Chapter 48 : It Seems Like My Daily Life Will Become Even More Lively


Ten days had been passed since the fierce battle at Ludley Bridge.

With the help of Medit-obasan’s network power, the story that I protected the bridge by defeating the monster that had been disguised as a girl, spread around the city and overwrote the bad rumours about our store in the blink of an eye.

Wize was receiving punishment in the royal capital.
But since no one was killed by the monster that he controlled, he wasn’t charged with murder.
His earlship had been stripped and he was forced to become a carpenter.

It irritated me, but unfortunately, being a carpenter or blacksmith was a kind of punishment in this world.
But, I think that punishment was worse than death for a rotten aristocrat like him.
Besides, Galle-chan didn’t want him to be punished by death.
Well, with building and creating something as a carpenter, I hope he would understand the pain of the carpenters whose creation was destroyed by him many times.

As for Cecil, she hadn’t woken up yet.
According to Rozelia, it wasn’t because of the damage I did to her, but because she poured too much magical power to use【Holy End Requiem】.
She wanted to defeat me so bad and ended up using all of her magical power.
I fixed all her joints that I dislocated that time, but I can’t fix her personality, unfortunately.
It seems it would be troublesome when she wakes up.

Now that the bad rumors had disappeared, customers were gradually returning to our store, Egg Tart.

Of course, it was still not as many as before the bad rumors spread, but our sales yesterday reached about half of the sales on the opening day.

We sold high quality products after all.
As long as there were no negative campaigns, our store should be just fine.

But… I have a new problem now…

「Mi, Mira-san… I think you are clinging to me too much.」

「Hm? Is that so?」

Lately, Mira-san clung to me more often.

When I was lining up the products on the shelves, she hugged me from behind.

It would be awkward if someone saw us like this.

「Hanna wasn’t here for a week, so it can’t be helped.」

「Yeah… But, it’s been several days since I came back, right?」

「But it’s not enough. I need more vitamin H.」

「Vitamin H?」

「H for Hanna…」

Mira-san buried her face in my nape and sniffed it.

「M, Mira-san? Uhh…This is bad…. What if someone saw us?」

「I don’t care.」

「We were finally able to stop the bad rumors, but a strange rumor about our relationship might spread around the city this time. Since the Ludley Bridge has been fixed, more customers might start coming from the royal capital. We can’t let strange rumors about our store spread again!」

「Hanna Falsett Bridge. I want to see it…」

「It’s Ludley Bridge! Well… in the world of carpentry, it was named after me, tho…」

The carpenters might just want to give me a tribute, but, uhh, it’s a good nuisance for me.

I want to raise my adventurer rank and go to see Laney, but at this rate, I may become famous in the carpentry world before I can rise even a single rank…

「Oh. There it is! This is the rumored Hammer-Hanna’s store!」
「So, the girl over there is Hammer-Hanna herself!?」
「 The Blunt Weapon Princess is surprisingly small! I thought she was like King Kong or an ogre!」

The joyful voices of travelers could be heard from outside the store.

「Hammer-Hanna… Blunt Weapon Princess…」

It wasn’t just the name of the bridge.
I myself also had a nickname before I knew it.

The Blunt Weapon Princess, Hammer-Hanna

Just, who the heck started it!? I’ll hit their head!

Well, the princess part is not bad, to be honest.
It matches The Sword Princess Laney.


Hammer-Hanna is terrible!

I know it sounded similar, but I have a splendid second name called Falsett!
It’s rude to replace it just because ‘hammer’ sounds similar to my name!
*/ Hammer in japanese is pronounced Hamma. So it sounds like “Hamma-Hanna”

However, thanks to that, many people from outside Tiaret were visiting our store as if it was a tourist spot.

Well, I don’t mind.
But can they at least buy something?
They were just making noise in front of the store. It’s very annoying.

「Alright, peopleー if you just make noise in front of our store without buying anything, I’ll charge you for window shopping!」

I held a broom in my hand and drove away the window shoppers, but suddenly, a girl called out from the right side.

「Is this Hammer-Hanna’s store?」

「Yes! And the window shopping fee will be 1 million pels!」

「Uhh… I don’t have that much money…」

「Then! give all your… belongings……me……..Eh?」

Because I shouted as I looked around at the people, I didn’t notice her until I turned my face to the right side.


The girl who was standing on the right side of the crowd was a silver-haired girl who should have parted ways with me at Ludley Bridge.

She wore a hood to cover the animal ears on her head so I couldn’t see them, but there’s no way my eyes wouldn’t recognize this cute appearance!

I asked her as she approached me.

「W, Why are you here? Didn’t you stay with the carpenters?」

I left Galle-chan to the carpenters because for her, they are family.
But why did she leave them…?

