Chapter 66 : Are We Allowed To Do This? (part 2)


After looking at its huge fangs in its big mouth, I could guess that this passageway was made by this giant worm.

「Y, You! Do something about that disgusting thing! Don’t let it get closer to me!」(Marian)

「Don’t worry. I’ll crush it into pieces with my hammer!」(Hanna)

I’m glad that I slept with my hammer still on my back because I thought that I could fight right away if enemies attacked us while I was sleeping.
It was a little inconvenient because I couldn’t roll over while I was sleeping, though.

I held my hammer and prepared myself to attack the giant worm, but then Princess Marian hurriedly stopped me.

「Wait! If you crush it, its disgusting body fluids will be scattered all over the place!」(Marian)

「But how can I kill it, then? Shall we just run away?」(Hanna)

「It will definitely chase us! I don’t wanna die from being eaten by a disgusting monster from behind!」(Marian)

「So… What should I do?」(Hanna)

「Think! Think of a good way to kill it without crushing it! This is Princess’ order!」(Marian)


While using me as a shield, Princess Marian was trembling behind me like a little girl.

It’s hard to think that this person was the same bad-mannered princess from earlier.

Does she hate worms?
Well, with this size, I don’t think it’s a matter of hate or not.

Don’t underestimate a country girl like me!
I’m fine with worms, of course.
I’ve even put worms on the palm of my hand.

「Umm…. If I can restrict its movements for a while, I don’t have to kill it, right?」(Hanna)

I hit the ground with my hammer before the worm could get any closer to us.

「Blunt weapon skill :【Earth Wall : Extremely Thick Version】!」(Hanna)


A thick wall raised from the ground between us and the giant worm.

【Earth Wall : Extremely Thick Version】
As you can tell from the skill name, it’s a thick version of【Earth Wall】.

How thick, you ask?
Its thickness is about 6 – 7 meters!
It’s very thick, isn’t it?

Brrr! Brrrrー!

The sound of the giant worm scraping the wall with its fangs was heard.

However, this wall should stop the worm from chasing us for a while.

「Princess, we’re good now.」(Hanna)

As I said that, I tap the shoulder of Princess Marian who has been closing her eyes while trembling until now.

She then jumped back in surprise, and looked around.

After she knew that the worm wouldn’t be able to chase us, she put her hands on her waist, and returned to her arrogant attitude.

「Well done. But don’t get me wrong. I’m neither admitting your power nor wanting to get along with you!」(Marian)

……Should I take this wall down, and then enjoy watching the Princess cry and beg without killing the worm for a while?

That would be really satisfying, but I can’t do that to a royal family member.

I don’t want to be a criminal, after all.

「So what are we going to do now? Look for Slad and the others?」(Marian)

「No, I think we should just aim for the giant magic stone. There’s no guarantee that Slad-san and the others are nearby. On the contrary, they might be heading for the giant magic stone, so the possibility that we will meet each other at the giant magic stone is high.」(Hanna)

I don’t think looking for them is a good idea since we don’t have a method to discover their location.

But on the other hand, they have Galle-chan and Slad-san’s【Stinger】, the spear that can track a target, so let’s hope that they will find us.

We should focus on going to a place where they can easily find us, not going around aimlessly looking for them.

Actually, we could also just stay here.
I can just keep making earth walls to prevent the worm from getting closer to us.

However, neither I nor Princess Marian has food, so I don’t think it’s a good idea.
It’s okay if we are on the 10th floor, but if it’s the 20th or 30th floor, we will starve to death before they can find us.

Even now, I’m already hungry because we didn’t eat much for dinner.

「Umm… I have a good method to climb up, but… it might mess up the labyrinth a little… No, it’s not a time to hesitate. Guess I have no choice but to do it.」(Hanna)

「Huh? What are you gonna do?」(Marian)

If we walked through the passageway normally by relying only on Princess Marian’s compass, we wouldn’t know when we would reach the giant magic stone.

Therefore, just like the giant worm, I will just make my own route!

「ーーBlunt weapon skill :【Mole Pillar】!」(Hanna)

I hit the ground with my hammer for the second time, and then a round pillar with a sharp tip extended from the ground.

When it reached the ceiling, it broke through and extended even higher and higher.

「W, What!? What the heck are you thinking!?」(Marian)

「Ah, don’t worry. I’m just making a hole. With this, we can climb up to the upper floor.」(Hanna)

「”’Just’ making a hole”, you say!? I don’t know if we are allowed to mess with the structure of this labyrinth…」(Marian)

Well, we can’t do this method of capturing a dungeon because it will kill the thrill of adventuring.

But we don’t have a choice, right?

I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as we keep it a secret from other adventurers.

After a while, I hit the pillar that was still extending upward with my hammer.

「Blunt weapon skill :【Spiral Staircase】!」(Hanna)

Then, the outer part of the pillar was being carved out and automatically turned into a spiral staircase.

With this, we can just climb up to the floor where the tiny sword in the compass becomes horizontal.

We should be able to reach the giant magic stone in no time.

「Y, You… ‘What’ the heck are you…? Are you even a human…?」(Marian)

Asked Princess Marian while looking at the spiral staircase with her mouth wide open.

I was hoping that she will recognize my power, but it seems like I’ve gone too far…

「Let’s hurry and climb up the stairs. If we take too long, that giant worm will break through the wall and chase us.」(Hanna)

「Y, You’re right…! I’m not scared of that worm but I’m glad I don’t have to see it again.」(Marian)

Princess Marian quickly climbed up the stairs, following me from behind.



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