Chapter 80 : The Black Shadow That Is Aiming For The Princess’ Life (part 2)


Rozelia approached me after Mira-san left me alone.

She smiled at me, put her hand on my waist, and then we started dancing when the music started.

「Hanna, you unexpectedly look good in a dress! I’m surprised!」(Rozelia)

「I, Is that so?」(Hanna)

「Because it’s black, you look kinda… erotic~♥ Yada yada~ I’m getting horny…」(Rozelia)

Saying that, Rozelia brought her face close to mine.

「Wai…! Stop it!」(Hanna)

「Why are you mad? It’s not that I’m going to do anything bad to you.」(Rozelia)

「No, you were trying toー」(Hanna)

「ーI just stumbled a little, though? Aa! Hanna, could it be… you thought that I would do something naughty to you? Haha! You’re so cute~☆」(Rozelia)

No, I’m pretty sure this woman was trying to kiss me!

I managed to avoid her lips by twisting my neck to the side, but this is without a doubt a sex harrassment!

And of course, this persistent woman didn’t give up just because she failed once.

She kept trying to kiss me by pretending to stumble.

Because of that, she looked like a clumsy girl even though in reality, she is good at dancing.

Not only did she try to kiss me, but she also leaned her body really close to me, and her hand, which was supposed to be on my waist, was on my butt before I realized it!

Ahh! This is the worst! It makes me think that dancing with Prince Elion is a hundred times better!

When the music finally ended and we stopped dancing, I immediately stepped back away from Rozelia.

「I will never dance with you again!」(Hanna)

「Ehh!? Why!? We were so in sync, weren’t we?」(Rozelia)

「In sync, you say!? Are you dreaming!? You kept trying to ki… ki…..! Anyway, I don’t wanna dance with you anymore!」(Hanna)

「Eeehh… Hanna, you’re so cruel!」(Rozelia)

What kind of attitude is that!? It’s clear that she’s the one in the wrong!

Just like Mira-san said, I lost my chastity by dancing with Rozelia…

Ahh, I should have listened to Mira-san’s advice!

I left Rozelia and went to Mira-san’s seat.

「Hahh…. I’m tired… Mira-san, let’s go grab some food.」(Hanna)

Looks like my mental stress affected my physical condition. I’m really hungry right now…

When I was dancing, the delicious smell of the food in this room kept telling me to eat.

「No. We’re going to dance one more time before eating.」(Mira)

When I was walking like a zombie toward the buffet, Mira-san grabbed my hand from behind.

「Eehh… But I’m really hungry right now…」(Hanna)

「When I saw that woman touching your butt, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I also want to dance with you while touching your butt.」(Mira)

「No no no, what are you talking about!?」(Hanna)

Even Mira-san wants to sexually harass me now! It’s Rozelia’s fault!

Honestly, I’d like to dance with Mira-san, but my stomach keeps grumbling.

Please, let me eat first…

「ーーLadies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but could I have your attention for a moment?」(old man)

Suddenly, another person who is preventing me from eating those delicious meals in the buffet appeared.

He is an elderly man with a beard and dressed in glittering silk clothes.

「Oh, looks like Duke Oswald is going to tell us something.」
「Isn’t he the leader of the princess faction?」
「I hope he won’t throw this room into chaos…」(aristocrats)

Looks like that old man is the leader of the princess faction.

That means he is the chairman’s rival, huh?

「What’s wrong, Oswald?」(Gran)

When the king asked a question, Duke Oswald lowered his head and talked with a humble voice.

「Pardon me, your highness. As you said, now that the barrier has been recreated, the Kingdom of Gran will be at peace for at least the next thirty years. However, our worries are not limited to the Evil God’s army.」(Oswald)

「So, what are you trying to say?」(Gran)

「Your highness, I think it’s about time for you to decide who will be your successor. And considering her achievements, I think Princess Marian deserves that position.」(Oswald)

After Duke Oswald said that, the room started getting noisy.

「Show your respect to the king!」
「It’s not something you can decide on your own!」(prince faction)

While the aristocrats in the princess faction were nodding in agreement, the aristocrats in the prince faction were expressing their anger.

Ahh… It has started, huh?

The chairman might make a move anytime now.

Looks like I don’t have time to eat…

「….Bazel, how about you? Is there something you want to say to me now?」(Gran)

While resting his cheek on his hand, the king asked the chairman who was standing behind Prince Elion’s seat that was next to the king’s.

「Certainly, Princess Marian has a great achievement of recreating the barrier. However, as Prince Elion’s guardian, I still recommend him to be your successor, but it is yours to decide, so even if you choose Princess Marian, I won’t say anything.」(Bazel)

Marian-chan’s eyebrow twitched a little after she listened to what the chairman said, of course because she knew that it was just an outward show.

The chairman played the hypocrite so that he won’t be suspected of being the mastermind of the incident that will occur soon.

Uhh, now I’m really sure that he will make a move soon.

If not, there’s no way the chairman, who is the incarnation of selfishness, would talk like an innocent boy like that.

「I see. Well then, my successor will beーー」(Gran)

When the king stood up and tried to declare who is his successorー


A lantern attached to the wall was suddenly broken into pieces with a loud sound.

Here it comes!

ーPraang! ーPraang! ーPraang!

It didn’t stop with just one lantern, the other lanterns in the room were also destroyed by themselves one after another randomly.

The guests started screaming and running in panic without knowing what the hell was happening.

When all the lanterns were destoryed, the only light we could rely on was the moonlight.

「Your Highness, Princess, Prince, you should quickly evacuate to the safety!」(Oswald)

Along with the people’s screams, I heard the voice of Duke Oswald asking the royal family to evacuate.

However, Marian-chan refused to leave.

「Are you dumb!? How can we, who should protect the people of this kingdom, leave these people and escape!?」(Marian)

Marian-chan said that because she didn’t want anyone to escape yet until we could uncover the identity of our enemy, but I’m sure that from the others’ perspective, she looks really cool now.

It is said that a person’s true nature can only be seen when they are in danger.

People who were neither in the prince nor the princess faction, in other words, neutral, might have been moved by the Princess’ words and want to become her supporters now.

Well, the person herself has no intention of succeeding to the throne at all though…

When I squinted, trying to look at Marian-chan in the darkness, I saw Slad-san already standing beside her.

Alright, I can leave Marian-chan to him while I’m looking for the assassin.


「I know!」(Rozelia)

Knowing what Cecil meant, Rozelia took out her magic staff from the pendant on her chest.

She then raised her staff and created fire on the tip of her staff to illuminate the surroundings.

Now that I could see the surroundings more clearly, I looked around, trying to find someone suspicious.

And thenー

Pyun, pyun, pyunー!

There was a small shadow that crossed my field of vision.

「…Is there something flying?」(Hanna)

It’s still hard to see even though Rozelia illuminated the room, but I’m pretty sure there’s something jumping around the room.

The one who destroyed all the lanterns was probably that thing.

Is it a monster?

Or… someone’s magic?

Whatever it is, it’s clear that that thing is harmful.



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