Chapter 14 : Suddenly, A Too-Strong Monster Appeared!?


「Alright! Let’s go next! I will defeat the deadly poisonous scorpion!」Rozelia

「Hyuu~ That’s Roze for ya!」
「It will be easy for Roze!」classmates

After picking up the magic stones from the cave rats I killed, the classmates excitedly proceeded deeper.

It seemed that Rozelia decided to ignore my Blunt Weapon Skill.


Aa-aahh….. I’m a bit disappointed somehow.

It seems I was actually expecting a little that they would be surprised by my Blunt Weapon Skill and have a better opinion about me.
But nope… They even denied it.

Maybe even if I get the best magic stone, they might think it’s just a coincidence.

Moreover, my weapon is a hammer. It’s lame from their perspective.
After all, everyone thought that the coolest weapon is the sword.
If I killed those rats with a sword dashingly like Cecil, I’m sure their reaction would be completely different.

While thinking about such things, I proceeded through the cave.
The road was gradually going down and down.
However, this cave wasn’t that deep.

The Cave of Darkness is a low-rise dungeon for beginners.
Only a few enemies were strong.


「But… the amount of monsters here is too much…」

Said a warrior boy student who was leading in the front.

It seemed that the cave rats had been appearing from the inside part of the cave as we walked.

「Hmm… This is weird…. They usually hide in smaller places and don’t come out all at once like this」

The examiner adventurer said that he felt something weird too.
He followed us as a guard but he couldn’t help us with the exam.

While defeating Vampire Bats which you can get rank E if you bring back the magic stone, we went all the way to the end and finally found ‘that monster’ sitting in an open space.

The Deadly Poisonous Scorpion.
A monster with large scissors-like claws and a long tail with poisonous sting.

「Fufu… If I can defeat it… D rank….! And then I can form a party with Cecil!」

After Rozelia laughed a little, she began casting spells.

Cecil is now C rank.
The guild won’t recognize a party if the members are two ranks different.
That’s why in order to form a party with Cecil, Rozelia must be at least D rank, and that seems to be her motivation for this exam.

She spent more time chanting spells than before. Maybe she was going to use more powerful magic than【Fire Arrow】.

While she was chanting the spells, the other classmates began surrounding and protecting the defenseless Rozelia. It seemed that they intended to be a decoy or a shield in order to make Rozelia successfully launch the final attack.

At a glance, I felt like seeing a beautiful friendship scene, but then I realized they were just Rozelia and the former classmates…

In the first place, I’m competing with them, right?
“The early bird catches the worm”, that was what they said.

I held my hammer, killed my emotions and rushed toward the Deadly Poisonous Scorpion.

I also have to be an adventurer in order to find Laney!



I tripped over something on the ground while I was running.

Aa-ahh…. No matter how much your level goes up, it won’t fix your clumsiness…

When I looked at my feet, there was an old jar about the size of a child’s head.

Even if I kicked it, it didn’t move, so it seems to be quite heavy.
The surface was engraved with a fine pattern. It seems that this jar had a really good value.

No, no. It’s not the time to think about this stupid jar!
Now, I have to think about defeating the Deadly Poisonous Scorpion before Rozelia’s chant is over!

But suddenly.

『Isn’t this jar a magic seal?』
『Oh my. It’s broken now』

The two bears, big and small, the god of blunt weapons who resided in my hammers suddenly whispered to each other even though they had never spoken until now.

I had a bad feeling after hearing the bears’ conversation, so I quickly moved away from the Deadly Poisonous Scorpion for now.

And thenー


A huge flame wrapped the scorpion’s body all of a sudden.

The power was incomparable to the【Fire Arrow】Rozelia used earlier.

Did she use higher-level magic?

No. It wasn’t her.
The chanting wasn’t over, and the flame flew from the back of the cave.
Moreover, Rozelia looked really surprised, so it was clear that she wasn’t the one who did it.

*Rumble* Brrrrrrrrー!

The entire cave was shaking and the little rocks were falling from above.

There was a pair of eyes glowed from the back of the cave.


One of the classmates screamed and collapsed on his butt.

「W, Why…. Why the heck there’s a Rock Dragon here!?」classmate

A Rock Dragon.
A dragon with a rugged rocky skin.

A huge monster, that even A-rank adventurers have a hard time dealing with, appeared in a cave for beginners for some reason.

「Aahh…. I see…」

I finally found out why there were so many Cave Rats that were aiming outside the cave earlier.
That’s because this Rock Dragon has awakened.
And that jar was probably the magic seal that sealed the dragon.
With the ancient magic, it was possible to seal a dragon inside a jar…. Maybe?
I kinda forgot but I remember reading about it in a book.

「Y, You guys, don’t provoke the Rock Dragon no matter what! Calm down and evacuate from here!」

The examiner raised his voice, but no one seemed to be listening calmly. They rushed, screamed and ran away in confusion.

Hearing the scream of the classmates, the Rock Dragon made its way to the open space while breaking the narrow passage.

*Rumble* Brrrrr!


The impact of the dragon’s forced movements was transmitted to the cave and made the ceiling start collapsing.

It’s dangerous to stay inside this cave, so I also decided to escape to the outside for now.

「Wa, Wait! Everyone! Please wait…!」

At that time, I noticed a faint voice asking for help.

It was Rozelia.

Her legs were caught by the rocks that had fallen from the ceiling.

She was probably wondering if she should fight the dragon and didn’t run.
She might have thought that if she could beat it, Cecil would praise her. What a reckless girl.

「No… Don’t leave me please! I can’t move!」

Rozelia called out to all her classmates, but they didn’t notice her. They were desperate to escape from the dragon and didn’t want to go back.

The Rock Dragon approached Rozelia little by little.

At this rate, she would be burned by the flames of the dragon or trampled by the dragon.



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