Chapter 91 : What Is Truly Scary Are Humans (part 2)


「What is reflected in this mirror isーーYour dying face!」(Rozelia)


Cecil fell over backward in surprise because Rozelia suddenly shouted like that with a scary face.

This girl really likes to tease her own best friend…

「Ahahaha! Why are you so scared? Cecil, you’re making a weird face now. Wanna see it? I’ll lend you a mirror~」(Rozelia)

「Hell NO! Roze, stop it! Keep the mirror away from me!」(Cecil)

「Ehh~ Why? This is just an ordinary mirror, you know~?」(Rozelia)

「No, that might be a cursed mirror!」(Cecil)

No, no, no… No matter how you look at it, it’s Rozelia’s fancy mirror. There’s no way it’s cursed…
What is she so scared about?

Cecil closed her eyes and hugged Rozelia while pushing away Rozelia’s mirror.

Rozelia then let go of the mirror and stroked Cecil’s head while smiling.

「Dear, dear~ I’m sorry for scaring you. Don’t worry, it’s just a normal mirror.」(Rozelia)

Hmm… It seems that I misunderstood Rozelia…

I thought that she hated weak girls so she made a fool of me when I was at school.

But after seeing her hugging Cecil while smiling like this, I realized that it was the opposite.

She didn’t hate weak girls, but instead, she loved to see weak girls who were depressed and feeling negative.

That’s why she even directed her poisonous fangs to the person she likes… No… Instead, because she likes that person, she directed it to them…

There’s no malice or evil intent in her action. For her, it’s just another way to show her affection.


「Cecil, it’s weird coming from me, but I think you should stop being friends with her…」(Hanna)

Cecil is a person with a bad personality herself. Well, if she didn’t hate me in the beginning, there’s a 0,001 percent chance that we would become friends.

However, becoming friends with Rozelia is no good. No good at all.

「You will get harmed if you befriend her any longer. She’s like a leech who takes away your happiness the closer she gets to you.」(Hanna)

「Yada yadaー! That’s so ruuuude! A leech, you say!? My feelings can get hurt too if you say something terrible like that! HuuUuuUuu….」(Rozelia)

She started sobbing and wiping her teary eyes, but I know she’s just faking.

「How can you say something horrible like that!? Roze was the only one who stayed by my side when I lost everything, you know!」(Cecil)

Cecil’s face still looked pale. It seems like she was still scared because of Rozelia’s ghost story, but even so, she turned to me and shouted angrily at me.

「Even though I’ve lost money, honor, everything… She chose to stay with me… That’s what you call a true friend… That’s what you call a best friend!」(Cecil)

Cecil impassionedly said that with teary eyes.

I do think that she said something good, and I do agree with her about the definition of ‘best friend’… IF…. If only the one she was talking about wasn’t the dark elf who was smiling creepily behind her!

「Cecil… She has been deceiving you. Rozelia doesn’t stay by your side because she wants to support you. She doesn’t leave you because she wants to see you suffer up close.」(Hanna)

「Nonsense! Indeed Roze sometimes does terrible thingsー I said this not because I’m afraid of her ghost story, okay! Anyway, she does tease me a lot, but she is always kind to me!」(Cecil)

Somehow, Cecil started talking like a woman who just started dating a no-good man she was proud of…

「That’s right~☆ I tease Cecil because that’s how I show my affection. After all, I loooove Cecil a million times more than that fake father did!」(Rozelia)

Saying that, Rozelia hugged Cecil tightly from the back.

Cecil then made an expression as if she was saved from the bottom of her heart.

This is no good… Looks like Cecil won’t listen to whatever I say…

Cecil really loved her father, and it was super easy to conquer her heart when she was abandoned by her father.

If I think about it carefully, Rozelia must had been waiting for that opportunity for a long time.

Could it be… She always encouraged Cecil to compete against me because she expected Cecil to lose and to be scolded by her father?

So the turmoil at the royal palace at that time and how it ended must have been beyond her calculation in a good way.

That’s why she was smiling at that time even though Cecil was depressed because her father abandoned her. After all, at that moment, Rozelia knew that she would be the only person Cecil could rely on.

「I’m sorry. If that is what your friendship is like, I won’t say anything more.」(Hanna)

I decided to give up on persuading Cecil.

I couldn’t overlook if Mira-san and Galle-chan, the important people to me, were the ones who were fooled by bad guys, but Cecil was different. She’s not even my friend.

I feel like no matter how many times I warn her, she will never listen to me.

Cecil has never believed whatever I said after all.

I won’t step into a swamp to rescue someone who feels comfortable drowning in it.

But still, it made me frustrated somehow.

I feel like letting someone die in front of my eyes without being able to do anything.

Aahh…! There’s no point in thinking about it…

I should stop thinking about it and switch my feelings right now.

「Ahh, I understand now~ Hanna, you said weird things about me because you’re jealous that I’m close to Cecil, aren’t you~? Don’t worry, I love Cecil, but I love you too~♡」(Rozelia)

「No! Don’t hug me! Stay away from me!」(Hanna)

「Yada yada~ Are you shy? Hanna, you’re so cute~☆」(Rozelia)

「Roze… You love me more than Hanna, right?」(Cecil)

「Hm? I love Hanna as much as I love you~」(Rozelia)



I feel like my soul is about to leave my body…

I might be able to see ghosts now…



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    1. I personally like Roze as a character, but then again I do have a fondness for that type of yuri. If Roze was a guy I’d probably hate him but because Roze is a girl I like her. “Yuri is love. Yuri is life.”

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