Chapter 22 : Mushrooms Are The Best When Skewered


The mushroom that Mira-san wanted to collect was “tolf mushroom”.

I grew up in the countryside, so I had some knowledge about mushrooms, but I had never heard of tolf mushrooms.

Well, of course.
Tolf mushroom was a legendary mushroom that disappeared long ago when the battle of gods began.

「I found it on Mount Abel」Mira

「Heeー It’s rare but you found it growing there?」Hanna

「It wasn’t growing」

「Eh? But, how you found it then?」

「It was rolling out of nowhere」

Mira-san’s explanation was lacking in words, so I had to ask questions properly every time.

「Rolling out of nowhere? Was it dropped from somewhere? Even though it was a really valuable mushroom?」

「Maybe a bird dropped it before the bird could eat it. It looks like the mushrooms were growing on the top of the mountain」

Mira-san took out a mushroom with a black umbrella.

「Hmm…. It looks like a black rock mushroom that grows everywhere though…」

Black rock mushroom is a very popular food ingredient.

It’s very delicious when put in a soup. Also, it can be baked with meat.

It’s a standard menu at my favorite skewer shop.
Now that my stomach healed, immediately, I started to have an appetite.

「An amateur can’t tell the difference, but the price is completely different」

「Hee. How much?」

「It’s about three,ー It’s a secret」

Eh? Why did she hide it all of a sudden?

Three times?
No, maybe thirty times the price!?

But no matter how valuable it is, I wouldn’t steal it, you know!
It seems that she didn’t trust me that much yet.

「By the way, what kind of medicine you can make with tolf mushrooms?」

「Medicine to grow taller」

「Grow taller you say!? D, Does that mean that my short figure can become a tall, slender and cool figure?」

Mira-san nodded.

Really? Seriously…?
It made me even more curious about the price.

「Selling tolf mushrooms to aristocrats will solve my money problem. I can continue the drugstore. Hopefully, I can make an artificial cultivation to grow it and earn a lot of money…」

Mira-san made a fist in front of her chest as she said that.

She was expressionless, but I could tell that she had a high motivation.

Mt. Abel is about three hours’ walk to the east from Tiaret City.

The foot of the mountain is relatively safe, but there are more monsters as you get closer to the summit, so you need an adventurer to escort you to the summit.

After the preparation was complete, we immediately headed to the mountain.





After walking for three hours, we arrived at the foot of Mt. Abel, and then we headed for the summit.

As expected from a pharmacist.
Mira-san’s steps were light even on the mountain road.
I’m sure she has been on the mountain many times to collect herbs.

「I found the tolf mushroom around here」

Said Mira-san after we climbed Mt. Abel a little.

There were trees on the left and right, but the road wasn’t difficult to walk because Mt. Abel was often used as a training ground for adventurers. Therefore, many people used this road.

「Wow! Mira-san, look! Immediately, I find a tolf mushroom!」

I found a black mushroom at the base of a tree and pointed my finger at it, but Mira-san shook her head.

「That’s a black rock mushroom」

「Eh? I, Is that so?」

I wondered how she could tell the difference.

「……Mira-san, can I borrow the tolf mushroom you showed me a little while ago for a moment?」

After I picked the black rock mushroom I found, I compared them side by side with the tolf mushroom I borrowed from Mira-san.

………I completely couldn’t tell the difference.

「Hold it over the light」

「The light?」

Still doubting it, I held the two mushrooms over the sun.

And then I was surprised.
There were shining gold dust on the umbrella of the tolf mushroom one.

「This is the easiest way to tell the difference. As the legend said」

She was right. It looked like a completely different mushroom.

「They don’t grow around here. We have to go higher」

While saying that, Mira-san stared at me for some reason.

She was expressionless as always, but somehow I knew why she stared at me like that.

There was a wooden sign on the mountain road saying, “Be careful of monsters!”

So maybe she was worried if I could fight the monsters or not.

Normally, adventurers moved in a party, so it was natural if Mira-san felt worried because her escort was me alone.

「Mira-san, don’t worry! You can count on me! Please stay close to me, okay?」

I gently hit my chest as I said that.
After that, I continued walking in front of Mira-san.

I remembered I came to Mt. Abel several times when I was still a student of adventurer school.

That time, I couldn’t fight at all and was just pulling everyone’s legs…
But this time is different.

「Ah, monsters」

I followed where Mira-san pointed and found needle wild boars.

Although it has an animal-like name, it’s definitely a monster.
Moreover, it’s a quite strong monster that you will need at least three people to kill one of them if you’re novice adventurers.
And if you think it’s not possible to kill them, you have no choice but to run away immediately.

And right now, there were three of them in front of us.

Goff! Goff!

The needle wild boars noticed our presence and rushed toward us.
The trouble was that the three of them moved at the same time.
I couldn’t dodge to the left or right.

Even if I could dodge them, I couldn’t protect Mira-san after that.

But, well….. There’s no problem at all though….

I slowly pulled out my giant sledgehammer and hit the ground with it.

「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Reverse Ground Leveling】! 」

Stab! Stab! Stab!

With this, the three wild boars would never reach me.
Well, of course. Because countless spears made by solidifying the soil appeared from the ground and pierced the wild boars.

Adjusting the height of the ground before building a building on top of it was called “ground leveling”, but what I did was the opposite.

I changed the height of the ground drastically while creating the spears.
It trapped the enemies attacking from the front at once.
This skill can be used for both attack and defense.

「How’s that Mira-san? Do you believe me now that I’m an adventurer?」

When I looked back at Mira-san, she gave me applause.

「Amazing. You’re really an adventurer」

「Fu fu fu. Even though I look like this, I’m a rank D adventurer. Such weak monsters are not my enemy!」

「Hanna so cool. But… the skill name is kinda lame…」

「Ugh! There’s nothing I can do about it!」

If I didn’t say the skill name properly, the god of blunt weapons would be sulky.

And by the way, if the god was sulking, the effect of the skill would be weakened for a whole day…



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