Chapter 61 : Cecil’s Punishment (part 1)


I’m happy that I won, but the fun is just about to start~

「Well then~」(Hanna)

I looked at Cecil.


She snorted as usual.

「You wanna say there’s still punishment for me, don’t you?」(Cecil)

「That’s right~ You got my respect for not running away.」(Hanna)

I seriously thought that she would run away as soon as she knew that she was going to lose, like when the classmates left. It was a good chance for her to run away.

「Breaking a pact is an act of shame. There’s no way I can do such a shameful thing in the name of my family.」(Cecil)

「I don’t think your family was virtuous, but… whatever…」(Hanna)

If only she isn’t so prideful that even makes her look down on people, I feel like I can get along with her a little.

Unfortunately, she always looks down on me.

The loser of this contest has to do anything the winner ordered.
I was surprised that she would obediently accept the punishment.

Perhaps, she was thinking something like “It’s the Donketsu-Hanna we’re talking about. I’m sure her punishment won’t be a big deal.”


You’re too naive…
You’re too naive, Cecil!

I’ll make use of every inch of your body and make you taste a terrible humiliation that you will never forget!

「Cecil, take off your clothes.」(Hanna)

「Wha…..Whaaat!? What the heck are you gonna do to me!?」(Cecil)

Cecil was frightened.
She probably didn’t expect I would order her to do such a thing.

「….Rozelia, can you hold Cecil from behind? Make sure she can’t escape.」(Hanna)


Without thinking twice, Rozelia immediately did what I said.

「Ro, Roze!?」(Cecil)

「I’m sorry, Cecil. But I also do this for you so that you don’t run away and break the pact.」(Rozelia)

She said that, but she looks like she’s having fun.

「N, Noー! Please, NOー!」(Cecil)

「Geez. Stay still or you will get hurt!」(Hanna)

While holding the rampaging Cecil, I removed her armor piece by piece.

H, Heeー She has a beautiful body, hasn’t she…?

While removing the armor that covered her chest, arms, and legs, I stared at her entire body and unintentionally swallowed my saliva.

Undressing a beautiful girl like this, I feel like a pervert…

After a whileー

「Alright, it’s done now!」(Hanna)

Cecil kept her eyes closed, so I clapped my hands once to give her a signal.

「Wowー Cecil, that looks good on you☆」(Rozelia)

「Eh?…. Eh…?」(Cecil)

Cecil opened her eyes while being confused.

「W, What the heck is this…!?」(Cecil)

I changed her clothes.

Her body was now wrapped in new armor.

「This armor…. Just what the hell are you trying to do with me!?」(Cecil)

「You don’t get it? I want you to advertise our store.」(Hanna)


「Look closely at the armor on your chest. It has the emblem of our store, Egg Tart, right?」(Hanna)

「H, Huhh!?」(Cecil)

There was a cool picture of a combination of an egg and a hammer on the emblem.

For the armor, I chose the color of blue and silver to match Cecil’s image.

「Now, pull out the sword on your waist.」(Hanna)

「Don’t tell me, you swapped the sword too!?」(Cecil)

She reluctantly did what I said.

The sword Cecil pulled out reflected the light of the lanterns on the wall and emitted seven colors of brilliance.

There was a carving of a bird and ivy on the brim, and the sword grip was made from white buffalo leather so it was easy to hold.

It was a wonderful sword if I say so myself.

And the biggest feature of this sword was the『Manufactured by Hanna Falsett』engraving on the blade.

「H, Hmph! Do you think I’ll use these filthy things!?」(Cecil)

We’re talking about Cecil, a person who was accusing the Egg Tart of being a store of evil god believers, so I think this is a perfect punishment for her.

「Fufun~ You WILL. From now on, The Silver Flash, Cecil Sortlarc, can only use the equipment I made for the rest of her life!」(Hanna)

「Y, You… Don’t tell me… my punishment is…」(Cecil)

「Yes. The more you fight with ‘Hanna Falsett’s sword’ and ‘Egg Tart’s armor’, the more you will increase our reputation!」(Hanna)

「Are you… kidding me……!?」(Cecil)

Her face turned really pale as if she lost all of her vitality.

「C, Can you please change the punishment…? I’ll do anything but this! Please!」(Cecil)

「Huuhhh~? You said you would make me never touch any blunt instruments for the rest of my life, and you want me to lighten your punishment? Are you playing with me? Hell NO!」(Hanna)

「Th, That’s…. Ukhh….」(Cecil)

Knowing that I won’t change her punishment, Cecil was lost for words.

「Egg Tart’s equipment is excellent, so why is she complaining? I think it’s a benefit for her, honestly.」
「I know, right? She’s not in a position to complain.」
「Aa-aahh… Acting childish like that… Cecil is really disappointing me… If they will compete with each other again in the future, I’ll bet on the Blunt Weapon Princess for sure.」
「Yeah, I’ll do that too. I regret that I bet on Cecil this time…」
「Getting high quality equipment like that… Dammit. I want to receive such a punishment…!」
「Yeah, if I were her, I’ll gladly accept that kind of punishment.」(adventurers)

The adventurers in the guild seem to agree with the punishment, but… looks like some people are jealous of it…

「U, Uuu, UuuUuUuuu~……….!」(Cecil)

With a regretful face and tears in her eyes, Cecil whispered in a low voice so that no one could hear.

「Ukh… Hikh… What should I do…? Hikh… If Father finds out… he’ll be really mad at me… Hikh…..」(Cecil)

Uwaa…. She really looks like a little girl now…
I never knew she was this kind of character…

When I looked at her with disgusted eyes, Rozelia hugged her and stroked her head.

「Dear, dear. Cecil, you might have lost this time, but you can just get your revenge next time, right?」(Rozelia)

Hearing such a follow-up from Rozelia, Cecil’s eyes began to shine a little.

「Y, Yeah… you’re right, Roze! If I win next time, I can throw away this armor and sword!」(Cecil)

「Un, un! That’s the spirit! No matter how many times you lose, I’ll always cheer for you!」(Rozelia)

While stroking Cecil’s head, Rozelia made a slightly creepy smile.

Why is she smiling like that…?

And wait… what did she mean by ‘next time’?
Do I have to fight Cecil again in the future?
Are you kidding me?

Well… no matter how many times she challenges me, I’ll never lose to her!



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