Chapter 64 : A Classic Dungeon Adventure: To The Underground Labyrinth! (part 2)


ーGeka, Gekakakaーー

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice and footsteps could be heard from the passage ahead.

Looks like monsters are finally coming to greet us.


After Claire-san casted light magic, the passage was illuminated brightly.

The monsters that came from the back of the passage were goblins.

They have green skin, and they are as small as I am.

In their hands were rusty swords and knives.

There were five of them, but it wouldn’t be a big problem.
I could just kill them all at once with【Thousand Nails】.

However, before I could even prepare my hammer, Slad-san threw a spear at them.

The spear didn’t hit any of the goblins, but pierced the ground near them vigorously.

Eh? Did he miss?

When I thought that, flames blew up from the spear and wrapped the goblins in an instant.

「That’s one of my seven spears, the eternal flame,【Hellfire】. The flames will not go out until my enemies turn to ashes.」(Slad)

While the goblins were screaming in the flames, Slad-san made a cool face as he said that.

I might sound like I’m teasing him, but I do think that he’s really cool!

I’ve read many times about him using【Hellfire】in the tales of adventurers, but this is my first time seeing it right in front of my eyes!

Kuuhh~! I’m deeply moved right now!


「Slad-san, don’t you usually use【Hellfire】by holding it…?」(Hanna)

In the tales of adventurers, he used the burning spear by swinging it around brilliantly.

But… like when he used his spear to track the puppets, he just threw his spear.
I feel like I haven’t seen Slad-san using his spears properly…

「Oi, oi. Hanna-chin, that thinking is so old-fashioned. Throwing spears like a javelin has become the latest trend in Demon Land, you know?」(Slad)

「Eh? Is that so!?」(Hanna)

「Don’t be fooled. No spear users have this crazy style of fighting except from Slad.」(Ward)

Ward-san sighed.

I knew it!
I almost believed him because he said it with a straight face!

「Cih. From my point of view, I wonder why everyone doesn’t just throw their spears even though throwing it is definitely stronger than using it normally.」(Slad)

Slad-san looked dissatisfied.

I wonder if Slad-san carries a lot of spears to reduce the risk of having to fight without a spear after throwing some of them.

But, a fighting style based on throwing your weapon, huh…?
Shall I also try throwing my hammer…?

Blunt Weapon Skill :【Hammer Throw】!

Hmm… I feel like I can do it.


I would look weird if I have to carry a lot of hammers on my back…

Slad-san looks cool carrying a lot of spears on his back.
Well, because his weapon is a spear.

But if you carry a lot of hammers, you will look like nothing but a carpenter, right?


Suddenly, Galle-chan’s bark pulled me back from my thoughts.

I quickly realized that she was giving us a warning.

「Is there a trap? Or more monsters?」(Hanna)

After I asked her that, Galle-chan pointed to a wall with her nose.


When I looked at the wall closely, I saw a slight dent in it that looked like a face.

「Eh…? Could it be…!」(Hanna)

I tried to hit the wall with my hammer.

And then, the wall started to move by itself.

Two arms and two legs were formed, and the wall turned into a humanoid monster.

「A golem…!? Why did a golem appear in the upper layers like this!?」(Hanna)

But, as expected of Galle-chan!

If we proceeded without noticing it, we would have received a surprise attack from it.

「Hanna-san, be careful! Golems are pretty strong!」(Sniff)

Sniff-san seems to be worried about me.

However, rather than a tiny and quick enemy, a big enemy like this is easy prey for me!

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Heavy Smash】!」(Hanna)


Without answering Sniff-san, I immediately swung my big hammer vertically at the golem’s head.

Its head and neck were shattered into pieces, then the headless body of the golem collapsed to the ground.

「W, Whooaa…. She defeated a golem with only one hit…!」(Ward)

「Uwaahh…. I wonder if I even need to protect that girl’s back… 」(Sniff)

「Yeah… I also doubt she will need my healing magic…」(Claire)

The three adventurers who saw me fight for the first time raised surprised voices.

「Actually, it was thanks to Gallu-chan detecting the golem, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed it at all.」(Hanna)

Yes. It was completely to Galle-chan’s credit.

I’m glad that I brought her along with us!

「Ooー Gallu-chan, you’re such a good dog! As expected of the Blunt Weapon Princess’s dog! It must be tough to react quickly all the time because your master is so slow.」(Slad)

「Yup, I’m Donketsu-Hanna after all!…..Geh! Why am I insulting myself!?」(Hanna)

「Woof! Woof!」(Galle)

「Gallu-chan, don’t bark back at Slad-san as if you agree with him!」(Hanna)


As Slad-san laughed, the other party members were also laughing.

Uhh… even in this party, I’m a bullied character, huh…

But thanks to that, the tense atmosphere has become a little softer.

If it can relieve everyone’s tension, I feel like it’s worth being bullied.

However, there was one person who wasn’t laughing.

「…..Kh! Blunt Weapon Princess…? So you’re the one who defeated Fenrir at Ludley Bridge, huh?」(Marian)

As always, the Princess talked to me with obvious hostility…..



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