Chapter 64 : A Classic Dungeon Adventure: To The Underground Labyrinth! (part 1)


The entrance to the underground labyrinth was in the base of the knights near Tiaret.

In order to reach the gate of the labyrinth, we have to go down the passage strictly protected by the knights.

While Slad-san went to get permission from the knights to enter the labyrinth, I talked with Galle-chan in a low voice so that no one else could hear us.

「Galle-chan… Princess Marian is completely different from what you told me…」(Hanna)

「I was also surprised… She has become a different person in two years…」(Galle)

「I think you thought too much of her as a kind and gentle princess…」(Hanna)

「Of course I thought that way. If she wasn’t kind and gentle, she wouldn’t be called one of the【Sacred Twin Stars】, right? Perhaps, she’s just acting to be a bad-mannered woman right now since she’s dressed as a thief…」(Galle)

Hmm… I don’t think she’s acting, though…

If I ignore her bad personality, certainly Princess Marian looked very beautiful.
I thought her hair was short at first, but after I looked at her nape closely, she tied her hair and hid it behind her cloak.

Perhaps if she untied it, her beautiful smooth blonde hair would be exposed and she would look more like a princess.

Plus, if she wore a pure white dress instead of that thief outfit, I’m sure she would look even more beautiful.

However, it’s nothing more than my imagination.

Since she has a terrible grumpy expression on her face, I don’t think she will look like a kind and gentle princess even if she is wearing a white dress.

「……What the hell are you looking at? If you have anything to say, just say it!」(Marian)

「N, Nothing… I was just thinking that you are beautiful…」(Hanna)

「Hah! Now you’re flattering me after you know I’m the Princess, huh?」(Marian)

Saying that, Princess Marian turned her face away from me.

Hahh… So I have to escort this person for a few days, huh…?

A difficulty level A quest really is tough…

After Slad-san got permission from the knights, we proceeded to the back of the base until we reached a gray stone building.

Compared to the surrounding buildings, this building’s age was clearly different.

The knights guarding the entrance of the building opened the gate as soon as they saw Slad-san approaching.


From that sound, I could tell that this gate was way heavier than the gate to the knights’ base.

「The magical power concentration is high here…」(priest)

The female priest suddenly muttered like that.

Because I’m completely insensitive to magical power, I can’t even feel anything…

「Yeah… I can smell the strong magical power inside…」(Hanna)

But I tried to act like I could feel it.

「Eh? Smell? Magical power has no smell, though?」(priest)

「A, Ahh… i, it’s just a metaphor, haha…」(Hanna)

「I see…」(priest)

That was close…

But, I wish I could feel magical power, even if I could only smell it.
Well, I know it most likely will not happen…

Among the places I have visited so far, this underground labyrinth is probably the place with the highest magical power concentration because there’s a huge magic stone with a tremendous amount of magical power inside.

「Alright, let’s decide each of our roles.」(Slad)

Immediately after entering the labyrinth, there was a staircase.

As we went down the staircase, Slad-san talked to everyone.

「I don’t need to say this, but our job is to escort the Princess to the giant magic stone. Ward-chin, stay close to her and focus only on protecting her.」(Slad)


The warrior, Ward-san.
Even though he really loves fighting, he was given orders to focus on protecting the Princess.
I feel a little bad for him.

By the way, when Slad-san and Ward-san were young, they had once formed a party together.
Ward-san has a bald head and looks a bit old, but I think he’s probably the same age as Slad-san.

「Sniff-chin, you watch our backs. Be careful not to shoot us when we’re in narrow passages.」(Slad)

「I will never make such a terrible mistake, but roger that.」(archer)

The archer, Sniff-san.
He has keen senses, and he seems to have been in charge of searching for enemies until they reached Tiaret from the royal capital.

Since he managed to escort the Princess without trouble until this point, it looks like he is a very reliable adventurer.

「Claire-chin, if anyone gets injured, treat them immediately. Also, keep acting like a princess. We don’t know where and when the evil god’s army will attack us. Well, since we have entered this labyrinth, I don’t think they’re still chasing us, though.」(Slad)

「Understood. Everyone, if you need healing magic, don’t hesitate to tell me.」(priest)

The woman I misunderstood as the Princess, Claire-san.
She is a graceful woman dressed in white priest’s clothes.

She is an expert in recovery magic and she seems to also be able to use magic to get rid of fatigue, so maybe I’ll ask her to relieve my fatigue later.
Even if we use the shortest route, we still have to walk down this labyrinth for at least two days after all.

「The ones who will deal with monsters are me and Hanna-chin. You can do it, right?」(Slad)

「Atabou-desu! Of course I can fight monsters!」(Hanna)

I can’t believe I’m going to be fighting with a living legend, the Seven Spears, Slad Arkman!
This rare opportunity will never come for the second time!

Let’s show him what I’m capable of so he can tell Laney how strong I am!

…Ah, I forgot to tell him that I was raised by Laney…

It’s a bit awkward to tell him now, so let’s do it when we’re resting.

ーGeka, Gekakakaーー

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice and footsteps could be heard from the passage ahead.

Looks like monsters are finally coming to greet us.



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