Chapter 60 : It’s Time To Announce The Results


Before sunset, we gathered at the Adventurer Guild.

「Yo, Hanna-chin. We’ve been waiting for you.」(Slad)

Slad-san, Cecil, and Rozelia were sitting at the same table.

「I’m sorry I’m a little late. I had to prepare something.」(Hanna)

「Prepare something?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia asked with a curious face.

「You will know soon~」(Hanna)


Still with a curious face, she stared at the large bundle that I carried in my arms.

Yes. While carrying my giant hammer on my back, I have another big package in my arms.

「Hmph. Looks like you still tried until the last minute. But it’s useless because I’ll be the winner. Obviously.」(Cecil)

As usual, Cecil was being a dumb.
She didn’t even try to read my intention in bringing this luggage.

「Oi, guys. It looks like the victor will be decided soon!」
「Really? I can’t miss this!」(adventurers)


I put my big package on the floor and sat on an empty chair, joining them.

Immediately, the adventurers in the guild started surrounding our table.
Because many of them were betting money on us, they were looking at us nervously.

Among the crowd, my former classmates were also looking at usー
No. They were looking at Cecil with sparkling eyes.
It looks like they believe that Cecil will win this contest.

「Well then, Hanna-chin, Cecil-chin, who will reveal their collected cards first?」(Slad)

「Of course, me. I wanna see Hanna’s face after losing as soon as possible!」(Cecil)

Saying that, Cecil slammed a deck of cards she had collected on the table.

「How’s that!? It’ll be my victory! Obviously!」(Cecil)

「Geez, Cecil, if we don’t count them first, we don’t know their number.」(Rozelia)

Rozelia took the deck of cards from Cecil’s hand and spread them on the table.

「Heeー… 22, huh? Even though the number of the puppets has decreased, you managed to collect this many…」(Hanna)

When we gathered here last night, she had 15, so that means she managed to collect 7 cards today.

「Hah-ha! I’ve been hunting puppets until late last night, you know!? Ahhー thinking that you won’t be able to use blunt weapons anymore is really uplifting!」(Cecil)

What is she talking about?

Well, she can keep on dreaming. I don’t care.

But she kept looking for puppets until late, huh?
She seems to have worked hard in her own way.

If I collected cards the same way, I wouldn’t be able to beat her for sure.

「Now show me how many cards you got! Or… Have you given up after knowing you couldn’t beat me? Hahaha!」(Cecil)

Looks like Cecil is really confident with the number of cards she got.

BUT! Too bad she’s not gonna win!

While smirking, I took out the cards I’ve collected and slowly arranged them on the table one by one.

As I arranged the cards, Cecil’s ‘full of confidence’ face turned to a serious face and gradually turned pale.

「I got 32ー!」(Hanna)

「Th, T-T-This can’t be happening!!!」(Cecil)

She stood up vigorously, knocking down the chair.

「You had only 11 cards last night! I don’t think you could collect so many just in a day! You must be cheating!」(Cecil)

There you go. “You must be cheating.”

What a rude woman.

She doesn’t even have proof that I cheated.

「What are you talking about? I just defeated Doubt, the demon who made all those puppets.」(Hanna)

「S-Say whut!? You!? Defeating a demon!?」(Cecil)

As Cecil shouted like that, the adventurers around us buzzed at once.

「No way!」
「No, it’s possible. She’s the Blunt Weapon Princess after all!」
「But the enemy was a demon, right!?」(adventurers)

「……Oi, Hanna-chin, did you really defeat him?」(Slad)

Not only the adventurers, Slad-san was also surprised, he opened his eyes wide.

「I have evidence… Look at this.」(Hanna)

I took out the 33rd card from my pocket.

Yes, that’s the card with the golden pattern.

「This card was Doubt himself.」(Hanna)

Mira-san said that she felt a tremendous amount of magical power from the card.
I didn’t know because I can’t sense magical power, but it seems that the people here can feel it.
They made an amazed face as soon as I took out this card.

Then, the voices of suspicion now changed to the voices of admiration and praise.

「Amazing! As expected of Blunt Weapon Princess!」(Adventurers)

Slad-san also seems to be amazed.

「Hyuu~~~ It’s Hanna-chin’s victory without a doubt! Well, sorry Cecil-chin~」(Slad)

「A… Are you kidding me…?」(Cecil)

Cecil was very shocked.

Because she acted like a winner a while ago, I’m sure she’s embarrassed right now.

「Ce, Cecil loses…?」
「Moreover.. Against that Donketsu-Hanna…」
「This is a shame for the whole school…!」(classmates)

The classmates who were watching also couldn’t hide their shocked faces.
For them, Cecil was like the school’s star after all.
Even though she teamed up with the second best student, Rozelia, she still lost to me… to a dropout….

For them, it’s nothing but humiliation.

「…..Let me tell you all why you feel that way.」(Hanna)

When I talked to them, the classmates who once bullied me were trembling.

「It’s because you don’t have pride in yourself. You guys keep your self-esteem by relying on Cecil and… bullying me…. The ones who should be embarrassed the most here is not Cecil, it’s all of you!」(Hanna)

「Wh, What did you say!?」(classmate)

A warrior classmate tried to approach me, but his path was blocked by a spear that suddenly stuck out from the side.

「Well said, Hanna-chin~! You’re right.」(Slad)

「Wha……. Slad-san, did you say that Hanna’s right!?」(classmate)

「Of course. If you didn’t want Cecil to lose, you should have helped her, but what did you do? You were overconfident in Cecil’s ability and just blindly believed that she would win without doing any single damn thing! You guys are no adventurers… You guys are just spectators!」(Slad)


Slad-san’s right.
In this contest, there was no rule that you shouldn’t get help from others.
If they were helping Cecil, she might have won.
Even if I defeated Doubt, they should have been able to collect more cards than me.

Slad-san probably made us compete like this because he had a particular purpose.
Either he wanted to see if Cecil would acknowledge my ability and chose to win by relying on others, or if Cecil had a good relationship with others that made them voluntarily help her.

Perhaps, if either of them happened and Cecil won this contest, he seriously would take Cecil with him to clear the difficulty level A quest.
Even though they don’t get along with each other, they were once instructor and disciple after all.

「Now you know the reason why I said “the level of adventurers in this city has dropped”, right? Cecil-chin’s classmate-kun~?」(Slad)

「Kh, Khhhh…!」(classmate)

Unlike when he was talking to me, the warrior classmate couldn’t even talk back to the special A-rank adventurer, Slad-san.

Then, they all left the guild with faces full of regret.



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