Chapter 70 : Mochi Pounding? No, It’s Dragoon Pounding!


While I was thinking, the Dragoon kept attacking me.


Again, the Dragoon swung its big swords at me while smashing the walls.

Not only did I have to block its swords but I also had to dodge countless pieces of gravel that flew toward me.

As I thought. This monster is destroying the walls on purpose to make it harder for me to fight.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Earth Wall】!」(Hanna)

I made a wall to block the attacks, but even though it stopped the gravel, it wasn’t thick enough to stop the Dragoon’s swords.

However, thanks to the wall I could see where the swords would come from and managed to dodge them.

Uhh, that was close!

But this monster…
It’s got some nerve to fight a builder like me while destroying the environment, and it somewhat pissed me off!

I want to defeat it so badly, and I just found out how to do it.

I hit the ground with my hammer and activated a certain blunt weapon skill.

It’s a skill that creates traps, but it seems that it will take a long time because I’m trying to make it as large as possible.

But before that, I need to do something to distract this monster so it doesn’t realize that I’m planning something.

「Princess, can you use magic to make a really loud sound?」(Hanna)

「Sound? How about explosion magic?」(Marian)

「That will work. Could you please shoot them at that monster?」(Hanna)

「I don’t know what you’re planning, but now I have a lot of magical power thanks to this giant magic stone, so I can use magic as much as I want!」(Marian)

「That’s great!」(Hanna)

Princess Marian stretched her arm forward, and then countless small glowing spheres came out from her palm.

「Eat this!【Cherry Blast】!」(Marian)

They flew slowly toward the Dragoon like dandelions, and then popped one by one.

Each explosion was small, but it made a loud roaring sound because they popped continuously.

The damage wasn’t that great, but the Dragoon glared at Princess Marian, probably out of annoyance.

「Oi, this monster is now glaring at me, though!?」(Marian)

「Yes, that’s exactly what I was aiming for.」(Hanna)

「You jerk! So you want to make this monster target me so you can run away!?」(Marian)

As usual, she has zero trust in me…

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Giant Pestle】!」(Hanna)

While the Dragoon was distracted, I hit the ground with my hammer once again.

Then, the soil on the ground started to move by itself and covered the head of my big hammer, making it look like a giant pestle.

My hammer now is as big as the Dragoon.
It should be strong enough to crush that monster’s body into pieces.

However, it was too big to swing freely, so I need to think carefully before attacking.

「Oi, what should I do with this guy!?」(Marian)

The Dragoon was approaching Princess Marian who kept shooting explosive magic toward it.

It raised both of its swords, ready to attack the Princess.
However, before it could swing down its swords, the ground on which it stood cracked.

「Princess, now! Shoot your magic at its feet!」(Hanna)

「ーー!? Dammitー!」(Marian)

Princess Marian didn’t seem to know why I told her to do that, but she did it anyway.

When Princess Marian’s【Cherry Blast】hit the ground beneath the Dragoon’s feet, a large hole opened and swallowed the Dragoon.

「What the hell is this!? A bowl!?」(Marian)

「It’s from my blunt weapon skill,【Giant Mortar】. Simply put, it’s a big pitfall!」(Hanna)

I told Princess Marian to make a loud sound so that the Dragoon didn’t notice that I secretly made a big hole underneath.

I could have made a hole by destroying the floor, but I don’t think that this monster would die from falling.
Besides, there was a possibility that it would grow a pair of wings and fly away since it was half dragon, half human.
That’s why I made a big pitfall instead to trap it.

The Dragoon tried to climb up, butー

「Alright, here we go! Heave-HOOOー!」(Hanna)

I raised my giant hammer / giant pestle and swung it down at the trapped Dragoon.


It was a direct hit, but as I thought, this monster can’t be defeated so easily.

When the Dragoon was trying to climb up again, I raised my hammer and hit it once more.



Because the head of my hammer that has become a giant pestle is so big, I don’t need to aim.
I just have to focus on attacking the Dragoon with the right timing.

However, the Dragoon is not stupid enough to take the same attack for the third time.

When I was about to raise my hammer again, the Dragoon opened its mouth wide and shot【Flare Ray】at me.

But I had a feeling this would happen.
Immediately, I blocked the ray with the head of my hammer.

