Chapter 92 : If You Want To Confess Your Guilt, Do It Now! (part 1)


The next day, we arrived at the abandoned city of Regenberg.

It was a ruined city, but the water of the moat surrounding it that was drawn from the Clade River nearby was still clear. You can even see the bottom of the moat.

On the other hand, the big iron gate at the entrance of the city was full of rust. Some of the hinges had come off. It seemed like the gate could collapse and crush your body anytime.

As soon as I stepped into the city, a strangely cold air patted my skin.


Cecil, who was walking behind me, trembled.

It was still past noon, but she seemed to be scared already.

「First, I think we should aim for the mansion where Cecil’s mother used to live.」(Rozelia)

The Blue Saint, Cecilia, was originally a young lady from a good family. It seemed that both of her parents were priests who served the goddess of sword, Zodia.

Their mansion was built right next to the church, and we guessed that perhaps Bazel went to the mansion after he returned from the Demon Land a long time ago.

By the way, the city is really quiet. Aside from the sound of our footsteps, all I can hear is the sound of flowing water so far, making me feel like I’m exploring a forbidden area or something.

The landscape and buildings here look amazing… This city is too beautiful to be called a ruined city.

Of course, because it has been abandoned for decades, the signs of deterioration over time such as moss, rust, and stains on the wall, can be seen everywhere.

Tree branches, flowers and weeds were growing on the roadside, almost covering the entire surface of the road.

This city is messed up, but I feel like there’s something in Regenberg that makes people attracted and think that this city is beautiful.

Perhaps precisely because this city is ruined so it looks beautiful? I don’t know…

In a ghost story told by Rozelia last night, I can understand why the magician in the story was amazed by the scenery of this city.

Instead of being scared of ghosts, I’m starting to get excited somehow.

「So, where’s the mansion?」(Hanna)

「…O, Over there… Perhaps…」(Cecil)

「Are you sure? If we go there, we’ll return to the entrance, you know. Please look at your surroundings properly.」(Hanna)

Cecil, who should be the guide, was walking behind Rozelia while holding Rozelia’s arm from the back. She didn’t even look straight at the front.

「I, It can’t be helped, right!? I might see a ghost if I raise my head!」(Cecil)

「Don’t worry. I think ghosts are too busy to scare us.」(Hanna)

「How can you say that!? No matter how busy they are, they’ll definitely come to scare visitors like us!」(Cecil)

「If they really want to scare us, I think they will wait until we go deeper and can’t easily reach the gate.」(Hanna)


Aa… I just wanted to tell her that we have some time until the ghosts appear, but it looks like it made her even more scared…

Guess we can’t rely on her in finding the mansion…

『Ohh… We can feel Zodia’s presence.』
『We don’t know where the mansion is, but the church is over there.』(bears)

The gods of blunt weapons in my hammers pointed to the right while saying that.

The goddess of sword, Zodia, was the sworn enemy of the evil god, Dortos.

It was said that she was the one who took the command of the forces of the gods when they fought the evil god in the war of gods.

However, there were some theologians that said that Zodia was actually the wife of Dortos. They said that because Zodia and Dortos were completely different, they were attracted to each other and fell in love.

But I don’t think that was the case.

Zodia ruled swords, and Dortos ruled blunt instruments. They are opposite of each other. They are like me and Cecil, so there’s no way weー they can get along with each other.

Oh, right. I can just ask the person directly.

At first glance, they look just like bears with stupid faces, but the gods of blunt weapons in my hammers were originally part of Dortos.

「Say, bear gods, were Dortos and Zodia a couple?」(Hanna)

『Umm… Sorry, Hanna, we can’t tell you.』
『A kid like you is too early to know about this kind of thing.』(bears)

What the heck?

Hmm… They seem to have reasons why they can’t tell me.

Looks like there’s nothing I can do about it.

Zodia believers might die of curiosity, but I’m not her believer.

Rather, I have a grudge against her.

Just how many times do you think I prayed to her when I was at school?

I was kicked out of the school because she didn’t hear my prayer and didn’t give me a sword talent.

For me, Zodia is no different from the evil god!

When I thought like that while walking, I saw a church with a blue roof surrounded by a large pond.

Despite being abandoned for many years, the white walls of the church were not dirty, giving a majestic atmosphere somehow.

On the windows, were stained glasses with a sword motif. They looked shiny as if someone wiped them clean every day.

I feel like my efforts for coming here have been paid off by just looking at this beautiful church.

Well, there’s someone who is too scared to raise her head and look at this church, though.

The mansion we’re aiming for is probably that big house in the back of the church. But…

「Shall we go look around the church first? There’s a high possibility that the chairmaー I mean, Bazel had been in this church as well.」(Hanna)

「Hmm… You’re maybe right.」(Rozelia)

「Alright, let’s go!」(Hanna)

「Hanna, why are you so excited?」(Rozelia)

「E, Eh? Do I look excited?」(Hanna)

「You do…」(Rozelia)

Well, because I have been involved in the making of the great church in Tiaret, it’d be a lie if I said I’m not interested in the building of this church.

I refrained myself from looking restless and opened the door of the church.



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