Chapter 45 : For Now, It’s Finally Settled


「You haven’t used up all the skill points you got, have you?」

「………You found out, huh…」

Simply raising the tool level will not increase your abilities.

There’s no point unless you learn skills by spending the skill points you got as you leveled up your tool level.

For me, who got a tremendous amount of skill points as I leveled up my blunt weapon level 100 million+ times, there’s no need to make choices about which skills I want to learn, because I could just learn all the available skills.

Even so, there were still a lot of skills that I haven’t learned yet.

Yes. It wasn’t because I lacked skill points, but because those skills were the ones with “composite condition”, a.k.a “combined skills”.

「My sword skill,【Holy End】can only be learned after I learn【Light Magic】from the magic staff skill tree. I’m sure you’ve learned all the skills that are ‘available to learn’. But, you can’t learn the skills that require you to learn another weapon skill first. Because, your other weapon levels are zero!」

Said Cecil triumphantly.

Unfortunately, what she said was true.

And of course, skills with composite conditions were far more powerful than skills with simple conditions.

Because of that, adventurers usually practice not only their main weapon, but also sub-weapons according to which combined skills they want to learn.

That’s why, for example, Rozelia. Despite being a magician-class, she also participated in sword class in the Adventurer School.
That’s because learning a lot of weapons, aside from your main weapon, would be useful in the future.

Cecil’s sword level was about 100, but the level of other weapons such as spear, axe, bow, and magic staff was also high, and she also should have many passive skills to raise her basic abilities.

Compared to sword skills of Cecil, who trained multiple weapons, my blunt weapon skills were just too fundamental.

And those factors were what became the reason why she didn’t feel the difference in ability even though our level difference was extremely high.

But… I have no complaints.

Because, even though I couldn’t learn the combined skills, the simple-condition skills I have learned so far were enough to make me this strong.


「This huge amount of skill points that I can’t spend now is my future savings, or should I say, my potential! When my other weapon levels go up, I can get even stronger!」

I could even learn several new skills if my sword level went up by just one level.

Ahh~ It’s so nice knowing that I still have a lot of room for growth even after reaching level 100 million.

「Huh?? When your other weapon levels go up, you say? After two years in school without being able to raise your weapon level, do you really still hope such a miracle will happen? Impossible. How illogical. Aiming to learn ‘unique skills’ is more logical, I think.」

The magical power residing in Cecil’s rapier overflowed and made the rapier shine.

No. It didn’t stop there.
The light produced by the rapier also covered her body.

Eventually, she became a brilliant radiance that illuminated the dark forest.

I felt like it was even more powerful than【Holy End】that she used against the Hydra earlier.

「ーーIs that your unique skill?」

If you have learned a bunch of skills, you might end up learning a skill that no one has acquired before.

And that was the skill that was given only to those who have reached the peak. The unique skill.

It was said that the skill tree was created by the gods.

Therefore, it was no exaggeration to say that the person who got a unique skill that shouldn’t have existed in the tree before, has transcended gods.

That’s why Cecil seemed to have absolute confidence she would win against me.

「Prepare yourself! I’ll kill you with my strongest skill I’m proud of…!」

Rozelia’s face turned pale.
She was watching our battle while maintaining the【Fire Wall】to hold back Fenrir.

「Wait! Cecil! Do you really want to use that technique against Hanna!?」

「Don’t get me wrong, Roze. I’ll just shoot this skill at that giant wolf… Whether you want to interfere or not, Hanna, it’s your choice.」

Hooー She thinks I’m scared, huh!?

I can’t stand this woman!

She only sees everything based on her sense of value after all.

She never recognized the strength of the other party and always imposed her own prejudice, then she would end up hurting many people unknowingly.

Believing that it was justice, she would punish the people she thought to be guilty like she did to me when I was kicked out of school.

Then, I should make her understand the pain she causedー I should give her a lesson so that she can realize how insensitive she is, and make her never do such things again!

I threw the big sledgehammer I had in my hand to the ground.

「Hmph. Finally you surrender. It seems that you realized how powerful my technique will be. It’s a wise decision for someone like you.」

「Huh? Surrender? What are you talking about?」

After I replied to what she said, I pulled out the small hammer on my waist.

It was a nail hammer used for driving nails in carpentry.
It was too small to be called a weapon.

「…..Are you underestimating me?」

「Yup. This little hammer is enough to repel your lame skill.」

「Don’t mess with me! Repel my unique skill with such a tiny hammer, you say!? I’ll make you pay for looking down on me!」

「Yeah, yeah. How does it feel to be looked down upon by others? Are you angry now? Are you mad?… But, people like you have been doing this to people like us for a long time, you know!」

Yes. I’m always serious.

