Chapter 49 : What is “Best Friend” For Rozelia


I’m Rozelia Schultz. A novice adventurer.
You know what? My best friend is one of the most famous adventurers in the city, Cecil Sortlarc!
Do I make you jelly~?

She was the daughter of the Sword Fighting King, Bazel Sortlarc, and she was the youngest girl to graduate from the adventurer school as the top graduate and immediately became a rank-C adventurer.

There were already countless heroic stories about her, and she was rumored to become a rank-B adventurer soon.
From her splendid way of fighting by combining wind and light sword techniques, people called her【Silver Flash】.

But today, she was neither swift as the wind nor as piercing as light.

Walking next to me, Cecil’s footsteps were heavy.

It’s been ten days since she fought with Hanna.

And after Cecil was healed and returned to Tiaret, the reputation of Hanna’s store, Egg Tart, had changed.

「The medicines from Egg Tart are surely the best!」

「The quality of their weapons and armor are also great! They are on a different level from those on sale at other stores.」

「From the beginning, I didn’t believe the owner of the store that sells such good products is an evil god believer.」

「Hah? Don’t lie to me. You didn’t want to stop by for a while because you were afraid, weren’t you?」

Listening to the conversations of the passers-by, Cecil’s expression turned pale.

「W, What the meaning of this…..!?」

「Hmmー their reputation has changed so quickly. It seems that someone was working for them from behind the scenes.」

Elisabeth Medit oba-san is the number one customer of Egg Tart, right?
So maybe it was the work of the Medit Family.

They didn’t have much power compared to the Sortlarc Family, but Elisabet Medit oba-san’s power to spread rumors cannot be underestimated.

「So they manipulated information while I’m away!? Cowards…!」

「Umm… But you did the same thing to them though.」

「What are you talking about, Roze!? What I spread is the truth. What they spread now are made-up rumors!」

「But, it’s true that Hanna defeated the monster, right?」


Cecil looked into my eyes and brought her beautiful face close to mine.

「Do you really believe that Hanna defeated it? Defeated the terrifying Fenrir that could disguise itself as a girl?」

「Geez. I told you many times! That’s true! ……What? Cecil, do you doubt me?」

「No… It’s not that I doubt you, but…」

Well, it’s natural that Cecil doubted it.
Because there’s no way Hanna defeated the monster she wanted to protect so much.

Moreover, what was left in that forest were only chunks of meat and blood. It was hard to tell if it was really Fenrir or not.

Wize, who was caught said, “I was deceived by the girl who I raised like my own daughter! I’m just a victim who knows nothing! The girl is still alive! That monster is dangerous!”.
He was shouting and screaming like that when the officials investigated him.

However, they didn’t believe him.
The officials believed the carpenters’ testimony.

What I explained to Cecil was also based on their testimony.
They said, “The monster that had been destroying the bridge was Wize’s daughter”. They also said, “Hanna, Wize’s daughter’s friend, realized that she couldn’t help her, so there was no other way but to defeat the monster. She killed it while in tears”.

When Cecil woke up five days later after she used all her power to release【Holy End・Requiem】, Hanna had already left, and Wize’s daughter was in hiding.
So, there’s no way for Cecil to confirm the truth that time.

Wize’s daughter. Umm… what’s her name again? Galle?
After a while, she left. She said she would live in Tiaret with Hanna.

If Cecil met Galle, maybe she would realize that she was Wize’s daughーー nah… No way she would realize.
Galle was too cute to be Wize’s daughter.
I thought it would be no problem even if Cecil met her.

Cecil only saw Galle from a distance several times.
Besides, now that Galle had animal ears and tail, her impression had changed a little.
And generally, Cecil wasn’t the type of person who had interest in people she didn’t know.
So, yeah, I think it’ll be just fine.

Because of that, I didn’t hesitate to lie to Cecil.

