Chapter 24 : Those Who Make an Effort Will Be Saved


After taking a break for a while, we continued to climb the mountain.

「……..This is weird. There’s no tolf mushroom at all」

Mira-san looked worried.

According to Mira-san, mushroom is a type of fungus, and its main body, which is shaped like a cotton called mycelium, is hidden in the ground. (I’ve summarized it very briefly just now, but to summarized Mira-san’s explanation is actually very difficult, you know)

The mushrooms we usually eat are those that spread the spores to breed. If one grows, normally there will be another two or three grown nearby.

If the tolf mushroom that Mira-san found the other day really grew on Mt. Abel, we should be able to find it somewhere by now.

But we still didn’t find it. I wonder why…

While we kept looking for the mushroom, we finally reached the top of the mountain.

The other side of the mountain was a steep cliff. The scenery was very beautiful.

However, we didn’t feel the sense of accomplishment since we didn’t find the mushroom.

「Why are we still unable to find one…?」

Mira-san was expressionless as usual, but tears spilled from her eyes.

「I… can’t protect my father’s shop…」

「D, Don’t give up, Mira-san! I’m sure we can find it!」

「Thank you. But I don’t need a consolation. As I thought, I can’t take over the drugstore after all…」

Mira-san covered her face and crouched down.

「Besides… I don’t have business talent…」

Business talent, huh.

Certainly, I don’t think her personality is suitable for doing a business.

When I first met her, I didn’t understand at all what she was thinking, and I didn’t feel like drinking medicine from a person who can’t communicate well. No, not only that. It even made me scared to drink it.

But… Aaaaahhh! I’m getting frustrated for some reason!

Why am I getting frustrated you say?

That’s because compared to me in the past who didn’t have any talent at all, she was far more blessed with talent! Yet she became depressed simply because she didn’t have business talent!?

「………What’s so great about business talent? Is that important for you?」

Spontaneously, I spoke out what I was thinking.

「Even if you don’t have business talent, you have a wonderful talent to make great medicines, right!? You have the ability to make everyone happy, you know!」

「But… no one happy after they take my medicines…」

「That’s because you’re not good at explaining!」

「Then it’s because I don’t have business taleー」

「No! Not that! That talent doesn’t matter!」

Then, Mira-san opened her mouth wide.

「……….It’s not because I don’t have that talent…?」

「Mira-san, you’re an expressionless poor talker. Even if you try to explain to your customer about your medicine, you can’t explain it well. That’s certainly your problem. No matter how strong the roots are, if a flower doesn’t bloom, no one will approach it」

「That’s why Iー」

「BUT! That doesn’t mean you can give up at the beginning, right? If you’re expressionless, it’s okay, you just have to express your emotions with words. If you can’t speak well, it’s okay, you can turn your words into letters, write what you want to say. Have you ever made such efforts before?」

The expressionless Mira-san’s eyebrows swayed slightly.

「Express my emotions with words…… Turn my words into letters…… I never thought about that. Because I always watched my father who could talk with customers really well」

Maybe Mira-san admired her father too much and made her try to do business just like her father even though the way her father did business didn’t suit her personality at all.

「But… even if I notice it now, it’s too late. I have to get the money ready by tomorrow, if not…」


After I said good things, now I’m at loss. That’s right, she had to prepare a lot of money by tomorrow.

Did I just make Mira-san who was already depressed become even more depressed?

Aaahh! I screwed up!

I spontaneously looked down.

But when I looked downー

「Hm? Mira-san! Look!」

「Eh? Ahh!」

Looking at the place I was pointing at, Mira-san’s eyes, that wet with tears, shone brightly.

On the precipitous cliff that spread directly below, mushrooms were growing from the top to the slightly bottom.

The black umbrella of the mushrooms were exposed to the setting sun and shone sparklingly.

「Those mushrooms! They are tolf mushrooms, right!?」

「Yes. No doubt about it」

「We finally found them! But they grow in a troublesome place… How are we going to take itー eh!? Wait! Mira-san!?」

I was surprised.

Because Mira-san suddenly went down the cliff without a rope or something.

「Wait! It’s too dangerous! Mira-san!」

I stretched my arm toward Mira-san.

But she didn’t even try to grab it, instead, she went down steadily.

Surprisingly Mira-san was quite athletic.
Compared to the slow me, she had very good reflexes.

But still, it’s too dangerous.

「If I have that! I can protect father’s shop!」

Mira-san couldn’t see anything else around her.

Boss once said, the most dangerous time is when you lose sight of your surroundings.

Accidents are more likely to occur when you lose control of yourself.

And what I was worried about finally happened.
The bulge on the cliff that Mira-san was holding on collapsed.


Mira-san looked at me after she realized that she fell.

Of course, I couldn’t just do nothing.
I jumped off the cliff, pulled out the big hammer on my back and swung it.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Air Stakes】! 」

Gan! Gan! Gan! Gan!

The air solidified by magical power, turned into stakes and pierced the cliff.


Mira-san fell on top of the invisible stakes, landed on her back and made a weird voice.


I was even worse. I landed with my head first.

I prepared to land smoothly, but still…

「Ouch!………. Geez! Mira-san! Don’t do something stupid like that!」

「I, I’m sorry….」

But I’m glad she’s alright.

I used【Air Stakes】skill when I was fighting the Rock Dragon the other day to stab the dragon with the stakes, but this is the correct way to use this skill.

If I pierce the stakes of air to the cliff wall, I could make an invisible scaffolding like this.

「But anyway, it’s great. We can finally get a lot of tolf mushrooms」

「Yes. I can protect my father’s shop」

While lying down on the invisible stakes, Mira-san and I looked up at the cliff.

Tolf mushrooms were growing here and there on the cliff wall.

After that, I added more【Air Stakes】and made a staircase on the cliff.

With this, we could pick the tolf mushrooms as many as we wanted safely.



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