When I studied at school.
When I fought her before being kicked out of school.
When I took the exam to become an adventurer.

I’m always serious.

But they always denied it. They never acknowledged my seriousness, my efforts, my struggle.

Then, it’s time for me to deny her seriousness.

I will repel the most powerful technique she is so proud of with this tiny hammer.

I stood in front of Fenrir and held my nail hammer tightly.

Fortunately, Fenrir was still blocked by Rozelia’s fire wall so it couldn’t attack me.

The reason why it didn’t try to break through the flames, perhaps it was because of its wild instinct to let us fight each other so that it could deal with the remaining one.

If that was really the case, I could just focus on Cecil.

「You…! I’ll make you regret insulting me, Hanna!」

Cecil rushed at high speed with light covering her entire body.

When she thrust her rapier, an even more tremendous flash of light was emitted from the tip of the sword.
It was so bright that I had to squint a little.

「Sword Unique-Skill【Holy End・Requiem】! 」

So this is the number one adventurer in Adventurer School, Cecil Sortlarc’s full power, huh?


Against such a powerful technique, I only used a simple technique.

I swung my tiny nail hammer against Cecil’s skill.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Physical Counter】! 」

Magical vs physical.

If I were just an ordinary adventurer, I would be devoured by the light and obliterated.

But, the blunt weapon skill,【Physical Counter】could push back any attack of some kind of energy, whether it was flame, magical bullet, or… light.

However, the success or failure of this skill at defecting the attack depended on whether the physical energy of the hammer I swung was superior to the incoming energy or not.

「Wh, What…!?」

Cecil made a surprised look.

Well, that’s natural.
Because she saw an impossible sight in front of her.

The sword of light she shot collided with the head of my nail hammer.


However, the tip of the sword that touched my hammer, and the enormous bundle of light emitted from it pushed my body back little by little.
If I let my guard down, I would be blown away.

「Ughh… so this is the power of a unique skill, huh…!?」

I didn’t have any unique skills.
I just used the skill tree made by god as it is.

Still, I can’t lose this tug-of-war fight!
Because there was FenrirーGalle-chan behind me!

「Hoo. I praise you for stopping my technique. But it seems you’ll reach your limit soon.」

The light became stronger, and the pushing force on my hammer increased.

So she didn’t use all of her power yet!?

What a lucky woman to be loved by the god of swords so much.
What does god like in a woman with a bad personality like her!?

「I’m not done yet, you foolー! FUUOOOOOOOー!」

I increased the power of both my arms, gripped the hammer more tightly, and lowered my hips slightly.

The power balance now was leaning toward Cecil’s direction.
Eventually, the hammer head of my nail hammer pushed back the tip of the sword of light.

Crack… Crackkー!

At the same time, Cecil’s rapier slowly cracked.

「N, No way! My Requiem is losing!?」

「Atabou desu! Don’t underestimate my tiny little hammer! Hyaaー!」

As I pushed the sword with the hammer, I swung the hammer like a baseball bat.
Then the light that enveloped Cecil’s body and the sword of light scattered around.


At the same time, Cecil’s rapier also shattered into pieces.

「No… No way…! The Holy Sword “Bright Line” Father gave me…!」

Cecil opened her eyes wide in shock.
That must have been a very precious sword for her.

Well, sorry about that, but this fight is not over yet!

「ーーBlunt Weapon Skill【Joint Dislocation】! 」

I jumped at her quickly and hit her limbs with my small hammer.


My aim was to neutralize her.

The joints of both her knees were dislocated, and she collapsed to the ground.

I also dislocated the joints of both her shoulders so she couldn’t recover on her own.


With this, it can be said that the fight is over, right?

A year ago, I couldn’t even do anything against her.
But this time, I finally got my revenge!

Aaahhh~ I felt like the pent-up feelings in my chest were clearing up.

「And? How does it feel to be defeated by the person you’ve been looking down on? Your sword technique was nothing even for my small hammer!」

「Th, There’s no way my sword lost to a mere blunt weapon…! This is bullshit! Nonsense! Impossible! You must be cheating!」

Haahhh…. Here we go again…
This woman is really beyond help.

Well, I’m satisfied that I hurt her heart enough to make her act like a mad woman who can’t accept reality.

With this, she might learn about other people’s pain.

「If you learn from this, I want you to try to find the truth first before you act. If only you could have done that from the beginning, you should have known whether I was really an evil god believer or not, right?」

After I said that, there was nothing else for me to say to her, so I hit her on the back of her neck to knock her out.



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