Chapter 67 : The Princess’ Point of View


I’m Marian Granfreed.

I’m now with Hanna Falsett, a blunt weapon user.
We seem to have been teleported deep into the underground labyrinth by someone.

We have been climbing up the pillar stairs she made with her blunt weapon skill for a while now, but the compass was still facing straight up.

I have a bad feeling about it.

I’m sick of climbing up, and above all, why the heck did I end up being with her!?

Hanna Falsett…
I suspect that this girl is an evil god’s minion or something.

I’m not saying that because I have prejudice against blunt weapons or because her blunt weapon level is over 100 million.

There are many other reasons.

First of all, her identity.
Slad said that she was a baby in a jar that was found in a village destroyed by monsters.

Because I’m a royal family member, I heard all kinds of information regardless of whether I wanted to or not.
Therefore, there was something that came to my mind when I heard Slad’s story about her.

It’s the “Magic-seal Jar”.
The jars that were used to seal strong monsters from various places.

The people in the village were probably killed by Hanna after they inadvertently broke the seal.

There’s no way a baby can kill people, you say?
No. In this world, it’s possible.

There are many ways to kill people without you needing to move an inch.

The villagers were found dead without any injuries as if they were sleeping, so they might have been killed by poison, curse, or magic… or maybe something else we cannot see with the naked eye.

If that’s really the case, that means Hanna isn’t a human being.
She is probably a demon or a monster that looks like a human.

I heard that she defeated the demon Doubt, which is unbelievable.

Even A-rank adventurers were deceived by Doubt’s transformation ability, and she could detect it with her dog’s sense of smell?

I don’t know why Slad doesn’t have the slightest suspicion of her, but I think her defeating Doubt is just a self-made performance by her and Doubt to deceive people.

And what makes me pissed off at her isー she named her dog Gallu-chan!

Every time she called her dog, I remembered about that girl…

My one and only best friend…

Two years ago, when the fight for the next throne at the royal palace was getting intense, and when I was really mad at my twin brother, Elion, Galle-chan was there to heal my heart.

『Funyu~ Princess, I’m the happiest girl in the world when I sleep on your lap~』(Galle)

Unlike the aristocrats who treated me like a god or something, Galle-chan didn’t hesitate to approach me, she even held my hand and hugged me.

She only stayed at the royal capital for only a short period of time when her father, Count Alseria, was called by the king, but that brief moment has become irreplaceable memories for me.
I still remember her warmth even now.

The news that I heard about two months ago shattered my heart.

It said that the real identity of the monster that had been destroying Ludley Bridge was Galle-chan.

Moreover, that monster was killed by an adventurer who used a blunt weapon… Hanna Falsett…

At first, I tried not to hate her for killing Galle-chan because I knew she just did her job.
As the Princess of this kingdom, I should be grateful to her for getting rid of the threat.

But… I can’t lie to myself…
I HATE her!

Moreover, she became really popular after killing Galle-chan.
Now people call her “Hammer Hanna, the Blunt Weapon Princess”.

ーーThe woman who killed my best friend has now become a popular adventurer…

That irritates me a lot.

According to the carpenters who were at Ludley Bridge, Galle-chan was forced to obey Count Alseria.
They said that Galle-chan confessed and apologized to them after her identity was revealed.

If it was really the case, and even if Galle-chan was really the monster, Hanna should have had a guilty conscience from killing her…

But not at all…
She even looked happy when Slad brought her to meet me.
I couldn’t help but hate her even more.

Even after she killed Galle-chan, all she said was, “I want to rank up quickly!”, “I want to meet Laney as soon as possible!”, such selfish remarks!

She looked like she didn’t regret killing Galle-chan in the slightest!

What a heartless b*tch!

I bet Galle-chan was just a stepping stone for her to raise her rank.

Why is she so obsessed with ranking-up?
I don’t think she wants to rank up just to meet Laney.

I will avenge Galle-chan.

I swear I will reveal your true identity, you demon…!


「Hahh… Is the compass still pointing up? We have climbed about ten floors, right?」(Hanna)

Hanna, who was walking in front of me, asked me all of a sudden.

Since there’s no one but the two of us now, it will be dangerous for me if I let my hostile aura come out too much.


