Chapter 69 : Versus An Ancient Monster


What came out of the Black Gate that Princess Marian created was a humanoid monster with a dragon head.

It looked like a lizardman, but its size was a lot bigger.

How big, you ask?
It seems to be roughly five times as tall as me!

「D, Dragoon…!?」(Marian)

Princess Marian looked at the monster with her eyes open wide.

Dragoon, she said?
I have heard that name.
It was one of the ‘ancient weapons’ used in the great war of the gods.

Originally, a Dragoon is a human soldier who fights while riding a dragon.
However, Org, the god of alteration, had an idea to combine human and dragon together into one being because he thought it would be more convenient that way.
Thus, forbidden creatures called ‘Dragoons’ were born.

They were strong creatures that were created only to fight.
The only thing in their heads was killing and destroying their enemies.

It is said that Org, the creator himself, was unable to control them, and he decided to seal the Dragoons forever.

「Why the hell did this thing come out of my Black Gate!?」(Marian)

Princess Marian looked so confused.

She didn’t know how she ended up summoning that ancient monster with her own magic.

However, I feel like I know the reason.

「Princess, the magic you used is not sealing magic. Your Black Gate was actually teleportation magic.」(Hanna)

「Huh…? The hell are you talking about? I can’t use that kind of magic!」(Marian)

「I mean, ‘you have become able to use it’. You have been exposed to the high concentration of magical power in this labyrinth since you entered, right? Maybe that’s why your magic went out of control and ended up summoning the Dragoon that had been sealed in this labyrinth.」(Hanna)

「……Then… the one who teleported us was…」(Marian)

「Yes. I’m sure you accidentally teleported us to the bottom layer because your magic went out of control when you were sleeping.」(Hanna)

Princess Marian is good at barrier magic and sealing magic.
Both are magic you can do by manipulating or interfering with specific spaces.

Then, what about teleportation magic?

Even though I was expelled from school, I was once a student, so I have learned about magic.

You can do teleportation magic by connecting the space you are in with another space.

I can’t feel it but I know that this labyrinth is filled with a tremendous amount of magical power from this huge magic stone, and that power must have brought out Princess Marian’s hidden potential.

However, she couldn’t control her new power which had just awakened.
That’s why she unconsciously teleported me and herself to the bottom layer and summoned a Dragoon.

No… Maybe her subconscious wanted this situation to happen?

In order to avenge Galle-chan’s death, she had to be alone with me.
And the Dragoon she summoned looked like it wanted to kill me so badly.


The entire hall shook violently from the Dragoon’s scream.

「Ughh…! Looks like it’s ready to kill me…」(Hanna)

The Dragoon was wearing an old suit of armor and holding two large swords in both hands.

It seems like it’s good at close combat.

「Hmph! I won’t lose at close combat! Bring it on!」(Hanna)

I don’t think it understands my words, but the Dragoon looks annoyed somehow.


The Dragoon raised both of its big swords and rushed toward me.

I tried to pay attention to the movements of its swords, but unexpectedlyー


Both of its swords crashed into the ceiling as it ran toward me.

「Eh!? Uwaaー!」(Hanna)

Chunks of rubble started to fall from the ceiling.

When I was dodging the rubble, the Dragoon swung down its big swords at me.


I blocked both of its swords with my big hammer.

But… As I expected from its huge body.
I have confidence in my strength, but its attack was so powerful that I ended up kneeling.

Maybe it’s because I was too focused on dodging the rubble.

Could it be, it destroyed the ceiling on purpose?

Such a cowardly attack!

「Khh…! But… monsters at your level are not my enemies! Hyaa!」(Hanna)

After I deflected its swords, I immediately jumped on its arm and ran.

What I’m aiming for is of courseー its head!

I wanna kill it and end this fight as soon as possible!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Heavy Smaー」(Hanna)

『ーHanna, be careful!』(bear)

Suddenly, the god of blunt weapons stopped me.


When I thought I could kill it right away, the Dragoon suddenly opened its mouth wide.

「Holy crap!」(Hanna)

I immediately jumped off its arm.

However, the Dragoon didn’t stop its attack.

A line of scorching fire burst out from its mouth.

I totally forgot about this.
I’ve read in a book that Dragoons can emit a line of flames called【Flare・Ray】from their mouths.
If it hits you, you would definitely become charcoal in no time.

「【Physical Counter】!」(Hanna)

I blocked the fire with my hammer.

This is the blunt weapon skill that can repel non-physical attacks with physical power.
I once used it to repel Cecil’s【Holy End・Requiem】when we fought at Ludley Bridge.

However, the head of my hammer shook greatly from the scorching fire.

Looks like this Dragoon’s【Flare・Ray】is a little bit more powerful than Cecil’s【Holy End・Requiem】.


I managed to repel the fire, but it was now going in the direction of the giant magic stone.

「Oh, shoot! I did it again!」(Hanna)

The fire hit the giant magic stone and made a big hole in it.

「Gaahー! What the hell are you doing, you dumbass!? Do you know how important this magic stone is to this kingdom!?」(Marian)

Princess Marian got angry.

Of course, she was angry at me, not the Dragoon…

「I’m sorry, but I would have died if I didn’t do that.」(Hanna)

「Then DIE! It’s better than losing this precious magic stone!」(Marian)

She’s so cruel…

「I told you I’m not a bad person! Why do you hate me so much? You already know that I wasn’t the culprit behind us being teleported, right? And this monster also wasn’t my doing, it was YOUR doing!」(Hanna)

「Khh! I might be the one who summoned this monster, but you don’t have proof that you’re not a demon! And I’ll never forgive you for killing Galle-chan!」(Marian)

「I told you she’s still alive! Ahh, dammit! Forget it. We don’t have time for this. Princess, can you help me? You don’t want this monster to go on a rampage either, right!?」(Hanna)

「…..Tsk! Can’t be helped. I’ll seal this guy with my sealing magic.」(Marian)

「No, please don’t use that kind of magic! It would be bad if you accidentally brought out more dangerous monsters.」(Hanna)


Looks like she’s aware of the consequences.

After all, Princess Marian would have to take responsibility if the magic stone was destroyed completely and she couldn’t recreate the barrier.

After it stopped shooting the line of fire, the Dragoon turned at me and prepared its big swords once again.

「What do you want me to do, then!?」(Marian)

「I’m thinking!」(Hanna)

I think I can beat it if I fight normally, but this entire hall might collapse.
Besides, it would be bad if the Dragoon’s fire hit the giant magic stone again.

What should we do….?



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