Chapter 46 : Believe In The Blunt Weapon in Your Heart


Alright…., I defeated Cecil, but there was still something I should do.

No… Rather, defeating Cecil was just like a side quest. The real battle was just about to begin!

「Ehh!? Cecil, Are you okay!?」

Rozelia canceled the wall of fire magic and rushed to Cecil in panic

Because the wall of fire that was blocking it was gone, Fenrir finally started rushing toward me.


Fenrir’s sharp claws were approaching me. I managed to dodge them, but then I was staggered a little.
I felt weak in my legs because of fatigue from the battle with Cecil.

But, even with my low stamina right now, killing Fenrir would be very easy.
Yes. It’s easy if I just have to kill it.
I can kill it with only swinging my hammer once into its head.

However, there’s no way I can do that to itーto Fenrirーto Galle-chan.

I looked for an opening to pick up my giant sledgehammer that I threw to the ground.

When I picked my hammer up and turned to Fenrirー

「Guys, look! What the heck is that!?」
「It’s a wolf monster this time, huh!?」

After the carpenters saw the smoke and heard a howl from this forest, they finally came.

This is bad.
FenrirーGalle-chan attacking the carpenters is the thing that must be avoided no matter what.

「But… What should I do…!?」

I couldn’t think of a way to save Galle-chan.

It’s good that I defeated Cecil, but I had no idea what I should do after that.

I tried to remember each of the blunt weapon skills I’ve learned, but all of them could only be used to defeat or restrain the opponent.

There were also skills used in architecture and blacksmithing, but, I doubt I could save Galle-chan with them.
Those skills could only change the “shape” of things, but not the “essence”.
Even if I could turn an iron ingot into a doorknob or something, I couldn’t turn iron into gold.

Therefore, it was impossible to return Galle-chan to a human again with my skills.

Fenrir started to attack me again.

Because I was thinking, it was too late for me to dodge.
I reflexively hit its head with my hammer.


Fenrir screamed in pain.

「Awawawa! I, I’m sorry, Galle-chan…!」

The situation will gradually get worse and worse if it continues like this…

Suddenly, the words spoken by Boss crossed my mind.

『I don’t believe that the god who controls blunt instruments is the god of destruction. Because, isn’t it the opposite? We are building things with hammers…』Boss on chapter 7

My set of values for blunt instruments changed from that time.

Boss was the person who made me think that blunt instruments could be useful to people.

But… I’m worthless now…

Although I have a high blunt weapon level…
And after I said that I will destroy the unreasonableness with this hammer…
I can’t even save a girl…

With me hitting its head, Fenrir became angrier than before.
It attacked me again, trying to bite me like bacon.
And I continued dodging it while thinking.

This monster wasn’t an opponent that I could win against without killing it.

There would be only two results at the end of this battle.
I killed it, or it killed me.

If I lose, it would kill all the carpenters who have gathered here.
There’s no way I could let Galle-chan eat her precious friends.

But… I can’t kill Galle-chan either…

「Uhh… Am I only able to destroy things with blunt weapons…?」

After I muttered like that, the hammer I had in my hand shook.



I looked at the source of the voice, which was the big sledgehammer I held, and saw two bears were standing side by side on the handle of the hammer. They looked up at me.

「Eh!? Bear-san!? ーNo. God of Blunt Weapons -sama!?」

I was very surprised, because even though sometimes they talked to each other, they never talked to me.

The smaller bear made a fist and saidー

『Hanna… Now is the time for you to believe in the power of blunt weapons!』

Next, the bigger bear raised its voice.

『A blunt instrument is not only a weapon for destruction. If you have the power to create, you can even create any future you want. That’s the ‘true powaaah’ of blunt weapons!』

「W, What? Powaaah of blunt weapons!?」

I felt like the bear was trying to say something cool, but for me, the word ‘pawaaah’ was just… you know…

Well, they are the gods who gave the blunt weapon skills lame names after all…

Ahh! I want to give them a tsukkomi like, “the heck is that!?”, but Fenrir didn’t give me a chance.
It was trying to bite me again and again, but this time I deflected its jaw with my hammer from the side.

『A blunt weapon user shall not worry about small things such as skill names! You just have to focus on destroying the unreasonableness in this world with your hammer!』

Uhh… it looks like the bears know what I was thinking.

But the bear’s words inspired me and gradually grew my desire to do it even moreー

ーto destroy the unreasonableness in this world! Yes! Just like I wanted!

I felt like if the gods were on my side, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

「Let’s show the awesomeness of the blunt weapons!」

Fenrir, who finally regained its posture, opened its mouth and released the breath of fire.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Earth Wall】! 」

I hit the ground, and then a wall of earth emerged.
But this time, I didn’t only use it as a shield, but I also used it as a stepping stone to jump high into the air.

I kicked the ground and jumped to the top of the earth wall, that was blocking Fenrir’s fire breath, and then jumped again into the air.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Air Stakes】! 」

I made an invisible staircase in the air with【Air Stakes】, and climbed up further until I finally reached the point where Fenrir’s attack couldn’t reach me.

Piron ♪

A level-up sound rang out, and at the same time, the skill tree was automatically displayed in front of me.

There was a message on the display saying, ”There’s a new skill that can be learned. Do you want to use skill points?”.

「Atabou desuー!」

I have tons of skill points! Take as many as you like!

Then, a branch on the top of the skill tree glowed, and a new skill was added there.

The skill which no one had ever learned before. Even god didn’t even know about this skill.

Yes. This is my unique skill!


When I put my power in my hands, my hammer shone.

A strong power that I have never felt before, dwelled in my hammer.

The power of blunt weapons.

The power by blunt weapons.

The power for blunt weapons!

The preparation was completed.
Now, I just have to pour my dream and my belief into this hammer and swing it with all my might!

I kicked the last stake and jumped to the air.
As I fell toward Fenrir’s head, I prepared my hammer and hit its head with all my power.


A deafening, loud sound echoed throughout the forest.

Not only its head, but also its body and limbs were crushed into pieces by the impact.
The rain of Fenrir’s blood and flesh was falling and scattered on the ground.

「K, K, Kaah, hahahahahaー!」

When I just landed on the ground, Wize, who was hiding behind a tree, laughed.

「You kill her! You kill heeerr! Khahaha! You said you will protect her, but in the end your life is more important, huh!?」

「……Kill? What are you talking about?」


He didn’t know because he was looking at my back.

I turned around and showed him the golden-brown-skinned girl I was carrying in my arms.

She lost consciousness, but she didn’t get hurt.

「W, What!? Galle!? What’s the meaning of this!? Didn’t you just kill hー」

「ーBlunt Weapon Unique Skill,【Scrap and Build】. I only removed Fenrir factor from Galle-chan’s body.」

「Ha, Haaaaahh!?」

Like hitting an iron plate again and again to remove the excess carbon in blacksmithing, I removed the Fenrir cells from Galle-chan’s body.

The giant silver wolf that I crushed into pieces was just the shell.



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