Chapter 68 : Too Much Circumstantial Evidence.


「W, What are you talking about? As you can see, I’m just a normal girl using a blunt weapon. There’s no way I can use teleportation magic!」(Hanna)

Princess accused me of using teleportation magic to keep her away from the other party members.

Teleportation is a spell you use to connect two spaces that are far from each other, right?

How can a girl who can’t even feel magical power like me do such a big thing!?

「I doubt it. If you’re a demon, isn’t it possible?」(Marian)

「De, Demon? Me!? How can you think like that!?」(Hanna)

While glaring at me suspiciously, Princess Marian pointed out why she thought that I’m a demon.

「First, you were found in a【Magic-seal Jar】in a ruined village when you were a baby. Second, you were able to find Doubt with only your dog’s sense of smell. In the first place, why were only the two of us teleported? It’s natural to think that one of us used teleportation magic, right? Of course, I didn’t do it, that means YOU did it.」(Marian)

Princess Marian then put her hand on her waist and snorted.

「How’s that? Do you still need an explanation?」(Marian)

Uwaa… If I think about it, I’m indeed really suspicious here…

While still touching the giant magic stone with one hand, Princess Marian stretched her other hand at me.
Then, she began to gather the magical power on her palm and turned it into a fierce flame.

Eh!? Is she going to attack me!?

「W-Wait a minute! Please! It’s a misunderstanding! I’m not a demon! If I were a minion of the evil god, I would have killed you earlier so that you couldn’t approach the magic stone, right!?」(Hanna)

If she couldn’t approach the magic stone and recreate the barrier, monsters and demons would easily attack the Human Land.
That’s what the evil god wants.

「No. If you are a spy sent by the evil god, you wouldn’t take such a simplistic action. You must have a bigger mission than preventing me from recreating the barrier.」(Marian)

「Huhh!? My mission is to escort you here!」(Hanna)

「Hmph. Still playing innocent, huh? With your blunt weapon level of 100 million, you try to become a hero, the hope of mankind, and when you win the trust of the royal family and people in this country, you will betray them. I don’t know how you will betray them, but it’s that kind of scenario, isn’t it? If you only prevented me from recreating the barrier, what would occur was only a war between humans and demons. Your purpose must be bigger than a mere war. Am I right!?」(Marian)

「Not at all! What are you talking about!?」(Hanna)

That’s one hell of an imagination…

Certainly, it would be really bad if the evil god really had such a horrifying plan.

However, if I really was trying to become a hero of this country, I wouldn’t have chosen a hammer as my main weapon, right?
How many people do you think have prejudice against me because of that?
It’s impossible for me to become a hero if I use a blunt weapon.

「ーAnd above all, I can’t forgive you for killing my beloved friend…!」(Marian)


「The Fenrir you killed at Ludley bridge was my friend… Galle-chan… I heard from the carpenters that she had apologized for what she had been doing, and the carpenters had forgiven her…」(Marian)

Tears began to spill from Princess Marian’s eyes.

「…But why… Why did you kill her!? So that you can be promoted!? You’ve gotta be kidding me! How could you be so cruel…!?」(Marian)

Gaーn! I’ve done it!
Aarrgh! Why am I so insensitive!

Princess Marian was hostile toward me because she thought that I killed Galle-chan!

Ahh, I shouldn’t have thought about keeping Gallu-chan’s true identity a secret!

Should I tell her the truth here?

…Yeah, I think telling her the truth is for the best.

Galle-chan, I’m glad for you!
Looks like Princess Marian still loves you!

「Princess, listen to me! I didn’t kill Galle-chan! She’s still alive!」(Hanna)

「Look who’s talking. Everyone except Wize Alseria testified that you had killed her!」(Marian)

「No! That’s because we decided to fake Galle-chan’s death. The dog I brought along, Gallu-chan, is actually Galle-chan!」(Hanna)

「……………You b*tch… Are you messing around with me, HUH!?」(Marian)

Princess Marian wrinkled her eyebrows and glared at me menacingly.