Galle-chan shook her head with a lonely look on her face.

「We are pretending that I was dead that night. I can’t stay with the carpenters because the officials kept asking them about the situation. I don’t want them to be in danger, so…」

「Ah… That’s right.」

Why am I so dumb to not even notice it!
It must be that Wize kept telling the officials the truth.

「But, well, if I stay away from the bridge and go to another city, I can just pretend to be a beastman. I heard that the Gilta tribe that lives near the Demon Land has wolf ears and a tail like this.」

As she said that, Galle-chan took off the hood and showed her animal ears.

Un. The ears make her look even more cute!

I feel guilty about it.

「Galle-chan… aren’t you angry with me? Because of my unskillfulness, now you have those ears and tail…」

If only I could completely remove Fenrir’s cells with my unique skill,【Scrap & Build】from her body, she wouldn’t have those ears and tail.

「Umm… Well then, Hanna-san, can you take responsibility?」

「Re, Responsibility!?」

I’d love to!
But, we can’t get married since we are the same gender. Unfortunately…

Or maybe, should I adopt her as my daughter?
No… I think it’s impossible because our age is too close… damn it!

Oi, me! Stop thinking about ‘responsibility’ in a way that is convenient for you!

U, Uhh… you’re right, me.

But, I wonder how she will ask me to take responsibility…
Is it money?
Or… she wants to eat yakiniku maybe?

I thought about various things, but Galle-chan didn’t want any of them.
What she wants isー


「Y, Yes!」

「From now on, I want Hanna-san to be my new master!」


That reminds me, that night, at the forest, Galle-chan called Wize with “master”.

Well, of course I will definitely take care of Galle-chan with love, unlike that bald father-pretender!

But, I don’t know what she means by ‘master’.

「So… What should I do to be a master?」

Galle-chan approached me even more and looked up at me with a cute upward gaze.

「Simple. All you have to do is stroke my head everyday, hug me everyday, sleep with me in the same bed everyday, something like that?」

Uwaaah~ What kind of heaven is that!?

「Also, I want you to let me work at this store. I’m not good at calculating money, but if it’s physical labor, leave it to me! I’m quite strong now. I still have Fenrir cells inside me after all.」

Wait… Isn’t it too good to be true?

I can’t find a single reason to decline.

Ah, but… but!

When I was about to say okay, I just rememberedー

「But… I have a housemate named Mira. This store was originally owned by her, so I can’t decide on my own…」

I sent a glance at Mira-san who was inside the store, and so she approached us.
Of course, because her facial expression didn’t change at all, I couldn’t read her reaction.

「This girl is Galle-chan?」

I told Mira-san about what happened at Ludley Bridge.
Of course, I also told her about Galle-chan and how she could transform into a monster by eating a magic stone.
I told her because I trust her and thought it wasn’t necessary to hide it from her.

I’m sure Mira-san won’t hate Galle-chan just because of that, but I don’t know if she will be willing to live with her.
She may think it would be dangerous living with such a girl.

Mira-san stared at Galle-chan from the top of her ears to her bottom.
And then she raised a thumbs up.

「Cute. You’re hired.」

「Ehh!? Is it okay, Mira-san!?」

I was a little surprised.
I thought Mira-san was the type who finds it difficult to get along with other people.

「The more the stuffed…….the family, the more I will be healed.」

「Aa! You were trying to say “stuffed animal”, weren’t you!?」

「I wasn’t. By the way, if she can transform into a monster, I want her to transform into a fluffy monster.」

「I knew it! You want to treat her like a stuffed animal!」

「Because, she looks a lot like Woof-tan.」

「Aa! So you had another stuffed animal other than Puu-tan? And now it’s a dog!?」

「Woof-tan is a cat.」

「So confusing!」

Galle-chan looked sullen.
Maybe she felt alienated because I was only talking to Mira-san.

「Excuse me! Who is this weird person to Master!?」

「……..Weird person… you say?」

Mira-san, who was being pointed at by Galle-chan, moved her eyebrows slightly.

「Ga, Galle-chan, that’s rude! She might be expressionless and difficult to understand, but Mira-san can also get hurt, you know?」

「…..No, Hanna. Her angry face is also cute.」

「What is ‘cute’ for you!? Really!」

Since I lived with her, I’ve been trying my best to understand Mira-san.
But now, I don’t have the confidence to understand her…

But, it seems our days together will be really fun!

A new life as an adventurer.
A new store I run together with Mira-san.
And now, a new family member, Galle-chan!

…..Laney, how are you doing right now in the north?

I’m living life to the fullest right now.
And it seems like my daily life will become even more lively from now on.



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