Chapter 13 : They Are Conspiring Against Me!


Chasing after everyone, I arrived at an open space inside the cave.

The battle had already begun.
Everyone was fighting against a flock of cave rats, they were swinging their sword, thrusting their spear and chanting magic.

Even though the enemy was just a rat, it was about the same size as a pig.
Normally, rats will be eaten by cats, but the cave rats are different. They ARE the ones who will eat cats.

Cats are cute. I feel sorry for the cats, so I have to defeat these rats and protect the cats I haven’t seen yet.

11 adventurer students vs 10 cave rats.
If we defeated the rats here, most people would pass if they brought the magic stone from the rats.

I also would have been able to get a pass here if I hadn’t made that weird bet… Oh, well…

I prepared my hammer, but thenー

「Uwaaー How la~me. Are you really using it? Yada yada, yaba~i!」Rozelia

Looking at me holding a giant sledgehammer, Rozelia laughed.

「Aren’t you using it because you suck at using weapons? You chose that barbaric wicked tool because it doesn’t require any technique, ri~ght? Uwaaー Your level of lameness is so yaba~i」Rozelia

「Hmph. Say whatever you want. I don’t care」Hanna

First, let’s see if a normal attack with this hammer works.

But when I was about to swing my hammer toward a cave rat that ran toward meー

「【Fire Arrow】! 」Rozelia

ーa fire arrow flew from the side, pierced the neck of the rat and burned its body.

「Woops. Sowwy~ I killed that rat. Te-he!」Rozelia

Rozelia hit her own head with her wand and made a “te-he!” pose.

「How dare you steal my prey!」Hanna

「Eehhー Who said there’s a rule that you have your own target? Is your name written on that rat? But sowwy, I can’t confirm it because it already turned into a magic stone☆」Rozelia

Rozelia picked the magic stone under her feet.

Despite being called stone, it wasn’t hard.
The look was like a jewel, but its shape changed when Rozelia played with it. It was like a jewel-shaped rubber ball.

Gununu! I wanted to complain so bad, but she was right, “the early bird catches the worm”.

She pissed me off, but it couldn’t be helped.
Besides, there were still a lot of rats.

I prepared my hammer to hit another rat.

But, againー

「【Fire Arrow】! 」Rozelia

Rozelia’s fire arrow flew from the side, burned the rat and turned it into a magic stone.

「Ohh~ Sowwy~ I defeated it again~ But it’s Hanna’s fault for being so slow~」Rozelia

Again. She made a “te-he!” pose.

A girl student who seemed to be a thief class, picked up the magic stone, but Rozelia didn’t get angry at the girl, she let the girl pick the magic stone as if it was natural.

「I see….. So that’s how you play, huh…..」Hanna

It seemed they were conspiring.
They secured the magic stone for themself so that everyone except me had a guarantee to pass the exam.
And probably, Rozelia would take the best magic stone later.

But, why didn’t the examiner say anything?

No, wait… He must be working under the chairman.

That Sword Fighting King had absolute authority in the city. Besides, that examiner probably knows very well what will happen if any of the students from the chairman’s school failed.

This is also one of the “school traditions” to prevent failed students.

I’m sure Cecil, who became an adventurer without taking this exam, don’t know about this.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t suspect me of picking the leftovers magic stone.

But, Aaahhh~ I’m glad I was kicked out of that disgusting school.
Because if I stayed at that school, they would make me pass the exam with this such a cheating plan.

I definitely don’t wanna pass the exam like that.

「If you guys play dirty like that, I also have a plan, you know」Hanna

I’ve lost all my patience.

If they want to pass the exam with this dirty plan, go ahead, I don’t care.
BUT! They don’t have to get in my way, right!?……… Why do these guys hate me so much!?

I gripped the handle of my hammer tightly.

It’s time for me to show them who’s the boss!

As if she mocked me after seeing me about to attack another rat, Rozelia tried to release her fire arrow again.

「【Fire Aー」

But before she even activated her magic, I swung the hammer sideways.

Everyone might be thinking what the heck am I doing, because there was still plenty of distance between me and the rat.

But, how magical! Translucent nails appeared in the space where my hammer had passed through.

The number of the nails was actually a thousand.

Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!

As if each of them had a will, the nails were flying toward all the cave rats in this open space.

「What theー!?」Rozelia

This time, I stole everyone’s rats!
But, they can’t complain, right?

「Wha, What the heck was that!?」Rozelia

Everyone was just confused, didn’t know what just happened, only Rozelia was astonished and trembling.
It seemed she knew what just happened, because she was the only one who was concentrating on me to get in my way.

「Hmph. It was Blunt Weapon Skill :【Thousand Nails】! 」Hanna

「Ma, Magic……?」Rozelia

「Are you deaf? I said Blunt Weapon Skill. I hit the air and turned it into nails」Hanna

Well, it looked like magic, so it couldn’t be helped if it was mistaken for magic.
But actually, I mixed the air with magical power to harden it into nails.
However, if I called it magic, the god of blunt weapons would be pouting, so I had to make a clarification that it was a Blunt Weapon Skill.

Well, for me, “Blunt Weapon Skill” didn’t sound cute at all though.

「C, Calm down Roze. I’m sure it was because the rats were exhausted from our attacks before, and they just happened to collapse the moment she swung the hammer. It was just a coincidence」

After a warrior boy student said that, Rozelia calmed down and stroked her chest.

「Y, Yes… You’re right. There’s no way that slowpoke can use a long-distance AoE attack!」

After she convinced herself like that, she looked at a thief girl and asked her to collect the magic stones that were scattered all over the place.

Huh! Look at yourself collecting the leftovers!
I wanted to say that, but, oh well… I don’t care about these people anymore.

I didn’t wanna waste my energy for these people, because I had to defeat the strongest monster in this cave to win the bet with Cecil.



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