Chapter 94 : There’s An Ulterior Motive Behind Sweet Words (part 1)


「So, you people don’t want to obediently choose the given options…? Very well. Then I’ll just do what I’m supposed to do.」(Aspis)

After seeing Cecil and Rozelia’s opposing attitude, Aspis pulled out the sword on her waist.

If she has the sacred mirror, then her sword is probably also one of the three sacred treasures, the sacred sword.

However, unlike the sacred mirror which had an eerie atmosphere, the sacred sword in her hand looked so shiny as if it was emitting light.

There were blue jewels embedded in the hilt, making it look elegant but not too gorgeous.

I had a feeling Aspis also had the last sacred treasure, which was the sacred ball. She must hide it in her robe.

Cecil, who is a believer of Goddess Zodia, glared at Aspis with eyes full of anger.

「I will definitely take back the three sacred treasures from your filthy hands! Aspis, I challenge you to a duel!」(Cecil)

Cecil pointed the tip of her sword at Aspis and said something reckless.

「What are you talking about!? Don’t be stupid! You know how strong she is, right? She could easily block your sword without breaking a sweat! You can’t win against her by yourself!」(Hanna)

If she didn’t realize how far the difference in ability between her and Aspis after her attack was blocked so easily like it was nothing, then she is no adventurer but a foolish prideful woman.

「You’re so rude! We never know unless I try!」(Cecil)

Yup, she’s just a foolish woman who has no ears to listen to others.

It looks like she is getting hot because of the mysterious sense of mission to recover the sacred treasures in her head.

「No, no! You don’t need to try to know the result! It’s obvious! Hey, Rozelia, don’t just keep silent! Help me stop her!」(Hanna)

「Eeehh~… At a time like this, she won’t listen to anybody, not even me. Why don’t you let Cecil do whatever she likes for now? We can help her when it gets dangerous.」(Rozelia)

「Khh…! Fine! Cecil, I’ve warned you! Don’t complain if you get killed, okay!?」(Hanna)

「Hmph! There’s no way I’d get killed by an evil god believer! Obviously!」(Cecil)

「Hahh… What an over-confident little girl…」(Aspis)

After Aspis sighed with an annoyed face, the frame of the spooky mirror in her left hand started extending like a living ivy and wrapped around her left hand until the back of her hand and her elbow were completely covered.

「Hah! Using the sacred mirror as your shield, huh?」(Cecil)

Cecil grinned at Aspis, but still with eyes full of anger.

「So that’s the sacred mirror’s true form, huh? You’ve made a good decision. Without a shield, you won’t be able to stop my sword after all!」(Cecil)

Cecil said that over-confidently.

Well, her pride has been hurt lately, so perhaps she is acting like that to heal herself.

「Don’t get me wrong. It will get in the way in battle, so I just store it like this. I don’t need a shield to fight you.」(Aspis)

Aspis denied Celine completely with a bored-looking face.

「Ah, don’t worry, I won’t use the power of the sacred sword either. After all, I have the confidence to win against you even if I was unarmed. Well, it would be different if I had to fight against the Blunt Weapon Princess though.」(Aspis)

While saying that, Aspis glanced at me.

Apparently, she knew who I was.

Well, there aren’t many girls who carry a big hammer like me after all.

That aside, this Aspis girl really knows how to make Cecil angry.

Cecil’s veins were starting to show up in her forehead.

「…..Let me tell you what I hate the most… Being compared to the midget over there!」(Cecil)

Right after she said that, Cecil dashed and stuck her sword toward Aspis.

As usual, she moved so fast that the sound of her steps and the sound of her sword slicing through the air couldn’t keep up with her movements.

However, Aspis quickly dodge Cecil’s sword by twisting her neck and shifting the position of her head.

That was so close… No… I feel like Aspis moved her head right before the tip of Cecil’s sword reached her face because she wanted to dodge with the least amount of movement possible.

「Hoo, you dodged it, huh? But don’t think it’s only a single blow!」(Cecil)

Cecil pulled back her sword and her body at the same time, and then immediately stepped forward with a continuous attack.

「Sword Skill :【Reincarnation】!」(Cecil)

As soon as Cecil activated the skill, the after images of her sword spread and made a shape of a flower.

Each one of the strikes looked like a petal, and they came from all directions. They were extremely difficult to avoid, and each blow had a deadly power.


Honestly, I’m a little impressed. Cecil sure is getting stronger.

Apparently, she wasn’t just depressed all this time since her father left her. I could feel her efforts from every strike of her attacks.

However, even though Cecil got better at fighting, her opponent was just beyond her reach.

Aspis kept dodging and deflecting Cecil’s quick strikes with a calm face as if they were not as quick as they looked, and as she declared before, she didn’t even use the shield on her left hand.

She wasn’t as strong as Slad-san, but in terms of adventure rank, probably Aspis was at rank A or S.

「Tsk! How about this!? Sword Skill :【Holy End】!」(Cecil)

As soon as Cecil stuck her sword forward, a bundle of light was emitted from the tip of her sword.

It was less powerful than【Holy End Requiem】she used when she fought me at Ludley Bridge, but at least she didn’t have to charge up her magical power and could use it right away.

If it was used at a perfect timing, it would become a powerful attack that was extremely difficult to dodge.

Still, it had no effect on Aspis.

Aspis moved her sword vertically and horizontally, making a cross shape in the air while cutting the approaching bundle of light into four parts and making it scatter into thin air, and of course, she did that with a face like it was not a big deal.

「Hahh… Is that all you can do? If you can’t even win against someone like me, it’s only natural that Bazel called you useless.」(Aspis)

「Dammit, dammit, dammiiiittー!!!」(Cecil)

While continuing to attack Aspis with quick strikes, Cecil shouted regretfully.

It looked like Cecil was planning to make Aspis use her shield by attacking her with【Holy End】 , but it failed.

Seeing Aspis dodging all of her attacks made Cecil even more irritated.

「I’m done with this duel. Prepare yourself, Cecil Sortlarc. Sword Skill :【Wind Aria】」(Aspis)


The shockwave emitted from Aspis’ sword blew Cecil’s body away.


Cecil looked really surprised.

Perhaps it was because【Wind Aria】is one of her special attacks.

However, Aspis’【Wind Aria】was clearly more powerful than Cecil’s.

Right after Aspis blew Cecil away, the hammer-shaped mark on her cheek suddenly dyed in red as if showing her seriousness.

「Sword Skill :【Blood Velvet】」(Aspis)

Aspis swung her sword, cutting the air, and then something that looked like a bright red curtain was created in front of her.

What is that? A high-density magical barrier or something?

The red curtain extended at a high speed toward Cecil who was still in the air after being attacked with【Wind Aria】.

No, that’s not a magical barrier!

This is bad! Cecil won’t be able to dodge that!




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