Chapter 23 : The Amazingness That Was Opposite With Mine


While defeating monsters and picking up their magic stones, we climbed up the mountain.

「Hahh… The magical power is getting stronger. Hahh…」

Said Mira-san while panting, out of breath.

「You’re right. It’s very strong here」

It is known that the magical power in Mt. Abel is getting stronger and stronger as the altitude increases.

But thanks to this high magical power, monsters can live here even if there’s only little food here, and they don’t even have to descend to a human village to get food.

……For the readers…… Did you notice……that I lied just now?

Yes. Even though my blunt weapon skill has improved, I’m still a slowpoke and clumsy donketsu-Hanna.

I said to Mira-san as if I could also feel how strong the magical power was.

But, nope. I was just pretending that I could feel it.

Can people usually feel it? Whether the magical power is strong or weak at that place?

I’ve never felt such a thing in my whole life!

I used magical power to activate blunt weapon skills, but it was because I borrowed god’s power, I myself have no sense of magical power.

But if I said that, obviously, everyone would make fun of me.

When I was at school, sometimes I said something like that, following everyone else’s reaction.
I’ve been pretending like this for quite a long time.


After a while of walking, we decided to take a short break.

When I was eating a meat-filled bread I brought for lunch, Mira-san handed me a bottle of blue liquid.

「Drink this」

I opened the lid. The liquid smelled sour.
It looked like it wasn’t just a drink to moisturize your throat.

「What is this?」

「A medicine that can capture the magical power around you. You will be less tired」

「Aah. Is it【Zero Potion】? Unlike ordinary potions, the liquid itself doesn’t contain magical power」

「Yes. That」

【Zero Potion】is not a magical item. It’s just a mixture of plants that can easily suck magical power.
In other words, it’s like a drink to make you feel relaxed and relieve your tiredness.

I’ve drank it before, but I didn’t really feel the effect.
And also, it wasn’t delicious…

But, well, I can’t refuse Mira-san’s good intentions.

Thinking so, I drank it all at once.


I felt my body become light even before I took the bottle out of my mouth.

「….What is this…?」

This is great.

It didn’t work for me the last time I drank it, but now I felt like I had wings on my legs.
I felt like I could climb the world’s highest mountain right now!

「The magical power is strong in this mountain, so it should work really well here」

「Yes, but usually, it won’t work this much, you know! Mira-san made this medicine too, right? You’re amazing!」

「No, I’m not amazing. It was my father’s recipe」

Eh? I gave her a compliment but she became gloomy for some reason.
Even if she didn’t have a facial expression, I could tell what she was thinking after being with her for a while.

But, I didn’t think she could make such an amazing potion with a recipe alone.

「Mira-san… If you like, can you show me your skill tree?」

「I don’t mind…」

Mira-san opened her tree.

As I thought, she had a high tool level for the tools that related to compounding medicines.

【Mortar level 25】【Pestle level 23】【Medicine Pot level 27】【Medicine Bottle level 22】【Druggist’s Mortar level 21】

By the way, a druggist’s mortar is a disc-like tool with a handle that is used to grind plants by rolling it.

Normally, you will be said to have excellent talent if your tool level exceeds 20.

Mira-san is really amazing to have many tools that the level exceeds 20 at this age.

Next, I checked her skills for each tool.
What catched my eyes was a skill on the druggist’s mortar branch, a skill called【Improve Quality】.

The skill details said :『Increase the effect of the medicine grinded using a druggist’s mortar by 1.5 times』

Hmm… I wondered if Mira-san’s medicine worked really well thanks to this skill.

…..But, can she really make such a great medicine with just 1.5 more effectiveness?
I didn’t think Mira-san’s medicine was only 1.5 times better than normal medicine.


If I looked closely, it wasn’t only the druggist’s mortar that had【Improve Quality】skill.

【Mortar・Improve Quality】: Increase the effect of the medicine mixed using a mortar by 1.5 times.

【Pestle・Improve Quality】: Increase the effect of the medicine mixed using a pestle by 1.5 times.

【Medicine Pot・Improve Quality】: Increase the effect of the medicine extracted in a medicine pot by 1.5 times.

【Medicine Bottle・Improve Quality】: Increase the effect of the medicine stored in a medicine bottle by 1.5 times.

「…Umm…. It’s embarrassing if you look at my tree too much…」

Said Mira-san while covering her face.

I didn’t think she needed to cover her face since her expression didn’t change at all…

No! It’s not the time to think about her expression! More importantlyー

「Mira-san’s skill tree is amazing! Why do you have so many【Improve Quality】skills? This is… If you use it to multiply the effectiveness of your medicine, it would be ridiculously awesome!」

The tools she uses will differ depending on the medicine she makes, but for example, if she uses two tools, it will be about 2.3 times more effective, if she uses three tools, it will be 3.4 times, and if she uses four, it will be 5.1 times more effective!
*/TL : maybe some of you guys are confused, why two tools will become 2.3 times, not 3 times? And so on.
I made a calculation down below. You can read it if you are confused. Don’t bother to read it if you know how the calculation works. And don’t bother to read it if you hate math.

By raising the level of various tools and combining each skill, the effect could be maximized.

How can I put it… It’s the exact opposite way from my way that specializes in one tool.

However, even if I praised her, Mira-san just shook her head.

「Still, I can’t beat my father. So I have to work harder to protect that shop」

「That shop… It must be an important place for you, Mira-san」

「Yes. That drugstore was the place where I spent my time with my father and Puu-tan」

*/ ‘tan’ is a cuter way to say ‘chan’

「It was a stuffed animal I had when I was a kid. It looked like Hanna」

「Heeー Is it a cute cat or a dog? Or maybe a bear?」

「No. It was a pig」

「Pig!? I’m shocked!」

I don’t think that I look like a pig though…
I’m not that ugly, right!?

I might have an appetite like a pig, but……. No! Forget about this!

「Puu-tan is cute. I feel relieved every time I hug her」

Saying that, Mira-san went around behind me, hugged me, and sniffed my head.

「E, Excuse me…? Mira-san…?」

Did she do the same thing with her stuffed animal a long time ago?

Mira-san was so warm and soft, her body felt really good, but I’m not ‘experienced’ enough to be able to stay calm when hugged by a terrifically beautiful girl…!

But, maybe it wasn’t just me who wasn’t calm, but Mira-san also.

Because even after we climbed to this point, we couldn’t find the tolf mushroom we were looking for.
There were many black mushrooms growing but none of them had shining gold dust on the umbrella.

Mira-san was starting to feel impatient.



TL :
Don’t use addition for this calculation, like ー 2 tools → 1.5 + 1.5 = 3 ….This is wrong.

So this is how you calculate it ー 2 tools → 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 → 2.3 (rounding up)
And why do we use multiplication?
Because Mira uses the tools one by one in turn.
So let’s say, the effectiveness of Mira’s medicine is 5.
If she use 2 tools → 5 x 1.5 = 7.5 (first tool) ー 7.5 x 1.5 = 11.25 (second tool)
And 11.25 is 11.25 / 5 = 2.25 or 2.3 times better.



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