Chapter 59 : Seize The Victory With Our Family Bond (part 1)


The one I hit wasーー Galle-chan.

A lot of blood spilled from fake Galle-chan’s head.

「N, No way… Master… why…?」(Galle?)

Looking at her staggering and drenched in blood, I don’t feel sympathetic at all.

Because I was already convinced that this Galle-chan was fake.

「How long will you pretend to be my beloved Galle-chan? It’s disgusting so reveal yourself already!」(Hanna)

「Uuu~….. Master, I’m the real Galle-chan, you know?….. How dare you hit your beloved Galle-chan, huh!? ーーDammit! It seems there’s no point faking it anymore.」(Doubt)

Her tone suddenly changed, as her body melted like a slime.

And what appeared from inside the slime was a demon wearing a black cloak and a mask that covered the upper half of his face.

It was hard to tell whether he was a man or a woman just from his exposed lips.

Nothing special from his appearance which is suitable for a demon who can transform into any shape like him.

「You have my praise for being able to see through my perfect transformation. Making someone kill their friends and family is my hobby, but too bad I can’t do it this time…」(Doubt)

「Hah! What a wicked hobby you have. Do you feel like giving up now?」(Hanna)

「Giving up? Fufufu. Looks like you don’t understand your position right now, huh? Even though you can reveal my identity, I still have a hostage here!」(Doubt)

Doubt took out a card from his cloak.

What was drawn on the card wasー


No, it wasn’t a drawing.

Galle-chan was moving, trying to get out of the card.

It looks like the card was something like a window that connected to another dimension.

However, no matter how hard Galle-chan tried to get out, she would be repelled back as if there was a transparent wall inside the card.

「Galle-chan, I’ll help you! Wait for me!」(Hanna)

「Woah! Hold up! Don’t move, orー」(Doubt)

While holding the card with his right hand, Doubt created a flame with magic on his left hand.

「Khufufu! If you don’t want me to burn your friend, throw away your hammer!」(Doubt)

「Khh! You really are a coward!」(Hanna)

「I am! Being a coward is my way of life! Kaahahaha!」(Doubt)

Galle-chan shouted from inside the card.

『Master, don’t throw away your hammer! Without a blunt weapon, Master is just a girl who can’t do anything!』(Galle)

「Galle-chan’s right. Hanna’s main power is blunt weapons after all. You will be useless without one.」(Mira)

「Umm… guys…?」(Hanna)

I know they are just worried about me, but no matter how insensitive I am, their words still hurt me…

If only I could move quickly like Cecil, I could rescue Galle-chan easily.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible with my slow movements.

「If I throw away my hammer, what are you gonna do?」(Hanna)

「Fufufu. Don’t worry, I won’t take her life. However, I’ll turn both of you into cards too! Kaahaha!」(Doubt)

Not only me but also Mira-san, huh?
Well, Mira-san is also a threat for him after all, because she found out that the fake Galle-chan was him.

「But of course, my main target is you! Hanna Falsett! I will take over your place and go to clear the difficulty level A quest with the Seven Spears. When I have a chance, I’ll kill him first then I’ll also kill the royal princess! Kaaahaha!」(Doubt)

「Huh? Royal princess?」(Hanna)

「Hoo. So the Seven Spears didn’t tell you, huh? The difficulty level A quest that he accepted is to escort the princess of this kingdom, Marian Granfred.」(Doubt)



Princess Marian Granfred is one of the【Sacred Twin Stars】!
Moreover, she is the first successor to the throne!

Slad-san said, “I can’t tell the details, but this quest’s objective is to escort ‘a certain person’ to ‘a certain place’.”

Apparently, that ‘certain person’ seems to be Princess Marian.

I can understand why this quest’s difficulty level is A, then.
You can’t make mistakes in this quest, or else, it will definitely be bad for this country.

This is an extremely important quest that a special-A rank adventurer like Slad-san took trouble to come to this city from the Demon Land.

「Now throw away your damn hammer! It’s better to lose a weapon than have your friend killed, right!?」(Doubt)

Well, from the beginning, I have no intention of abandoning Galle-chan, of course.


If I do what he wants, he will murder the princess!

Khh…! What should I do…?

As I hesitated, I heard the gods of blunt weapons whispering.

『It’s not a bad idea to ‘throw away’ your hammer.』
『And then that demon will definitely let his guard down for a second.』(bears)


Ah! I see!

I somehow understood what the gods were trying to say.

「Alright, alright. But don’t you dare hurt Galle-chan!」(Hanna)

「Khufufu. Yes, of course. You finally do what I say. Actually, I don’t hate good girls who honestly give up like you.」(Doubt)

「Hmph. Well, thank you, I guess?」(Hanna)

I released my big hammer from my hands.

When he saw it fall from my hands, Doubt let out a sigh of relief.


The moment the head of the hammer touched the ground, I shoutedー

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill【Floor Reversal】!」(Hanna)

One of the floorboards below Doubt rotated in a circle and hit his hand that was holding the card.

「What theー!?」(Doubt)

The damage was very low, but it was enough to make him let go of the card.
While he was completely off guard, I rushed forward and caught the card firmly.



Galle-chan who was inside the card smiled brightly with a little bit of tears in her eyes.

Fiuh… I’m glad that I successfully did it.

Whether I hold it or throw it away, I still can use my skills as long as the head of the hammer touches the ground.

This was my first time trying it in battle, but thank god it turned out really well.

「Y, You little bー」(Doubt)

「ーBy the way, how can I release her from this card? Will she be released if I crush your head~?」(Hanna)

「K, Khhhー! ……….Fu, Fufufu… Looks like I have no choice but to use my last resort here… Prepare yourself!」(Doubt)



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