「Galle-chan is still alive, you say? That would be wonderful… But as if I would believe such a ridiculous story!」(Marian)


A fireball flew toward me from Princess Marian’s palm.


I quickly grabbed my hammer and swung it at the fireball.

I intended to deflect it in the direction where nobody was around, but the power of the fireball was unexpectedly strong.
Perhaps, it was because Princess Marian used the magical power from the giant magic stone.

「Ugghh…! ーーHaa!」(Hanna)

I was slowly pushed back by the fireball, but then I managed to repel it.

However, because I used too much power and couldn’t control it, the fireball flew back toward the princess.

「Oh, shoot!」(Hanna)

I thought it would definitely hit her, but Princess Marian immediately created a magical barrier in front of her, and as soon as the fireball hit her barrier, it disappeared at once.

That’s Princess Marian for you.
She’s really good at barrier magic.

「…..You finally revealed your true nature, huh? Demon, Hammer Hanna…!」(Marian)

Uhh… I didn’t like that nickname from the start, and when she put “Demon” on it, it sounded even worse to my ears…

「I, I’m sorry! That was an accident! I didn’t do it on purpose!……But, you don’t believe me, do you…?」(Hanna)

「Hah! Of course I don’t believe you! I’ve already decided… that I will stop you here!」(Marian)

Saying that, Princess Marian quickly drew a magic seal in the air with one hand.

And then, a black mist-like sphere appeared in front of me all of a sudden.

What the heck is that!?

While I was wondering, my body was pulled in the direction of the sphere.

「Seal Magic :【Black Gate】. This is my most powerful seal magic that sends evil beings like you to another dimension!」(Marian)


I pierced the claw on the back of my small hammer on the ground and managed to withstand it, but if I loosened my grip even for a bit, I will definitely get sucked in.

「Even I, the caster herself, don’t know what’s beyond this gate of darkness. You will never get out once you get sucked in.」(Marian)

This magic is so dangerous!

Unlike attacks that can be easily repelled, such as a fireball or any other lumps of magical power, this【Black Gate】cannot be countered with a blunt weapon.

Even if I hit it with my hammer, I’ll just be sucked into another dimension right away.

I don’t know what’s in that ‘another dimension’, but I don’t think there’s any delicious food there.
I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life in a place without food!

Looks like I have no choice but to break the ground with my hammer and escape to the floor below!

I have to do something to buy some time until Princess Marian meets with Galle-chan!

A new black sphere appeared all of a sudden.

…..Are you kidding me!?
Even one has great suction power!

I don’t think I can withstand the power of two Black Gates…

Ahh… Goodbye, Galle-chan, Mira-san, Laney…

And goodbye, my favorite meat and rice…

I was about to give up, but suddenly, the suction power weakened.


I wondered what happened.

When I looked at the two Black Gates, they combined and became one large black sphere.

However, it no longer pulled me in, instead, there was a big arm sticking out from the black sphere.
It had long black claws and was covered with scales like a lizard.

「W, What is this!? What is happening!? What the hell did you do!?」(Marian)

Princess Marian was confused, looking at an eerie big arm crawling out from the black sphere.

「Huhh? Isn’t this your magic?」(Hanna)

「Me…? Don’t be stupid! Why do I bother to use summoning magic at this timing!?」(Marian)

「So… who in the world do this, then?」(Hanna)

If the Black Gate didn’t lose its suction power, I would have been in another dimension by now.

However, it was Princess Marian herself who cast the【Black Gate】, so this should also be her doing.
There’s no doubt that this is her magic.

So… does this mean her magic is going out of control?

『This is bad! This is really bad!』
『Be careful, something terrifying will come out…』(bears)

The god of blunt weapons in my hammers gave me a warning.

I know!
It’s obvious if you look at that big, terrifying hand!



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