I hated it but I replied anyway.

After a while of being with her, I’ve learned that she is terribly strong.
Her fighting ability is really terrifying.

I am confident in magic, especially barrier and seal magic.
However, I’ll lose for sure if I have to fight her.

But at least I don’t have to fight her now.

Fortunately, even though our difference in ability is really high, there are two opportunities when I have a chance to beat her.

First, when Slad is with me.
Well, he’s not here now, though.

And the other opportunity is about to come soon…

「U, Umm… Princess, did I do something that made you angry…?」(Hanna)

I thought she was insensitive, but it looks like she realized it.

Maybe she was just acting like an insensitive person.

「…..Why do you think that?」(Marian)

「Well… even if you ask me “why”…. Umm… It’s kinda rude to ask but, do you usually behave like that? I mean… the way you talk is kinda… ‘unique’…」(Hanna)

「Hah. You wanna say I speak like a man and don’t look like a princess at all, don’t you?」(Marian)

「I, I’m sorry…」(Hanna)

「I don’t mind. Honestly, I hate being a princess. That’s why I’m taking this kind of attitude.」(Marian)

Actually, my personality started to change since Galle-chan left the royal capital.

I was very lonely without her.

「You have a good family like Laney so you might don’t understand, but my family is shit as well as the aristocrats around my family. From the moment my brother and I were born, they always debate whether I or my brother will be the heir to the throne. Because of that, my brother, Elion, hates me. He really wants to be the king, after all.」(Marian)

In the Gran royal family, it is decided that the firstborn child will be the heir to the throne regardless of gender.

However, it will be different if the princess and/or the prince were twins.

I and Elion were born almost at the same time.

Because of that, people around us were divided into two factions.

One is the princess faction that voted for me to be the heir because I was born a little earlier and have enough magical power to succeed to the throne.

The other one is the prince faction that voted for my brother because he has the potential to be a great leader even though he has no magical power.

The two of us can’t do anything but listen to the aristocrats who fight each other over us.

「ーーthat’s why I stopped being a good girl. I never wanted to be the queen, after all.」(Marian)

「So that means you want to give up the throne to your brother?」(Hanna)


「I mean, Prince Elion really wants to be the king, right? It sounded to me that you are pretending to be an ill-mannered woman for his sake.」(Hanna)

「Don’t talk as if you know everything about us!」(Marian)

She’s really an annoying woman!

But… she’s really sharp…
I thought that she was a dumb, insensitive woman, but look who’s pretending now.

「….Ah! Isn’t this the place!?」(Hanna)

Hanna raised her voice as she passed through another layer.

When I climbed up to that floor, I saw a huge magic stone that shone bright red.

The tiny sword in my compass was pointing to it.

There’s no doubt.
This is the place we were aiming for.

But… Dang! This magic stone is really huge!

How huge, you ask?
It’s so huge that I can’t even compare it with my body.

It was big enough to fill an entire large room.

The corners were rounded, but the overall shape was distorted and it’s hard to call it a sphere.

And what’s weird about this magic stone is even though it’s huge and looks heavy, it’s floating off of the ground.

The magical power emitted from it was enormous.

Anyway, I got goosebumps the moment I saw it.

The surfaces of the rocks around it have turned bright red, too.
Perhaps because they have been exposed to strong magical power coming from the magic stone for many years.

I’ve heard the story about this magic stone from my father, but it was a big difference from actually seeing it.

When I gently touched the magic stone, I could feel a tremendous amount of magical power flowing into my body at once.
It was so strong that made me feel like I was a god!

Now I understand why my ancestors could create a barrier big enough to cover the entire kingdom with it.

「What are we gonna do now? It may still take some time for Slad and the others to come. Do you want to recreate the barrier while waiting for them?」(Hanna)

「…Hmm… that might be a good idea. But before that, I want to confirm something from you.」(Marian)

While still touching the magic stone with one hand, I turned to Hanna Falsett and askedー

「Tell me. You are the one who teleported me while I was sleeping, aren’t you?」(Marian)


Hanna tilted her head and made a confused face.

Hmph. She’s still playing innocent, huh?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

If I use the huge amount of magical power from this magic stone, I can definitely defeat her even if her blunt weapon level is over 100 million!



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