「【Physical Counter】!」(Hanna)

This defensive skill relies on my physical attack power.
The higher the power I have, the easier I can block the opponent’s attack.

And now, because the head of my hammer has become a giant pestle which is as big as the Dragoon’s body, my physical attack power has risen quite a lot.

Therefore, unlike before, I could block the Dragoon’s【Flare Ray】more easily this time.


I swung my hammer upward and sent the ray to the ceiling so that it didn’t hit the giant magic stone again.


The Dragoon screamed loudly.
Maybe because it felt annoyed that I deflected its attack so easily.

The Dragoon looked desperate, but there was no way out for it other than climb out of the pitfall.

「Dragoon-san, you will never be able to get out of my【Giant Mortar】! 」(Hanna)

The Dagoon glared at me in anger as if it said, “Kill me if you can!”

「Hmph. I will crush you into pieces with this giant pestle! Princess, would you like to help me a little by shooting your magic at this monster?」(Hanna)

「O, Okay…」(Marian)

「Here we goー! Urya! Urya! Urya! Urya! Uryaaaaa!」(Hanna)


I swung my hammer up and down like I was making mochi.

The Dragoon was really tough, but when it got hit by a giant pestle that was as big as its body, it gradually became like a tattered rag.

When it lost the will to climb, I launched the final attack.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Heavy Smash】!」(Hanna)


My final blow hit the Dragoon’s head directly, and at the same time, the hardened soil that covered the head of my giant hammer cracked to pieces.

And because my attack was so devastating, the ground at the bottom of the giant mortar crumbled, and the Dragoon, that was covered by blood, fell to the lower floor.

「Fiuhh… That monster was pretty tough. As expected from an ancient monster.」(Hanna)

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and walked to the Princess with a smug face.

「Princess, how’s that? This is how you use the environment in battle!」(Hanna)

「No, no. What’s good about that? Don’t you realize? You just destroyed the environment!」(Marian)

I thought she would be impressed, but she gave me a cold stare…

「And you beat it so hard that I even felt sympathy for the Dragoon.」(Marian)

「I, I see… But it was a really tough enemy, so it couldn’t be helped, right?」(Hanna)

Looks like I’ve gone too far…

Maybe this is a really important place for the Kingdom of Gran.
No wonder that the Princess was mad at me.

Slad-san might also get mad at me if he saw this place all messed up.

I should quickly fix this plaー

「ーUwaa! What the heck is going on here!?」(Slad)

「This place is all messed up… Oh, isn’t that Princess and Hanna-san?」(Claire)

「You’re right! Glad that they are safe! But, geezー why did they go ahead without telling us?」(Ward)

Oh, shoot…!
Why did they have to arrive now!?

I don’t know how I will explain this situation!

Princess Marian would probably tell them that I destroyed this place.
ーNo, she will definitely tell them that.
Well, it’s kinda true, though…

However, what Princess Marian told them surprised me.

「Everyone, I’m sorry… It seems that my magic went out of control because I was exposed to the magical power from this giant magic stone. That’s why I teleported myself and Hanna unconsciously. I even summoned an ancient monster accidentally, and because of that, this place got so messed up like this.」(Marian)

Eh? Princess Marian protects me!?

After that, she told everyone that I made a staircase all the way from the bottom to this floor, and that I defeated a Dragoon she summoned by accident.

「So you can use teleportation magic!? Princess, you’re awesome! It’s the most difficult magic among the space manipulation magic!」(Claire)

「More importantly, Hanna defeated a Dragoon!? It’s a mythical-class monster, you know!?」(Ward)

「Aa-ahh… I also want to fight such a strong monster… Can you summon it again?」(Slad)

Why does Slad-san look so jealous?
But anyway, I’m glad that he’s not angry.

While I was feeling relieved, Galle-chan approached me and rubbed her body against my legs.

She must be really worried about us…

Ah, that’s right!
I have to prove that this cute dog is actually Galle-chan to Princess Marian!


「ーAlright, it’s time to recreate the barrier! Enough talk and start the preparations!」(Marian)

However, Princess Marian turned to the giant magic stone as if she was ignoring me and Galle-chan.

I don’t know why, but she seems to be scared to see if this dog is really Galle-chan.



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