「Yada yadaー you’re such a meanie! My best friend doesn’t trust me! I’m hurt~!」

「I, I’m sorry, Roze… But, Roze, you strangely like Hanna lately, so sometimes I wonder which side you are on.」

「Eehhー Well, I guess I like Hana more these days.」


「Ahaha! I’m just joking~ Of course, I love Cecil more!」

「Geez…. It’s fine then…」

Cecil pouted. She pursed her lips like a child and turned her face away from me.

Uhyuu~ How cute~!
That’s why I can’t stop being Cecil’s best friend!




Cecil and I kept walking, heading for her mansion.
Since we were ordered by the chairman to defend the Ludley Bridge, we had to report to him.

But, the aura “I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go” was oozing out from Cecil.

The bridge was safe, but the one who protected it was Hanna.
And Wize, the supporter of Sortlarc Family, was caught as a criminal.

Hahh… He will definitely scold us…

When we faced the chairman in his room, Cecil was completely scared and couldn’t talk, so I ended up reporting the details to him.

「…..I see. I never thought Wize, the supervisor himself, was the one who was preventing the reconstruction of the bridge.」

I was surprised.
Even after listening to my report, the chairman remained calm.
Usually, he would be upset and then yell at Cecil.

Ah, haa~ I see now.
I’m not a stupidly honest person like Cecil, so I’m very good at noticing when people are hiding something.

「Chairman….. you’re the one who was behind Wize’s crime, aren’t you?」

「…..Ho? Why do you think like that? You know I was the one who instructed you to protect the bridge, don’t you?」

「I was thinking, maybe it’s because Wize took too long to fix the bridge so that he could keep getting money from the neighboring country, Lupt. You had a guess that Wize would be endlessly doing that, and you thought it would be bad if someone found out that you were also behind that, so you wanted to put an end to it by sending us to protect the bridge. If all goes well, you can also prevent Hanna from taking the credit. Am I right?」

「…..Hmm, that’s an interesting assumption.」

The chairman leaned against the back of his chair with a relaxed expression.

I knew it. I don’t think my guess is wrong.

The only miscalculation was that the hero who protected the bridge was Hanna, not us.
Still, he was able to get rid of Wize, so that’s why he was in a good mood.

「Interesting, but it’s nothing more than your delusion. Even if it’s true, you don’t have evidence, do you?」

「Well… I don’t~」

Perhaps, even if Wize claimed that the chairman was his partner in crime, the country wouldn’t believe it.

The Sword Fighting King, Bazel Sortlarc is a great hero of the Kingdom of Gran after all.

No, maybe Wize couldn’t say it.
Maybe the reason why Wize didn’t get the death penalty until now was because he desperately hid the truth about the chairman.

If the chairman feels like it, he could even intervene in the judiciary of the country so that Wize got the death penalty.

「What are you talking about, Roze? There’s no way my father would do such a wicked thing!」

My best friend didn’t even realize her father was hiding something.

…..Oh well.
There’s no merit for me if I denounced the chairman here anyway.

「More importantly, what are you going to do with that evil god believer? Don’t tell me you’re going to ignore her.」

Glared at by the chairman, Cecil swallowed her saliva.

「T, There’s no doubt that Hanna is an evil god believer. She was probably conspiring with the monster that was destroying the bridge. That’s why she protected it and attacked me instead. In the end, the monster was killed by Hanna, but I’m sure it was just some kind of illusion to deceive everyone. I’ll definitely reveal it!」

「Ho… You’re gonna reveal it, huh? You know? If only you didn’t lose to that flea and pass out miserably, you probably wouldn’t need to do that」


Uwaa… it was the most painful thing for Cecil right now.
What a cruel man.

「Moreover, you let her break your holy sword【Bright Line】. I even had to lower my head to the Sword Princess you admired to give her sword to you, you know?」

The chairman looked down at Cecil with despising eyes.

「F, Father. That’s not what happened. I wasー」

「I don’t want to hear excuses from those who are inferior to a mere flea! Don’t disappoint me more than this!」


Aa-aahh… He made her cry.

Poor Cecil.
It must be tough for her.
Because for Cecil, being recognized by her father was everything.

