Chapter 61 : Cecil’s Punishment (part 1)


「Haha! Hanna, Slad-san, don’t be so harsh to my friends~ Look. You made them cry~」(Rozelia)

Said Rozelia with a hint of scorn as her classmate walked out of the guild building.

「What are you laughing at? You’re no different from them.」(Hanna)

「Eh? Me? I have pride in myself, and I was helping Cecil. When I bullied you at school, I didn’t do it to have self-esteem or look down on you, I did it because it was simply fun~☆」(Rozelia)

「You’re even worse than them…!」(Hanna)

Why can she act like nothing bad happened even though her best friend lost this contest?
No, she even seems somewhat happy.

I really don’t know what she’s thinking…

「So, Slad-san, it’s your turn. How many cards have you collected? Even though I won, you won’t take me with you if the number of cards I’ve collected is less than half of yours, right?」(Hanna)

The mission of the quest was to escort the Princess.

After finding out that it was a very important quest, I couldn’t feel as relaxed as I was before this contest started.
But, there was no doubt that it was a shortcut to rank up.

「Hmm?… Ah! We made such a deal, huh?」(Slad)

Did he forget?

Did he really just drink sake all the time while Cecil and I were working hard collecting cards these three days…?

「……Slad-san… how many cards did you get…?」(Hanna)

「Ha, Hanna-chin, your eyes look scary… How many cards, huh? I don’t know.」(Slad)

「Hahh!? What do you mean? If you haven’t counted them, spread them on the table now!」(Hanna)

When I said that, March-san came to clean up our table, and glared sideways at Slad-san.

「Slad-san, you didn’t collect any cards, right? You’ve been drinking here for the last three days after all.」(March)

「I knew it!」(Hanna)

「C, Can you please not jump to such a conclusion so quickly? You might have seen me drinking all the time, but I was actually working, you know?」(Slad)


「Ohh, don’t look at me with such doubtful eyes~! Please believe me, Hanna-chin~!」(Slad)

Slad-san hugged himself and wriggled.

It might look cute if a girl did that, but it’s quite an unpleasant sight if the one doing that was a bearded man like Slad-san.

「But you don’t have any cards, do you!? How can I believe you!?」(Hanna)

「Ah, wait a sec. ‘It’ will arrive soon.」(Slad)


Saying that, Slad-san’s annoying face changed to a serious one.


Immediately afterwards, the sound of a glass window breaking was heard.

When I looked in the direction of the sound, a golden spear flew in from the broken window, passed over the heads of the adventurers in the guild, and stopped in Slad-san’s stretched hand.

There were a bunch of cards stuck on the tip of the spear.

I just realized that on his back, there were only 6 spears, where there should have been 7.

So Slad-san didn’t work by himself, instead, he let his spear do all the work!?

「This is one of the seven spears I’m proud of, the tracking spear,【Stinger】. It will keep chasing enemies with the specified conditions. No one can escape from this spear!」(Slad)

While still holding the spear, Slad-san made a cool pose as he said that.

「Uwooooohhhー! Slad-san! You’re so cool! I’m sorry for doubting you! I thought you’re just a lazy-ass drunkard…」(Hanna)

「Fufu~nー It’s okay as long as you understand.」(Slad)

As expected of Laney’s companion, the Seven Spears, Slad Arkman!

Average adventurers can’t even beat one of his spears!

Kuuhhー! As an adventurer nerd, I’ll never forget this cool scene!


When I got excited by myself, March-san called Slad-san from behind.

「Yes, March-chin~? Do you also think I’m cool~? Ahahaha…ha……ha…」(Slad)

Looking back at March-san, Slad-san’s face immediately turned pale.

March-san was smiling… but a terrifying aura of murdering intent coming out from her entire body.

「Yes, yes… that was so cool… but you didn’t have to break the window, right~?」(March)

「A, Ahaha.. ha… D, Don’t be so stiff, March-chin… Look. I thought it would be cool if I break a window, so…… I’m sorry…」(Slad)

「Hahhh…. As long as you will pay the compensation, it’s fine. Also, you have to pay for the large amount of sake you drank these three days!」(March)

「O, Okay, okay…. You can subtract it from my reward money after I clear this difficulty A quest.」(Slad)

「I’ll also take some for my service charge, okay~?」(March)

Slad-san nodded stiffly.

Maybe March-san, who can make a special A-rank adventurer to reflect on his dumb act, is the strongest person here.

After letting out a sigh of relief, Slad-san pulled out the card stuck in his spear and counted them.

「Hmm… 32 cards…」(Slad)

He then tapped his forehead.

「Gaahhhー Same as Hanna-chin, huh? No, wait. Because Hanna-chin got Doubt’s golden card, that means I’m the one who lost? Kaahhー I feel embarrassed now!」(Slad)

No, to be able to collect that many cards while drinking sake all the time is quite amazing.

But, wait…
When did he send the spear flying?
Don’t tell me… he did it before the contest even started…?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter since I cleared the conditions he gave.

「Alright, as promised, I’ll take Hanna-chin with me to clear this difficulty A quest!」(Slad)

As Slad-san said that, I made a guts pose, and immediately, the guild was filled with cheers.

「I’m glad for you, Hammer-Hanna!」
「Blunt Weapon Princess, banzaaaiiー!」
「I’m now a rich man thanks to you!」
「This is the birth of a new Tiaret strongest legend!」(adventurers)

I don’t really like the ‘Hammer-Hanna’ nickname, but if it can get rid of the prejudice against blunt instruments, I’ll be happy to be called so.



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