Chapter 92 : If You Want To Confess Your Guilt, Do It Now! (part 2)


I refrained myself from looking restless and opened the door of the church.

「Whoaa… This is amazing…」(Hanna)

There was a blue carpet in the middle that extended to the altar for the priest to read the scriptures, and there were long chairs on the left and right side for the believers to sit on.

The best part was the pillars.

The pillars were built as minimalistic as possible, and were not made in large quantities so that they didn’t get in the way, but even so, the height of the ceiling supported by the pillars was quite high, giving a spacious impression.

The sunlight shining down from the stained glass made this church look even more majestic.

I might sound arrogant if I say this, but… Damn! Whoever made this church, you did a great job!

Unfortunately, there were no longer tapestries or any other ornaments left here.

At the back of the hall, there were three pedestals, but nothing was placed on them.

「Umm… This church looks gorgeous but it’s kinda lonely. The three sacred treasures are also not there.」(Rozelia)

「Three sacred treasure?」(Hanna)

「You don’t know? There are three sacred treasures that were once used by Zodia-sama in the past. The sacred mirror, the sacred ball, and the sacred sword. Of course, they are just replicas, not the real things☆」(Rozelia)

「I see.」(Hanna)

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen sacred treasures in a church… Or maybe I have…? I don’t remember…

I wasn’t really interested in churches before I built one myself.

「…Th, They’re not replicas…」(Cecil)


Cecil, who had been shaking and remained silent all this time, finally spoke out.

「…It is said that the sacred treasures here in the church of Regenberg are the real things that were once used by Zodia-sama…」(Cecil)


「…There are various theories about it.」(Cecil)

「Theories, huh…?」(Hanna)

After Cecil said that word, the credibility of her story was lost at once.

Theories are theories after all, not real facts.

But, the three sacred treasures are a sword, a ball, and a mirror, huh?

Speaking of mirrors, Rozelia mentioned a mirror in her ghost story last night. The one that the ghost girl held on her chest.

I believe she said you could see your dying face when you peek into it.

Well, that makes it a cursed mirror rather than a sacred mirror, though.

「Yada yada! Everyone, look! There’s a confession room! Yabaaai~! 」(Rozelia)

Rozelia discovered a small room installed near a wall that fit perfectly for two people.

It had two doors with curtains at the entrance, and the room was separated by a wall with a window in the middle.

I know about this kind of room. It’s not limited to Zodia-sama’s church, but I think every church has at least one room like this.

This is the place where the priest grants the believers forgiveness after he hears their confession about their sins.

The priest and a believer will enter the room from two different doors, and then the believer will start confessing their sins.

There was a window in the wall separating the room, but it had a lattice so the priest and the believer couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly. It was made like that so that the priest didn’t know who the believer was, so the believer could confess their sins without worry.

Rozelia let go of Cecil, who was still holding her arm while shaking, and let her sit on a long bench.

She then entered the confession room on the priest side and grinned at me.

「’O sinful believer, Hanna Falsett, let me hear your confession~ Please come in~」(Rozelia)

「Huh? Why do I have to confess my sins to you? YOU should be the one who confesses your sins!」(Hanna)

I was wondering why she was so excited about that room, but it seems like she just wanted to say that line…

Hahh… how can she be so childish sometimes…

It’s just a play, but Rozelia playing the role of a priest? Hah! What kind of evil church was she in?

「If there’s something you want to confess, I will hear it instead.」(Hanna)

She has so many sins like making a fool of me and bullying me when I was at school.

If she takes this opportunity to show me that she’s seriously regretting it, well, I might change my attitude toward her a little.

「Well, I’m fine if you want to be the priest. I’ll be the believer then. But… hmm… I wonder what I should confess…」(Rozelia)


Will she say it? Will she ask me for forgiveness…?

「Oh, right! Father… I’m sorry I was born too cute as a girl~☆」(Rozelia)

「ーGaahh! I’m done with you! Just go to hell already!」(Hanna)

「Ahahaha! How can a priest say something like that?」(Rozelia)

Aaah! I’m so stupid for expecting her to confess her sins!

I bet even gods can’t make this woman reflect on her bad deeds!

「Hanna, wanna try to enter this room?」(Rozelia)


I sighed and entered the confession room on the priest side as Rozelia came out.

「ーーFather, will you hear my confession?」(?)

Right after I sat down, I heard Rozelia say that from the believer side of the room.

I can feel that she changed her tone for some reason.

She’s really into this play, huh?

「Okay, okay. Just say it.」(Hanna)

「Actually… It was me who killed the townspeople… I threw poison into the river at the command of the lord…」(?)

「Ha, ha, ha. That was funny. Are you out of joke materials already?」(Hanna)

Now I feel stupid for taggging along with her in this stupid play…

When I was thinking like that, suddenlyー

「…Hanna? Who are you talking to?」(Rozelia)

「Eh? Ehh…?」(Hanna)

Because it was just a play, I didn’t close the door.

I looked outside and saw Rozelia still standing by the entrance of the room.

「I thought the one in the other side was you…」(Hanna)

「Huh? What are you talking about? I’m about to enter now.」(Rozelia)

「So… Who is in the…ー」(Hanna)


Suddenly, Cecil, who was sitting on the long chair, screamed.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m starting to tremble for some reason.

「W-What!? D-Don’t scream suddenly like that!」(Hanna)

「Th, Th, There’s someone i-in the believer side of the room!」(Cecil)

After she turned her face away, Cecil trembled even more.

Rozelia immediately peeked into the believer side of the room and made a confused expression.

「Hm? Nobody here, though?」(Rozelia)

So… I just talked with a ghost just now…?

「Guys… I think I’m actually quite sensitive to supernatural things…」(Hanna)


I was kinda scared, but at the same time, I felt happy because I can hear the voice of a ghost that Rozelia can’t even hear and see!

It’s no exaggeration to say that I have awakened to a new talent other than swinging a hammer around!

「Aaahahaha! Rozelia, you’ve been making a fool of my insensitiveness, but look at yourself! You can’t even hear the ghost’s voice! I win… I WIN!」(Hanna)

「Ugh… Hanna, I never thought you could be so annoying sometimes… Hm…? Ah, look! I can see the ghost now!」(Rozelia)

「Rozelia~ You don’t have to pretend you can see it just because you hate losing to me~」(Hanna)

「Geez, I’m not pretending! Look!」(Rozelia)

I came out of the confession room and looked in the direction Rozelia was pointing at.

Certainly, I can barely see a vague white mist in the shape of a person, sitting on the same long chair as Cecil.

Dammit! So she really can see it, huh?

「Ro, Roze…? Why are you pointing at me…?」(Cecil)

「Because it’s sitting next to you.」(Rozelia)

「Next to me!? GYAAAAAAAAAAAAー!!!」(Cecil)

The voice of Cecil, who had become a screaming machine, echoed throughout the church.



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