Chapter 80 : The Black Shadow That Is Aiming For The Princess’ Life (part 1)


Prince Elion and I continued to talk secretly while dancing.

「Actually, Princess Marian also knows that someone is aiming for her life.」(Hanna)

「H, Huh? Seriously?」(Elion)

「On top of that, she’s trying to reveal that the chairman is the bad guy. In other words, her purpose is the same as yours.」(Hanna)

「Hmm… So my sister is… But she doesn’t look like a clever person at all…」(Elion)

Prince Elion was thinking with a doubtful face.

Looks like he doesn’t realize that Marian-chan’s bad-mannered personality is just acting.

Well, Marian-chan’s acting skill is on the level where she can get an award after all.

「Oh, well. That doesn’t matter. Besides, that makes everything much faster. Honestly, I don’t think it will be easy to stop Bazel.」(Elion)

「Why do you think so?」(Hanna)

「Because Slad is here.」(Elion)

「What do you mean? Won’t Princess Marian be safer if Slad-san is here?」(Hanna)

「Bazel should have prepared a situation where he doesn’t have to protect my sister as long as Slad is here. If an active special A rank adventurer like Slad can’t even protect the Princess, no one will blame Bazel who is a former adventurer… On the contrary, if Slad is not here, Bazel can’t give a signal to the assassin to kill the Princess because if the Princess is killed, people might blame Bazel, the strongest man in this room, for not being able to protect the Princess.」(Elion)

Uwahh… He’s the one who plotted this assassination plan but he doesn’t want to be blamed, huh?

Well, that’s natural, but he’s really rotten to the core!

I’m strangely convinced by what Prince Elion said.

Certainly, Slad-san might be the chairman’s best cover.

If the Princess was killed, I feel like the chairman would manipulate public opinion so that the blame would be concentrated only on Slad-san in order to protect his honor.

「If Bazel is very confident with his plan, he must also have prepared a situation where Slad wouldn’t be able to protect my sister. And to destroy his plan, we need an uncertain factor that even Bazel can’t predict. And that uncertain factor is… you, Hanna Falsett.」(Elion)

「…I see.」(Hanna)

That’s why Marian-chan didn’t ask Slad-san to protect her, but she asked me instead.

「No matter what kind of method the chairman will use, I will definitely stop him!」(Hanna)

I originally intended to do that, and that’s why we secretly brought my blunt weapon to this ballroom.

I entrusted my blunt weapon to Marian-chan’s servant along with Slad-san’s spears.

They will immediately hand over our weapons to us in an emergency.

However, we still have no idea how it will turn out.

「Hoo~ you look so reliable despite your small body. Well then, I’m counting on you, my cute little adventurer.」(Elion)

Right after Prince Elion said that, the music ended and we stopped dancing.

And then, the room was filled with applause. Most of the people were applauding for the Prince.

However, the Prince wasn’t even happy, instead, he exaggeratedly made a wry face and glared at me.

「Don’t get cocky just because you can dance! This is not a place for the likes of you!」(Elion)

He then said a hateful line at me with a loud voice, turned around, and walked in the direction where Cecil was.

He must be doing that on purpose to show that he is loyal to the chairman.

He was acting as if he was really disappointed because he failed to embarrass me and his sister.

I felt like his pouty face looked kinda cute, maybe because I knew that he was just acting.

「Haahh… these twins are scary…」(Hanna)

Aren’t both of them too good at acting as a person with a bad personality?

I bet the aristocrats in both the prince and princess faction have no idea about the person they support.

Well, those people only think about themselves after all.

Prince Elion, who left me behind, started dancing with Cecil when the music started again.

At the same time, the women around them started cheering for them.

I didn’t hear any cheering voices like that when I was dancing with Prince Elion earlier.
Maybe they thought that I wasn’t worthy to dance with the Prince.

Well, Cecil is more beautiful than me. I admit it.

A beautiful man and a beautiful woman are dancing together… They look like a good-looking couple.

「Hanna, I’ll be your next dance partner.」(Mira)

「Huh? What are you talking about? Hanna will dance with me!」(Rozelia)

Indeed I’m not beautiful at all compared to Cecil, but still, there are people who fight over someone like me…


When the teacher told us to make a pair in class when I was in school, I had always been the only one who didn’t have a team, so to be honest, I’m now a little happy that these two are fighting over me.

Well, one of them is Rozelia who always bullied me in school, though.

「Geez, I’ll dance with both of you, so stop fighting!」(Hanna)

I never thought that I would become popular like this.

I said I’ll dance with both of them, but of course, I’ll dance with Mira-san first.

But, even though I chose to dance with her first, Mira-san looked somehow dissatisfied.

「Hanna, you’re too kind. You should ignore this woman.」(Mira)

I approached Mira-san and whispered to her.

「Well, I’d love to, but Rozelia won’t step back until she dances with me. Besides, I’ll be troubled if you two keep fighting. If she will go away after this, dancing with her is cheap. Not that I’m going to lose anything if I dance with her, right?」(Hanna)

「No. You will lose your chastity.」(Mira)

「…Ch, Chastity?」(Hanna)

Is dancing a heavy thing that can make you lose chastity…?

「Hanna, you’re my wife, and Galle-chan is our daughter. I hate it if there’s another woman between us.」(Mira)

「O, Okay…?」(Hanna)

Hm? Wait a minute…

Since when did we get married? And since when did Galle-chan become our daughter!?

From the beginning to the end, Mira-san looked like she was in a bad moon when we were dancing.

Aa-ahh… I was looking forward to dancing with Mira-san, but she was pouting all the time.

She seemed to really hate it if I dance with Rozelia.

When we finished dancing, she released her hand from my waist and returned to her seat without saying anything.

Uhh… If I really marry her, I feel like she will lock me in home for days so that I don’t meet with other women…

It’s just a dance. I don’t think dancing with other women counts as cheating.

……It’s not cheating, right?



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