Chapter 66 : Are We Allowed To Do This? (part 1)


Our conversation while sitting around the campfire was getting more and more lively.

The topic was mostly about Slad-san’s heroic story, but I was also able to hear various stories about Laney because she and Slad-san were in the same party.

「Laney-chin rarely told us about her feelings, but she looked lonely sometimes… So, Hanna-chin, I hope you’re promoted to B-rank and go see her soon.」(Slad)

When they discussed who would carry out the quest, Laney said, “I feel like I don’t have the right to return to the kingdom since I’ve been away for over 10 years.”

That’s Laney for you. She has a strong sense of responsibility.
But honestly, I want her to come and see me…

Therefore, the one who has been chosen to carry out this quest was Slad-san.

By the way, during the conversation, Galle-chan tried to approach Princess Marian several times, but the Princess drove her away by saying, “Shoo! Shoo! Stay away, dog!”

I couldn’t believe that she could resist Galle-chan’s cuteness.
Could it be that she is a cat person?

After the campfire conversation was done, we decided to sleep.

Because we are inside a dungeon where monsters can attack us anytime, we take turns being the lookout.

After my turn being the lookout was over, I finally went to sleep.

I slept with Galle-chan in the same blanket.
She was really soft and warm, but…
She still looked a little sad after being shooed away by Princess Marian earlier.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I fell asleep immediately.

「…………Uhh… So cold…」(Hanna)

I woke up after a while of sleeping.

My body was shaking a little.
Even though my body was covered with a blanket, I still felt cold.

「Hm…? Galle-chan?」(Hanna)

The soft and warm dog who I should be hugging now was gone before I realized it.

When I raised my upper body, I didn’t see the campfire, and the surroundings were pitch black.

「Claire-san, I’m sorry, but can you reignite the campfire?」(Hanna)

I asked Claire-san, who should have been the one on the lookout, but she didn’t answer me.


Is she asleep?

No, wait…
I feel that something strange is going on…

I stood up and tried to feel the surrounding area with my hands.

I touched a wall, but…
It didn’t feel like it was the smooth wall of the temple where we set up camp.
It felt like a rough clay wall.



ーI heard someone’s voice, and a magical light appeared out of nowhere.

「……Princess Marian?」(Hanna)

The magical light was floating on top of Princess Marian’s palm.

I was about to say, “So you can use magic, huh?”, but I immediately covered my mouth.

She came to recreate the magical barrier that covers half of the continent, so there’s no way she can’t use magic.

I’m glad I didn’t say that, otherwise, she would definitely have gotten mad at me.

「Oi, you know where we are?」(Marian)

「No, I don’t…」(Hanna)

Princess Marian also doesn’t seem to know what the heck is going on.

The other party members have gone.
There are only the two of us now.

No, wait… Because this isn’t the temple where we were resting, the other members are not gone, instead, Princess Marian and I have been moved to somewhere else.
We were both sleepwalking…

「Perhaps we have been teleported here with some kind of teleportation magic without us realizing…」(Hanna)

「While we were sleeping? What the heck was the person on the lookout doing? So useless!」(Marian)

While frowning, Princess Marian took out a small transparent sphere from her pocket.

「I won’t use this if only we had a map, but…」(Marian)

Inside the sphere, which looked like a crystal ball, was a sword as small as a fingernail.

「What is that?」(Hanna)

「It’s a compass that detects magical power. Now that we’re in this labyrinth, it’ll point out where the giant magic stone is. Well, it only shows you the direction, not the path you should take.」(Marian)

After Princess Marian activated the compass by pouring her magical power into it, the tiny sword inside the crystal moved, but…

「……Is it broken…?」(Marian)

Princess Marian made a surprised expression while looking at the compass.

It’s natural that she was surprised because…
The tip of the tiny sword was facing straight up.

「Eh? Does this mean we are below the tenth floor now!? How come!?」(Hanna)

「Like hell I know! My ancestors entered this labyrinth many times, but I’ve never heard of anything like this happening before!」(Marian)

This is weird…

In the first place, why me and Princess Marian?

Princess Marian was sleeping a little away from me, and the other party members were sleeping in between us.
Moreover, I was hugging Galle-chan while I was sleeping.

But why did only the two of us get teleported here?



The sound of the earth shaking was heard from the passage ahead.

Looks like we don’t have time to think.

The tremor became bigger and bigger, and finally we could feel the ground beneath us also shaking.

And then, a worm-shaped monster appeared from the ground in front of us.


While still maintaining the magical light on her palm, Princess Marian screamed a little and hid behind me.

I could understand why she was scared, because this worm monster was really big.

Big enough to almost cover the passageway.



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