Chapter 44 : Versus Cecil For The Second Time


「Hey, you two! It’s not the time to fight with each other!」

The【Fire Wall】magic Rozelia used was a big skill.

The huge wall of flames that could stop Fenrir from moving wasn’t from her own power, but she simply manipulated the flames that were burning the trees around, and made a wall from it.

It required her to concentrate to maintain the wall.
That’s why she could only shout at Cecil and me while holding her shining staff forward without making the slightest movements.

Even if she could move, she wouldn’t be able to stop usー No. I won’t let her stop us!


The one who made the first move was Cecil.

She quickly closed the gap between her and me, and stuck out her rapier.

She’s fast! Ughー!

I managed to avoid it, but not completely.

Blood squirted from my arm.

Unlike a year ago, she was really trying to kill me this time.

「Hah,! So slow! Even though you raised your blunt weapon level, you’re still a slowpoke, huh!」

The countless thrust attacks came swiftly one after the other.

Her nature was speed.
My blunt weapon skills, which were good at destroying and constructing, wouldn’t be able to beat the rapier at speed.

As I explained before, even if there were two people with the same weapon and same level, their abilities would be completely different.
It was because as you raise your level, you can select which skills you want to acquire.
And if you want to use difficult skills, you need to acquire its prerequisite skills first.
For example, if you want to use the sword skill【Wind Aria】, which Laney and Cecil were good at, first, you need to acquire two passives skills, which are【Wind Sword】, which constantly increases your sword speed, and【Thrusting Technique Mastery】, which improves your accuracy with thrust attacks. improves your thrust attacks’ accuracy.

Among the various sword skills, Cecil specialized in wind-based skills, which increase her quickness, and light-based skills, which increase her attack range.
It was the most beneficial choice for a rapier user.

Every time she thrust her sword, my wounds increased.


However, the one who was being overwhelmed was Cecil, not me.
Because, even though she thrust her rapier with the speed she was proud of, she could only scratch me. She couldn’t give me fatal damage at all.
And it must be her first time fighting like this.


In response to her attacks, I swung my hammer toward her, but she quickly jumped backwards.

「What’s wrong? Is my body too tough for your rapier, hu~h?」

I carried my big hammer on my shoulder and smiled fearlessly.

By the time my blunt weapon level reached 100 million, I had acquired massive numbers of passive skills.
Among them, there were many that improved my abilities.

For example,【The Fool’s Body】.

This skill made my skin less susceptible to damage and also reduced pain.

Well, as usual, the skill name is kinda stupid. I know, but I can’t do anything about it!

Cecil, who couldn’t fatally injure me no matter how many times she thrust her rapier at me, looked really irritated.

「Hmph! It seems it’s not only your skin that is thick. But, there’s still a spot I can aim for!」

Cecil thrust her rapier again.
This time, toward my eye.

Indeed, the hardness of my skin doesn’t affect my eyes.

But… Yo. Seriously. This girl really wants to stab me in the eye without the slightest hesitation!


The rapier Cecil was thristing with all her might was repelled before it reached my eye.


「Blunt Weapon Skill…【Air Stakes】」

I swung my hammer earlier wasn’t to attack her, but to make a barrier of invisible stakes.

I actually aimed for this because I knew she would thrust her rapier again.

While Cecil was staggered for a second, I used this opportunity to attack her.

I canceled the barrer and I swung my hammer sideways.

She immediately guarded with the back of her forearms.

But of course, such a weak defense wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact of my big hammer.


Cecil was blown away.

After landing and rolling a few meters on the ground, she immediately tried to regain her posture.

Her quickness to stand after being blown away so hard was splendid, but her hands were hanging down as she stood.

My attack must have broken her arms.

With this, she shouldn’t be able to use the thrusting attack again.

「So? Do you still wanna fight? Now you know that our level difference is too high. If you still wanna fight, not only your arms, I’ll crush every bone in your body」

No matter how strong she was, her sword level was only 100.
On the other hand, my blunt weapon level was 100 million.

It’s true that I can’t win against her speed, but if I fight more seriously, I’m sure I can win easily.

「I see… So it’s true what the guild said about your level, huh?」

Cecil clenched her teeth.

Looks like she hasn’t given up yet.

「Do you really wanna keep going? Even though you know our level difference?」

「No way I can stop after I finally found out your weakness. Obviously.」

「Weakness? You mean technique? Fighting experience? So you plan to fill our level difference with such tactics? You better think again. After I used【Air Stakes】to counterattack you earlier, didn’t you realize I’m more clever than you?」

Carpentry is a series of calculations.

We must think about what kind of building to make, how to support the building, what kind of floor plan to make, ect.

If it comes to a tactical battle, I won’t lose.

「…….If your blunt weapon level is really 100 million, our fight shouldn’t be like this… am I wrong? A slowpoke like you can do your best, but my victory cannot be deterred!」

Saying that, Cecil held her rapier again.

Is she serious? Is she going to continue fighting with those broken arms?

Apparently, ‘the weakness’ she meant wasn’t something like tactics or combat experience.

I wonder what it is… Hmm…

Ahh… I see…

I have a rough idea of what she meant by ‘weakness’.



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  1. You know this novel has been really hard to read for me. I apparently can’t handle how much of a disgusting piece of shit Cecil is and how annoying her and Rozelia are.

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