Chapter 59 : Seize The Victory With Our Family Bond (part 2)


「K, Khhhー! ……….Fu, Fufufu… Looks like I have no choice but to use my last resort here… Prepare yourself!」(Doubt)

I don’t know what he’s gonna do, but since the card that’s imprisoning Galle-chan is in my hand now, I don’t feel like losing to him.

「ーBring it on!」(Hanna)

「Ultimate Demon Skillー 【Adios】! 」(Doubt)


He ran away from me again without shame.

Well, I actually had a feeling he might do that, but, come on!

However, he made a mistake by coming to Egg Tart.

I picked up my giant hammer and quickly hit the floor.

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill【Chain Cage】!」(Hanna)

「U, Uwaaaaー!?」(Doubt)

A chain cage rose from the floor of the store and imprisoned Doubt.

This is the land version of【Chain Aquarium】that I once used to restrain the Hydra at Ludley Bridge.

「W, What the heck is this!?」(Doubt)

「This is a cage I’ve set up to catch shoplifters and thieves because I can’t run fast!」(Hanna)

The cage was much taller than an adult and completely blocked Doubt’s escape route.

Immediately, I rushed toward him while holding my hammer, ready to crush his head, butー

「Hiiiiyyー! W, Wait a minute! Please!」(Doubt)

Doubt screamed like a little girl.

I didn’t even feel the slightest bit of dignity as a high-ranking demon in him.

「I’m sorry! Please forgive me, I beg you! I’ll never disguise as someone and deceive people anymore! So, please!」(Doubt)

「ーーHe said that, though. What do you think, Galle-chan?」(Hanna)

When I looked at Galle-chan on the surface of the card I held in my hand, she shook her head vigorously.

「I smell a lie from that demon! He’s lying!」(Galle)

「Heeー Lying is not good. What a bad boy~」(Hanna)

「H, Hiiiiiiiiiyyyyyー!!!」(Doubt)

ーDo do do do do do do do do
do do do do do do do do do do
do do do do do do do do do do
do do do do do do do do do donー!

As soon as I opened the cage, I swung my hammer down to his head, face, and body, continuously and rhythmically, making a beautiful beat in my ears.

「Ga, GaAaaAaAaaAaA…….」(Doubt)

Let alone his mask, even Doubt’s face that was covered by it now looked like a tattered rag.


Finally, his body disappeared into the air like smoke.

What was left behind was his card bag and a card that seemed to be Doubt himself.

It was very similar to the cards used to create puppets, but the pattern drawn on this one was gold.

When I picked up the card bag, I could feel there were a lot of cards inside.

However, Cecil is probably still hunting the puppets now, so I won’t know the results until we gather at the guild.




Galle-chan hugged me as soon as she popped out of the card.

「But Master, you’re terrible!」(Galle)


「Why didn’t you even notice that I was fake!?」(Galle)

「I, I’m sorry, but it couldn’t be helped, right? Doubt was borrowing your memories after all.」(Hanna)

「But you can detect it if you love me, right?」(Galle)

Said Galle-chan as she swelled her cheeks.

「Uhh… it’s not that I don’t love you, you know?……….. Wait a minuteー」(Hanna)

Suddenly, I got a brilliant idea.

This is a great opportunity to make Galle-chan get along with Mira-san!

「I can detect it if I love you, you say?….. That means Mira-san, who could tell that you were fake, actually loves you, then?」(Hanna)

「Th, That’s…!」(Galle)

Galle-chan, who was lost for words, glanced at Mira-san.

「Galle-chan, my love for you has always been real, you know?」(Mira)

Said Mira-san as she made a peace sign.
Of course, with an expressionless face as usual.

Galle-chan got flustered and didn’t know what to say to Mira-san, so she turned to me.

「B, B-But! How could Mira-san know I was fake!? I could hear the exchange, she said I smelled different, right? Mira-san shouldn’t have a good nose like me! So how come!?」(Galle)

「Ah, I have to explain it to you, huh?」(Hanna)

Well, Doubt didn’t know even though he had borrowed Galle-chan’s memories, so it’s natural that Galle-chan herself doesn’t know about it either.

「Mira-san, you drank that medicine, right?」(Hanna)

Mira-san nodded.

Last night, Mira-san drank the medicine that improves the sense of smell before she mixed it into Galle-chan’s meal.
She drank it to test if it worked or not.

Well, of course her sense of smell wasn’t as good as Galle-chan’s.
However, it was good enough to notice that the smell of fake Galle-chan was different from the smell of the real Galle-chan which she memorized last night.

Our conversation last night flashed in my head.

『Of course! I don’t wanna drink your mysterious medicines! What if I get a stomachache!?』(Galle)

『Don’t worry. Galle-chan’s stomach can handle that much.』(Mira)

『How can you know!?……Aa! Could it be…. You think I’ll be okay drinking your strong medicine because I’m half monster, don’t you!?』(Galle)

Mira-san knew that Galle-chan’s stomach could handle it because she tried it herself.

「Yes. There’s no way I won’t try it first before I give it to my beloved family.」(Mira)

So I was right.
Thanks to that, I didn’t hesitate to hit the fake Galle-chan before.

「Galle-chan, now you know that Mira-san isn’t treating you as her experimental subject, right?」(Hanna)

「W, Well… But, why didn’t you tell me that I was wrong!? Please correct me the next time I make a wrong statement again, okay!?」(Galle)

Galle-chan’s animal ears hang down.
She seemed to have noticed that she said something cruel to Mira-san.

「Galle-chan, good girl, good girl.」(Mira)

Mira-san was gently stroking Galle-chan’s head.

「S, Stop it! I want to be praised by Master, not you!」(Galle)

I can’t stop smiling, watching them like this.

「Galle-chan, you say that but you’re actually happy, aren’t you~?」(Hanna)

「I, I-I’m not happy at all! Master, what are you talking about!?」(Galle)

I can tell that she’s lying even though I’m really dense.

Galle-chan is wagging her tail after being stroked by Mira-san.

However, Mira-san, who also saw her tail, stepped back a little.

「Ga, Galle-chan’s tail is wagging… Don’t tell me, you’re a fake…?」(Mira)

「I’m not!」(Galle)

With her face turning red, Galle-chan denied Mira-san’s airheaded joke.

「But, never mind me stroking your head, the real you has never been in a good mood like this when I approach you.」(Mira)

「Of course! How can I be in a good mood after you stroke my head!?」(Galle)

「But, your tail is still wagging, though…. That means you are either a fake, or… the real Galle-chan who can’t be honest with herself.」(Mira)

「T, T, Th-That’s…..! UuuUuu~~~! Moouuー! I hate Mira-sanー!」(Galle)

「Ga, Gaーnng…. Galle-chan hates me after all…..」(Mira)

If only Galle-chan wasn’t being a tsundere here, their relationship might become better.

Well, a relationship cannot be changed suddenly after all.

There’s a saying “The closer you are with your friend, the more you fight with them”, so I think it’s a good thing.



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