’t be able to dodge that!


Dammit! I hate to help her but there’s nothing good if she gets killed here!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Wall】!」(Hanna)

As soon as I hit the ground with my hammer, an earth wall rose from the ground in front of Cecil and blocked the red curtain.

I saved Cecil, but she seemed to be dissatisfied with that.

As soon as she landed, she glared at me.

「Hanna, I didn’t ask for help! This is the duel between me and her, so stay away!」(Cecil)

「What the hell is that attitude!? I just saved you! You might get killed, you know!」(Hanna)

「If I die, so be it. If I didn’t have that much determination, I wouldn’t have challenged her to a duel!」(Cecil)

Khh…! This idiot!

Why do I have to be blamed for helping her!?

I wanted to talk back, but I refrained myself.

「I’d rather die than be a weakling who can’t even fight fairly in a duel…!」(Cecil)


Because she had been showing her pitiful side lately, I forgot that she was originally a lump of self-esteem.

I understand that helping her will only hurt her pride, but even if the time rewinded, I’m sure I would help her again no matter what.

I hate her, but I don’t want to see people dying in front of me.

However, I feel a little guilty for helping her in a duel.

She challenged an opponent that was obviously way stronger than her. It’s a reckless and stupid thing to do, but still, I trempled on her resolution.

Well, even if I didn’t help her, Rozelia would do it anyway, so Cecil would end up being saved either way.

「Cecil, do you really think being weak is wrong? It’s okay to be weak. What’s wrong with that?」(Rozelia)

While saying that, Rozelia put her hand on Cecil’s shoulder, trying to comfort Cecil who was kneeling on the ground.

「You don’t have to push yourself too hard. Stop chasing after the chairman and just forget about him. Now that we know he is on the Evil God’s side, he doesn’t matter anymore, right? Don’t worry, Cecil. You still have me. I’ll always be by your side.」(Rozelia)

Ah… After witnessing this kind of sight over and over again, even an insensitive girl like me can notice various things.

This is just my guess, but I feel like the real reason Rozelia brought me here is not because she needs my help.

She wanted to use me to make Cecil feel even more miserable.

If I went on an adventure with Cecil, Cecil would have a feeling of inferiority and defeat toward me.

Rozelia knew that, and she tried to aim for that.

She could have done something to help Cecil from the red curtain attack before I took action, but she waited for me to do it instead.

She thought that Cecil would be hurt more if I was the one who saved her.

After all, the deeper Cecil’s wound, the more space for Rozelia to enter Cecil’s heart.

What a distorted affection… No. I don’t think this is something you can call “affection”. It’s more like a desire to monopoly or a desire to control or something like that…

Anyway, I feel Cecil will soon turn into an ideal woman for Rozelia just like Rozelia planned.

Cecil is depressed and has no choice but to rely on Rozelia. At least that’s what I can tell from looking at Cecil now.


Rozelia miscalculated something…

「Cecil Sortlarc, do you really think it’s okay to be weak?」(Aspis)

Aspis asked Cecil as she tilted her head.

「If you want to be stronger, I can train you if you want. I will make you stronger, so strong that even Blunt Weapon Princess won’t be able to touch you.」(Aspis)


An unexpected proposal came from the enemy.

For Cecil, who was drowning in Rozelia’s sweet words and trying to accept her weakness, it must be a very fascinating proposal.

「You want to be recognized by Bazel, don’t you? If so, then becoming my disciple is your best choice. I will definitely make you the “Sword Priestess” who inherits Zodia-sama’s will.」(Aspis)

「Sword Priestess…? Me…?」(Cecil)

「If you are a swordfighter too, you should know the legend of the Sword Priestess.」(Aspis)

“Controlling Zodia’s three sacred treasures, they are destined to defeat the Evil God. When the Evil God wakes up from his long slumber, the salvation of mankind, the Sword Priestess, will also wake up…”

At least that’s what the legend said.

The story has been passed down from ancient times and is known not only to Zodia believers but also to people in general. The title of “Sword Priestess” is special for adventurers, especially for those who use swords.

「You will make me the Sword Priestess…? Re, Really…?」(Cecil)

「I’m not lying. If you want, I can give this sacred sword, Lachesis, to you now.」(Aspis)

「Zodia-sama’s sacred sword… for me…?」(Cecil)

It was a dream-like proposal for Cecil.

She started walking slowly toward Aspis like an ant who was attracted by sweet honey.

I see… Aspis had been trying to annoy Cecil so that Cecil would fight her, and then she would expose how powerless Cecil was in the end. After she broke Cecil’s will, she changed her attitude and offered Cecil such an appealing proposal, hoping that Cecil would take it.

Cecil is a type of person who can’t live without relying on something. If she was told that she could become the Sword Priestess, I’m sure she would say OK no matter what.

What Aspis is doing here is brainwashing.

I don’t know why she is doing that, but honestly, I’m a bit impressed because it’s very well executed.

…..Wait a minute… There’s another person here who has been doing the same thing to Cecil for a long time…

「Are you… Are you fucking kidding me!? I’ve been doing so much for this moment! How dare you ruin it!」(Rozelia)

Sure enough, the dark elf whose prey was stolen couldn’t just keep silent.

Rozelia shouted at Aspis, showing her murderous intent.

「Ro, Roze…?」(Cecil)

Cecil was surprised by Rozelia’s sudden change in attitude.

However, Rozelia, who had lost her mind, didn’t stop there.

She glared at Aspis as if looking at a thief who stole her vintage wine that she had kept with care for a very long time.

She approached Aspis, grabbed her collar and shouted angrily.

「All this time I’ve been trying to make her fall into despair! Who the hell are you to give her hope and ruin my plan! Cecil doesn’t need to be strong! She doesn’t need status or honor either! What Cecil needs is me! Only ME! Sword Priestess, you said? Hah! Are you stupid!? Do you think I will let Cecil become one and be loved by people!? Only I can love her! I won’t give her to anyone else!」(Rozelia)



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