Chapter 47 : I Will Make Them Know Our Pain


【Scrap & Build】

What an amazing unique skill that embodied the power of blunt weapons.

『What kind of name is that?』
『You should name it【Spit it Out】or something , because you made that monster spit out that child’s body』

The god of blunt weapons (the bears) suggested a super lame name.
I ignored them.

This will be my special skill! I can’t let these bears name it!

「…..But… I still suck at this…」

It seems I didn’t completely remove the Fenrir factor from Galle-chan’s body.
Now she had a pair of wolf ears on her head, and a tail on her back.

Well, at least Galle-chan’s cuteness wasn’t ruined by the ears and tails.
No… rather, the ears and tails make her look even more cute!?

「U, Uhh…」

Galle-chan opened her eyes slightly.
The first person who was reflected in her eyes was me, and then the worried carpenters who gathered around us.

「Oi, Galle-chan. Are you okay?」
「Why did Galle-chan come out of that monster?」

The carpenters, who didn’t know what just happened, were confused.

「Ah, U, Umm… This is…」

I tried to come up with an excuse, but then Galle-chan, who was still being hugged by me, squinted and confessed to the carpenters.

「Everyone, I’m sorry… I’ve been deceiving you… The monsters that have been destroying the bridge until now, were me… I was the monsters…」

It looks like she remembered everything even after she was transformed into Fenrir.
She shed tears as if she was ashamed that she was still alive after she tried to kill me and the carpenters.

「Th, That’s right! Now you all know! Galle who all of you love was actually the monsters! Hahahaha! What foolish people!」

Wize mocked the carpenters and laughed like a mad man.

It seems that he already gave up trying to make an excuse that he didn’t have anything to do with this incident.

「Galle will be punished like meー No. She will be punished even more! If you accuse me, I’ll definitely take her down with me! Gahahaha!」

No. Indeed he gave up making an excuse, but it seems that he still hasn’t given up escaping from this.
This rotten man would use anything to make a chance to escape.

「I did something terrible to everyone… So I’ll accept whatever the punishment is…」galle

After looking at Galle-chan who murmured lifelessly, the carpenters finally understood the situation.

「Galle-chan, you! ……..Don’t say something like that! No way we will blame you!」
「You were just forced by Wize, right? So you did nothing wrong to us!」
「I don’t care if Galle-chan was those monsters. We always think of you as our family!」
「That’s right! Galle-chan is the cute daughter of all of us!」

Kuuhh! These guys! They are all good people!

My sight became hazy with tears.

Are there still people who can say they are cultists and evil after seeing this beautiful scene!?

「E… Everyone……Hiks… Uuukh… Uwaaaaaaaaaaー!」

Galle-chan cried.
But unlike before. They weren’t tears of sadness and regret.
They were tears of happiness and gratefulness.
Because now she had a true family that was connected through their hearts.

「……..Guys, listen. We will make it as if Galle-chan died here.」

The boss looked at everyone as he said that.

「Although it was crushed into pieces, the monster’s corpse still remains. If that f******g bastard is the only one who will claim that Galle is alive, I’m sure the country wouldn’t believe it」

Hooー What a great idea! It made me want to applaud.

However, Wize didn’t seem to want to give up.
He tried to escape from his sin somehow.

「Fool! As if that would work like that! ……Oi! Dark elf over there!」

「Eh? Me…?」

Wize called out Rozelia, who was looking after the unconscious Cecil.

「You are Bazel-dono’s student, right!? If they accuse me, you must support me and testify for me!」

Ah! That’s right!
I forgot about her!

I don’t think she, who doesn’t know about Galle-chan, will support our side.

However. I was wrong about Rozeliaー

「…Eehh? Testify what? I don’t know anything since dark elf can hardly see at night~」

Rozelia was magnificently playing dumb.

「Wha…! You dark elf live in the dark place, don’t you!? No way you can’t see well at night! Lying to me will be a rebellion against Bazel-dono, you know!」

「Yada yadaー What is this perverted old man talking about? ‘Live in the dark place’, you say? Can you stop being a smartass please? And one more thing, can you stop talking to me please? I’m busy taking care of Cecil, you know?」

Phu,! Nice one.

But I wonder what Rozelia is thinking?
There’s no merit for her to defend us, the monster side (for them), right?

Or maybe… she tried to make me owe her a favor?
Uhh… I hope she won’t ask me an annoying request or something…

「No way, no way, no way, impossible, impossible, impossibleー! Then I will just ask Bazel-dono to end your life! You better prepare to die! All of you!!!」

「Haahh….. How miserable. The one who should be prepared is you!」

Leave aside Rozelia for now. Let’s deal with this man first.

I let go of Galle-chan from my arms and entrusted her to the carpenters, then I picked up my hammer.

「Wh, Wh, What are you gonna do!? Y, You won’t hit an unarmed human, right!?」

「Of course. But unfortunately, you are not ‘human’ to us. So, even if I hit you, I don’t think anyone will complain. Right, everyone?」

The carpenters nodded all together. And that was a deep, deep nod.

Wize, who witnessed me defeating Cecil and Fenrir using my hammer, trembled and fell to the ground while his body was shaking in fear.

「S, S-Stop it! Please! If you hit me with the stupid power you have, I’ll definitely die!」

「Don’t worry. I will only use a little power.」

「R, Really!?」

「Yeah. But… I’ll hit you continuously until I’m satisfied~」

「H, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyー!」

Do do do do do do do do do do do do doー
ー do do do do do do do do do do do doー
ー do do do do do do do do do do do doー
ー do do do do do do do do do do do donー!

I hit his bald head, his face, his body. And when he became like a ragged cloth, for the last hit, I hit him like a golf ball.


He was blown away and hit his back against a big tree, dropped to the ground and then fainted.

「Know the pain of people you have been hurting until now!」



With this, the reconstruction of Ludley Bridge, and the extermination of the monsters that continued to destroy the bridge, came to an end.



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