「But Rozelia. I’m expecting a lot from you.」

As if he wanted to launch a final blow to Cecil, the chairman said that to me.

Ahh. What a terrible man…
He knew her daughter felt really miserable right now, yet he didn’t even care one bit.

「’Ka~y. I’ll do my be~st…」

Well, I know he was just lying.
No way he had expectations from me.

I think the chairman and I are similar.

Hm? What is the similarity we have?
I won’t say it~


After that, we left the chairman’s room and walked down the corridor.

Suddenly, Cecil stopped.

「Cecil?… What’s wrong?」

Tears began to flow down from her eyes andー

「Hiks… hiks.. Ugu… UgyuuuuaaaAAAAAー!」

She clenched her teeth, tried to endure it at first, but then she gave up.

She cried hard like a child with snot coming out of her nose.
Right now, she was far from the image of the Silver Flash who everyone admired.

However, for me, it was a scene I was used to seeing.
She behaved like an adult, but actually, Cecil was a girl with a fragile heart.
She would cry as soon as something bad happened.

But, I’ve never seen her cry so hard like this.

「Hiks hiks… Father… hates me… hiks… I can’t live anymore…!」

「Geez. Don’t be so depressed like that. Dear, dear~」

I approached Cecil and hugged her trembling body tightly.

「Even if the chairman hates you, I’ll always be by your side. I swear I’ll never abandon you.」

「Hiks…. Roze….. Thank you, my best friend… I love you…」

Saying that, Cecil hugged me back.

My heart is beating so fast.

The girl who was said to be the strongest, showed her weakness only to me, and it made me so excited.

The instinct of a dark elf inside me screamed to me. It told me to make this girl mine.

I want to make her more dependent on me.
I want her to give her body and soul to me.

After the chairman showed his disappointment to her, Cecil had no one to depend on but me.

She will become a girl who can’t live without meー


ーーI will make her a woman who will do anything for me in order to not be abandoned by me.

And to achieve that goal, actually, I already have an idea.

While gently hugging Cecil, I stuck out my tongue, and said in my mindー

“I just have to make her fight Hanna again and again~”

This girl probably will never be able to defeat Hanna.
Hanna’s blunt weapon level is 100 million after all.
No way she can defeat her.

The more Cecil loses, the more she will disappoint the chairman.
As a result, she will rely on me even more.

Even if her reputation hits rock bottom, I will keep playing the role of her best friend who will be by her side forever.

Moreover, when I think it’s good enough to make Cecil dependent on me, I can be a peacemaker for Hanna and Cecil, and then Hanna will have a good impression of me.

Yaba~i. Isn’t it that “killing two birds with one stone” thing?
I’m a genius~!

It seems Hanna was grateful to me because I kept Galle’s secret.
So maybe her evaluation of me had changed from “annoying person” to “good person”.
And then it will become “friend” and finally turn into “best friend”!

Ahh~! What a perfect plan if I say so myself!
The real winner of the battle at Ludley Bridge was ME~

Cecil and Hanna are strong, cool, and cute girls!
And they are MINE~

Like these straps attached to my staff, they are my precious collection.

I’ll also get Mira and Galle, who cling to Hanna, as bonuses!

All these cute girls are mine!

I won’t give them to anyone else!




Now you know how distorted the feeling of “best friend” Rozelia has is.


TL :
I never expected Rozelia to be this smart and…… rotten.
I like the way she talked to Bazel btw.
With Rozelia revealing her true character, maybe the story will get even more interesting.

Anyway, this is the last chapter in arc 3.
Moving on to arc 4 in the next update. /’-’)/



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  1. Does Rozelia qualify for yandere? Tbh I actually enjoy when the MC is the victim/belonging of a yandere(this is exclusively in a yuri relationship).

  2. Christ, she actually is as disgusting as I thought… I thought I was being overdramatic, but they’re actually all just disgusting filth. Roselia, Cecil, the father… they all are just pieces of shit…

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